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"You named the baby Allan?"

"Much, calm down," Robin said, reaching for his friend's shoulder.

"Of all the names in all the world! Why don't you just name him 'Gisbourne the Second'?"

Marian laughed.

"You haven't heard his nickname, have you?" she asked. "We're calling him 'Little Much.'"

Much eyed her suspiciously.

"You're just making that up so I'll feel better."

"Not at all," Robin argued.

He went over to the baby in Marian's arms and reached for his tiny hand.

"Isn't that right, Little Much?" he cooed.

"Well, how come you call him that?" Much asked, curious.

Marian looked at Robin, who smiled.

"He's always hungry," she explained.


The rest of the gang tried to contain their laughter.

Finally Much muttered, "That's a good name then."