-1This is my first Golden Sun fic. If you people like it, I may start up an actual fanfiction about Jenna and Isaac's kids and their journeys. I'll call it the fifth element, and it'll about a fifth form of alchemy being unleashed. The next generation has to go find a hidden fifth lighthouse their parents overlooked, and they encounter a space adept, someone who can control time and space. Let me know if you like that idea! As for this oneshot, I'll show you how Isaac and Jenna confess their love for each other.

With one last curse of anger, Alex fell from the sanctum's top. Isaac, Jenna, and Felix were the only ones who even made it up to the top, they had lost a fighter whenever they came across a powerful enemy. But now it was over. Felix turned to his sister.

"I'm gonna go look for Sheba." He said, heading back down the stairs. Isaac realized something. He was alone with Jenna now. He could finally tell her how he felt, after all, he was going to tell her when they had come up here the first time with Kraden. But it was delayed by her getting kidnapped and all that other crap that made life difficult.

"Um, Jenna? I want to tell you something." Isaac said as he took a step closer to her. Jenna's heart skipped a beat. Was Isaac actually gonna say something?

"What is it?" She asked nervously. Isaac took another step closer.

"Well, I've been trying to tell you for years, but something always happened to stop me; the worst being you getting kidnapped…" Isaac was saying.

"I just wanted to say-" There was a loud explosion. The sanctum shook on the spot. Jenna fell off of the Sanctum. Isaac, in what was eerily reminiscent of the mars lighthouse where Sheba fell off to the rescue of Felix, jumped off and grabbed a hold of her. As they fell, Isaac could see they were in for quite a painful landing. Jenna whispered in his ear.

"I love you…" Isaac grinned broadly, and made some earth shoot up, and he and Jenna landed on it. Isaac whispered in Jenna's ear.

"I love you too." Isaac then began to kiss Jenna on the lips. The two broke apart after about thirty seconds.

"What was that tremor about, anyways?" Jenna asked. Isaac shrugged.

"You never know with Sol Sanctum. You never know…" Jenna nodded.

"Now what are we gonna name our kids?" She asked.

"Whoa! You don't seriously want some midgets mooching off of us!" Isaac said, standing up.

"Of course I do." Jenna said. Isaac still wasn't convinced. Jenna walked up behind him.

"They'll be adepts…" She said into his ear.

"Then that settles it! We're having kids, woman, and there's nothing you can do to change my mind!" Isaac exclaimed. Jenna giggled.

"As soon as I turn eighteen, we can get married." She said. Isaac stared at her.

"Why not now? I mean, we've grown up together. I think we know each other well enough." Isaac said. Jenna kissed him lightly on the lips.

"But you have to be eighteen to get married. The elders don't care if you help save the world and bring about the lost age of man. You have to be of legal age." Isaac smiled.

"Whatever. I've already got the ring." Jenna's eyes grew huge as Isaac pulled out a white gold ring with a blue diamond as the, well, diamond.

"But I'll have to ask Kraden what that shaking was all about." Jenna said, accepting the ring.

"I don't think that's normal. We almost died." Isaac shrugged.

"Let's get down from here." He made the land they were on go back into the ground. Then they headed back to Town. Meanwhile, at the very peak of Mount Aleph, a man watched them. He was going to have a lot of fun with these two. He could just tell…

Okay, I know it wasn't the best love story you've read, but I kinda turned this into a prologue for my story. Let me know if it sounds good. It's about another form of alchemy being unleashed, and it also creates adepts of that likeness. R&R please!