Failure to Communicate

by Adrian Tullberg

Still getting used to the new communications array, Wally?"

The Fastest Man alive turned towards Batman. "Ah ... yeah. It's a bit different from the Monitor Womb, but I'm ..."

"You sent Wonder Woman and Power Girl to that bank robbery in Connecticut, right?"

"Well ... they were near ... and it looked like a super ... why?"

The Batman glanced at the door. "Did you cross check with the local police department? To get some on-site intelligence?"

"Well ... I can't even find the phone on this ... how did you know?"

The door opened.

More accurately, it was shoved open and clattered onto the floor, frame and all.

Power Girl, the sole reason for the JLA, JSA and every other super hero group now had a mandatory anger management policy, walked in. So did Wonder Woman, the only serving member with a murder rap.

Why were they both walking funny?

"Which moron around here thought it was a great idea to assign two women to a supervillian called The Gynecologist?!?!?"

The Batman was a master tactician.

The Batman knew how to emerge victorious even in the most dire situations.

The Batman pointed at the Flash and got the hell out of there.

The Flash hoped he could run fast enough.