Tobi wasn't an official member of the Akatsuki. He was just… there. But that didn't mean that his being near the Akatsuki didn't give him fans. He found that he had many fans, some strangely obsessed others just fans. He's found that so far, out of the twenty-nine fan girls that approached him (not that he'd been counting) only one was actually brave enough to return to the Akatsuki hideout. That was the only reason why Tobi wasn't angered at the leader for giving away the address to that columnist. Tobi was very pleased that fans stopped by all the time; he didn't know what angered the Akatsuki members so much. Though he had heard Kisame earlier that day about getting the 'puppy-dog pout' and his conscious allowing him to be 'glomped'. Tobi didn't know why the others didn't like to be 'glomped', as the fan girls had told him once. He enjoyed the attention, actually, and the fact that the fans didn't care if he were a full-fledged Akatsuki or not. That was another reason why he liked his fans.

The large crash behind him informed him that his daily visitor had arrived, the fan girl that continued to return to the Akatsuki hideout to see him. Tobi thought it might've just been a crush he had for this fan girl. But he didn't think it would last, since most fan girls moved on (he'd already had five that stopped squealing when they saw him, but instead started squealing when they saw Deidara, or even heard his name). But this fan girl had met all of the Akatsuki, and yet she stayed loyal to him. Tobi still didn't understand why she didn't just knock on the door, but that probably had something to do with the leader. And though he knew he had a crush on the girl it was hard not to like her. She was perfect in every way, at least, in his point of view.

Her light gold hair was crisp, always obedient in her desire to keep it straight and long. Her eyes were shining pools of green that held depth. And it seemed that whenever Tobi saw her she was wearing black. Black shirt, black skirt or shorts, sometimes she even wore her hair pulled back with a black ribbon. Of course, she was always barefoot. Tradition prevented her from wearing shoes inside the house, so she always left them away from the hideout, so none of the Akatsuki would find them and 'kill' them, as she so bluntly put it the second time she showed up.

"Hi Uekawa-chan," he greeted, smiling behind the orange swirl of mask that kept his face hidden… all but his right eye.

She nodded her greeting, as she always did, before sitting down on the floor under the window, her usual perch for when she visited. Tobi just stayed where he sat- on his bed against the opposite wall.

"Tobi-sama, do you know where Deidara-sama is?" Uekawa asked, staring at the ground.

Yes, he was right about his fan girls. She would be the sixth one to leave his fan club to join Deidara's.

"Deidara-senpai is downstairs cooking," Tobi replied. "Is there something wrong, Uekawa-chan?"
"No, it's just that I couldn't find my shoes yesterday and I have a hunch Deidara-sama took them. I want them back because my feet hurt without them sometimes," she replied, holding her foot up and wriggling her toes.

Tobi could understand why her feet would her without her shoes- especially outside. Her feet were scraped and bruised from stepping on the sharp pebbles that were scattered around the land. He winced slightly when she dropped her foot on the ground, letting the bottom of it slide against the hard floor.

"Deidara-senpai didn't leave after you left yesterday, Uekawa-chan. He was swarmed by his fans."

Uekawa giggled, probably picturing the image in her mind. It wasn't hard to see Deidara swarmed with girls, a very irritated look on his face. Tobi joined in her laughter before she stood.

"I'm gonna go, Tobi-sama. If Deidara-sama didn't take my shoes then someone else did," she explained when a panicked noise came from his mouth. "Don't worry, I don't hate you… yet."

Another panicked noise came from Tobi's mouth at her statement. She giggled slightly and stood on the windowsill, waving at him before jumping, landing softly on the ground to dart around the front of the house.

Yes, he couldn't understand why the Akatsuki members hated their fan girls. Better still he couldn't understand why Uekawa left so early that day, other than her shoes.