It had been a really trying day. Compared to the others. He had almost killed Allan. He had met someone as foolishly in love as he was. The Pact was safe in the camp, but Edward was dead. And Marian was here. Robin didn't even know in which order all those events fell in importance. It was just too much and it had never been too much before. And he knew why. She was right there. He had never had her right there at night before. She was right there all the time, not often enough it always felt like, but this was different because she'd never been there at night. And there she was, sleeping soundly at the other end of camp. He had to sit at the other end of the camp. He felt like if he got any nearer, he would just go mad. There she was, all of Marian. Not just the face she played for Guy and the Sheriff, not just the face she played for him, oh he loved that face and he loved that it frustrated her that he loved it. No, it was all of her. Every single inch. And he wanted her, all of her. Restraint was not a skill Robin knew very well so he put a distance between them and sat at the other end of camp and sighed.

Marian was playing over and over what happened. Her father was gone, her father was gone, she was sleeping in the wilderness, her father was gone—and then she heard him sigh. She knew it wasn't just one of the others sighing in their sleep. It was Robin, and he was awake too. And her first thought was she needed him to help her get to sleep, but the minute she thought that she blushed. No, no she didn't mean it like that because that was, that was—well, she didn't know what that was, but now that thought had escaped. That thought started at her ears and made its way down every single inch of her until it pricked her toes. And she thought, it's all right, she could contain it—as long as Robin just didn't sigh again.