Pokemon The Next Generation
Just in Time

Eric opened his eyes to see the rocky ceiling of the cave and the many pokemon surrounding him. He slowly sat up to see not only his blanket but Jamie's blanket and jacket come tumbling off of him. Even a trench coat fell off. He looked over and nearly fainted. At the other side of the cave was Jamie and Cid wrapped in a blanket sleeping against each other. Never would he think to see the day. Well now he knew who the trench coat belonged too.

Sparky opened his little eyes to see Eric wide awake and feeling well.

the little one cried and quickly thunderbolted Jamie and Cid.

The two cried out, but Eric quickly cleared his throat to catch their attention.

Well he had caught Jamie's instantly and she got up from Cid and ran to him, greeting him with open arms and a gentle hug.

I thought I had lost you she choked as they held each other tight.

I told you, you can't lose me. I always keep coming back He said.

Suddenly a blast of fire melted the entrance and they all looked up to see the faces of their friends.

Melissa and Katie cried out.

All three ran to each other and greeted each other as if they hadn't seen one another in years. (You know with the screaming, and the hugging and stuff) and Eric was greeted with pats on the back and head and so forth.

Cid was greeted the same way as Eric, and a few hugs from the girls. Cid turned to Jamie Well I guess I'll be seeing you in the league

Jamie gave him a clueless look.

I'm doing the gym bit! Cid said bluntly.

Ohhhhh, I get it. Ha! you won't beat me though Jamie said confidently, hinting it with a joke from there past.

Well, whatever. See yah around Cid said and him and the Rockets walked away.

The others looked at her in wonder What did you do to him Jamie? Melissa asked with a smile.

Jamie simply smiled back and answered You could just say that I slapped some sense into him

And what a beautiful sight it was to! Eric added with a laugh.

How did you guys find us anyway? Jamie asked.

Satoshi smiled Hasan's been here longer than I have, he knew how to get down here without taking the same method you guys had so conveniently taken

Mary cut in And my Furret and Mareep sniffed out. I caught these two critters up here in these mountains

Demon had his Charizard burn through the ice Katie finished.

Come on you guys, we need to get to the Pokemon Center in the Valley before it starts to snow again Hasan insisted.

Lets get out of here Jamie sighed The sooner the better

It was only a few more hours before they were finally in the valley and into the Center. Eric was getting his wounds checked.

Well, besides that incident up in the mountains, I'd say you'll make a full recovery. The bandages can come off in a week. Nurse Joy explained.

Eric chimed and he was out of there in seconds.

As Eric walked out he saw his friend waiting for him.

Jamie asked.

One more week and I'm done!

They all sighed in unison.

A poster on the bulletin board caught Jamie's eye. She walked over to it and examined it carefully. It was old, you could tell that much. It was dog eared and a little torn. Some of the color had faded and the date on it said 1998'

It had a night sky background with stars and a moon, and silhouettes of a group of people and full figures of the legendary pokemon. The writing on it was in big movie poster=like letters that looked like they were going to pop out of the poster any moment.

The writing on it said:

The Legend Lives On
The Legendary Elite
Special Seminar at Indigo Plateau
Aug. 27, 1998

Jamie looked back over towards Eric and the others Hey Eric, Who's the legendary Elite?

Eric asked stunned.

There's a poster over here advertising one of their old seminars Jamie answered.

All three boys walked up next to her and looked at the old poster. It's the old design too Paul smiled.

God I remember that Mike chuckled The place was packed, people had to sit on the stairs! He laughed at the thought.

Who are they? Jamie repeated.

Eric sighed and looked at her. Eric started to explain The Legendary Elite were the greatest trainers of all time. they were renowned for their technique, skill, and pokemon. They had competed in every league and beaten hands down without making a single pokemon faint. All of them were good and they all held a high priority in everyone's eyes.

Melissa asked a question How many were there?

Mike answered Four of them became the Elite four at the pokemon league for the Diamond Islands, the Fifth one was the Champ. The leader of them all went on to become the National Champion of the World. No one could beat her, but there was a match for her.

Katie asked.

The Champ of the Diamond Islands, those two could keep a battle going for hours and still have enough energy to go on till the morning Mike said.

Wow, they must have been good Jamie concluded.

They were the best of the best, and nothing could hold them back. They eventually went back out together and caught all of the legendary pokemon, thus people around the globe started calling them the Legendary Elite. But then one day it' happened Paul said.

The girls asked.

Eric sighed A great evil threatened the entire world. It was developed by Team Rocket to be the ultimate pokemon

But it was a science experiment gone wrong Paul said.

Mike continued It started destroying islands and cites as if they were nothing, but the Legendary Elite wouldn't stand for it. So on the third day of the monster's rein, the Legendary Elite and hundreds of other trainers gathered on one of the Islands here and they fought the monster

Did they win? Katie asked.

Everything seemed to be going fine Eric said Until it suddenly found a new source of power. We don't know how but it did, and then it opened a vortex and started to suck up people and pokemon. The Elite got sucked up to but not by accident. Once inside the Champ and the National Champion were able to seal up the monster.

Later that day all the pokemon were found including the Legendary Elite's but no one else was found. People have faith that the Legendary Elite will return someday and they better, because the seal that is holding the monster is slowly deteriorating and will be back to finish the job Mike finished.

Come on, lets leave Paul said, and the girl's turned around and left. The boys however stayed a moment and looked at the poster, remembering.

Eric sighed Soon boys, very soon then he chuckled happily.

Paul and Mike looked at him oddly and Paul asked Why are you laughing, and what did you mean by soon?

Eric answered It's already started big time and it had a while ago too

The boys smiled then started to laugh happily as they walked out out to join the girls.

Soon guys everything will be back to normal Eric said over chuckles.

To be continued

Will Team Rocket ever bother Jamie again, what else could we learn about the Legendary Elite like who are they? and does this monster pose a threat to Jamie and the other authors? Find out next time in
Pokemon The Next Generation!

Author's note: No! I'm not dead, I've been away the entire summer and I'm catching up now. SO what do you think of the dramatic new turn around? And I need to know what you all think about this whole Jamie and Cid thing? Let me know! See yah ~_^