Pokemon The Next Generation
Words Unspoken

The surrounding forest was dark and silent in the stillness of the night. Jamie looked around uneasily. A crumpled piece of paper in her hand explained why she was here out in the middle of no where, in the forest, at night, alone unprotected.

Meet me tonight, come alone. I want to talk as friends.
Cid Skyler

Friends, that was the key word that drove Jamie to this unusual meeting place. With no pokemon for protection, she trusted him; although the others didn't quiet know why. Cid had only tried to kill and capture her a few billion times.

I knew you would come a voice said calmly.

Jamie jumped in surprise but gained her senses back quickly.

Hey, long time no see Jamie answered.

Cid replied.

So why did you want to met now? One month after this whole thing started, why didn't you just join me? AND WHY IN THE HECK DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME?!!!! I thought we were friends she finished meekly.

Cid gave her one of his classic smirks, one she knew all to well. He decided to side skip her first question. First off, I wouldn't join you if my life depended on it, you and your little gaylord friends. I'm afraid some of it might rub off on me

Jamie gave him a straight look, coming from him, that insult was completely harmless

Second, my guardian is Giovanni himself. It's orders that I get rid of you or my head might roll. Besides, I won't kill you, just injure you. There's a difference.

Injury can cause death Cid Jamie warned him in a cold tone.

Still, I do it mostly for the scare, you know I've always loved to scare you

Jamie sighed.

Cid continued If you were ordered to kill me, you'd do it to, wouldn't you?

Jamie crossed her arms and raised one eyebrow in question as she answered bluntly

Cid shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. Jamie leaned up against a tree and closed her eyes sighing in thought. Finally she decided to ask the real question So why did you really want to meet me here. Surely it wasn't just as friends

You're right the boy answered.

Jamie looked back at Cid; almost instantly the color drained from her face. Cid had pulled a small hand gun from his own pocket and was pointing it at Jamie.

Cid smiled So long friend

Jamie look out!

A pull of the trigger, the sound of the shot, a gasp of pain, and the sound of Jamie hitting the ground. Jamie lay motionless on the ground, she felt like a body was weighing her down. Then she realized something, there was no pain, had she died. No!

She opened her eyes and sat up, only to have a horrified sight meet her eyes. Sprawled on the ground like a rag doll, clinging to his side in pain, was Eric! He had pushed Jamie out of the way and had taken the shot. The sight broke her heart. His features were unmistakable.

Jamie yelled as he dropped to his side. She cradled his upper body against hers, she could hear him gasping for breath and moaning in pain.

Eric, no she choked, not surprised when her voice came out reed thin.

Then, something inside of her gave way, triggering er emotions to change from pure heartbreak to hot uncontrolled rage and hatred.

looks like I got a special two for one deal Cid laughed.

Eric turned slightly in Jamie's hold, at the same time he moaned in pain. That did it! Jamie set the injured boy down carefully and grabbed one of his pokeballs. She stood up and looked at Cid. Her brown eyes where filled with the fires of her own rage. Cid backed away a step, unsure of what the girl might do.

She sighed heavily and looked down with closed eyes. Some events you can walk away from she opened her eyes Most is even forgivable Jamie's voice was cold and hard, it scared Cid. She looked back up at him with pure hate as she finished But this is not forgivable. Friend or not, you'll pay for this Cid!

Then without a second's hesitation she threw the pokeball at the lone boy.


Eric's Nidoking didn't even glance back to know it's trainer was down, as it appeared from the ball and landed on the ground causing it to shake violently. Instantly, the giant pokemon slammed his fist into the rocky soil making a bolt of pure energy tear through the cold hard earth at screaming speeds towards Cid!

Oh sh__ Cid could not finish as he was instantly tele ported. Nidoking's attack hit the tree that was behind Cid with so much force that it exploded. The pieces of sharp wood and bark bounced off of Nidoking's rock-hard hide as he covered the kids, protecting them. Jamie sat up and Eric, who was in obvious pain, moaned as Jamie removed her hand from his side. She looked at it nearly fainting at the sight of blood all over her hands and lap.

Jamie cursed under her breath. We need to get him back to the Pokemon Center before she quickly shook the thought out of her head. Eric's Nidoking gently picked up the boy and the trio ran from the scene.

They were at the center in a New York Minute, and immediately Jamie broke down as soon as she was in the door. Her uncontrollable cries could be heard through out the center as she yelled at the top of her lungs. HELP!!! SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!! NURSE JOY HELP!!!

Nurse Joy came running down the hallway seemingly annoyed. What's goin_

Nurse Joy help!, he's been shot! Jamie cried over her choking tears. Chansey quickly tore down the hallway with a stretcher. Eric was put on it and wheeled into surgery.



Melissa, Paul, Mike and Katie scrambled out of their beds, flew out the room and shot down the hallway to see Jamie standing in the middle of the lobby alone, balling her eyes out and yelling for Eric. The lower part of her pink cover top and her hands and arms were soaked in blood.

They ran to her aid and were relieved to see that it wasn't her own blood. They tried to calm the hysterical girl but she just kept crying out for Eric.

Where is he? Paul asked Mike, who in turn just shrugged.

Jamie, still in hysteria, answered he's been shot it's all my fault! over sobs and gasping breaths.

The others were stunned.
Oh my god, he got shot?! Melissa repeated.
By a gun? Paul asked.

Jamie just nodded as she continued to breakdown.

By who? Katie asked.

Jamie was still crying to hard to answer. Melissa forced the sobbing kid to look at her and in a slow straight tone she repeated katie's question. Jamie, who shot Eric?

The shaken girl answered without hesitation she bellowed out, then went back into a crying fit. No one knew what to do but feel sorry for both her and Eric.

You girls take her back to the room, get her cleaned up and changed. Me and Mike will wait here in case something comes up. We'll tell you if something does. Paul said.

The girls agreed then coaxed Jamie back to the room.

Paul sighed and shook his head She's taking this hard

Of course she would or have you forgotten Mike said.

Paul passed him an eased, relaxed look and replied No Mike, I haven't forgotten. None of us have besides the girls

Give it time, they're already showing signs of_

Forget it Mike Paul broke in We already have more important matters on our hands

You're right Mike apologized. Both boys waited outside the surgery room patiently.


Melissa and Katie got all the died blood off off Jamie's arms and hands. They even went as far as preparing a nice hot shower for her and left her to clean up better and change. Jamie didn't take long with her shower and was changed into her nighty in half an hour, at the most, but she silently wept afterwards. She couldn't stop thinking about Eric. Why had she gone to meet Cid, why hadn't she told the others about it, and had Eric followed her in the first place?

*A knock on the door*

Jamie, are you alright hun? Katie asked.

Jamie didn't answer and the two walked in to see her crying in silence.

Oh, Jamie Melissa said gently.

As they calmed her she kept repeating something. It's all my fault Jamie kept claiming as she wept.

It's not your fault Jamie Melissa insisted.

How did you know this would happen Katie pointed out.

Why don't we go see the boys and you can tell us what happened Melissa said.