By: ThumperMiggles

A/N: I guess this is the last of the Tokka Alphabet! It was fun. Wow! I just noticed something... The alphabet started during Winter Break, and ended in Spring Break. How ironic... I had a lot of fun doing this, and I really appreciate all of my reviewers! Just a note... This won't be the only time that you'll see me. I have another collection planned! Thanks so much to everyone who kept up with this collection!

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Twilight Rose2




We were like a pack of zebras, really. Each of us had a different type of stripe. Just the four of us, unique in every angle we looked at, completely different from each other.

Easily exampled, everyone had always told me that I was brash, and boyish. That I was rude, and determined.

Everyone knew that Katara was graceful, and fluid in movements. That she had the most interesting way of displaying emotion, and that she could help others deal with them.

Aang was so like the air he controlled, light, carefree, and sweet. He could be like the soft breezes that tickled my nose, or the harsh, cruel winds that whipped at my face during the winter.

Zuko was also like the element he controlled. Like fire, he was sometimes oddly angry, and short tempered. Yet Zuko was also like a warm glow, and pleasant heat could emanate from him when you were his friend.

Sokka was like that boomerang that he idolized so much. As much as we sometimes always hated it, he always came back. And it was so true, we could also agree that he had a side that was smooth and soft, and another side that was sharp and could draw blood in an instant.

When I explained this opinion to Sokka, he laughed, and agreed.

"Toph, we may be like a herd of zebras, but isn't that good?"

"Whaddaya mean, Sokka?"

"It's what brings us together, right? If we were all the same, wouldn't it be boring?"

"That's true."

I snuggled up next to him as we sat next to the fire that Zuko had lit in the middle of our campsite.

Each of us were unique in our different ways, each of us were like polar opposites. Yet, apparently, opposites attract, and we were like zebras that bonded together over differences.

We were friends.

We were like a herd.

We were different.

We were eternal companions.

We were family.