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I'm way stronger than you!" Mike called. Nick just laughed at his twin brother. Both kids had flaming red hair. They had their father's eyes, but had their mother's looks. This made them extremely popular with the ladies.

"I bet I could beat you with one hand behind my back!" Nick called back to his twin. Mike opened his mouth, but their older sister ran into the clearing.

"Mike, Nick, we need to go defend the villiage! Rouge adepts are trying to raid!" She said jumping up and down angrily. The twins exchanged a look, and adressed their sister.

"What is-"

"A rouge adept-"

"I mean-"

"Very few people-"

"Can use psynergy in-"

"The first place!" The twins did that finish each other's sentences thing. It was impossible to tell which was which. Their sister stomped her foot.

"A rouge adept is someone who was suddenly given psynergy when our parents lit all the lighthouses! Don't you pay attention at school?" Mike lowered his head. Nick just shrugged.

"Sorry, Lexy. We'll be there in a minute." He siad. His sister shook her head.

"We need you guys now!" And with that, Lexy ran off. The twins exchanged a look. It began to rain- no pour. The twins hurried towards the south gate, where they believed some rougue adepts would try to break in.

"I can't believe this new power! I feel like a whole new person, all because of this wonderful new psynergy. I want to try it out on somebody!" The twins overheard someone talking to himself. They exchanged a grin. They had found a rouge. A man wearing all white, including his hair and robes, jumped down off of a nearby staircase.

"Ah... my first victims. Now is time to test out my new powers!" The guy laughed. The twins wasted no time charging the weirdly dressed man. flames erupted around their bodys, to where they looked like a pair of cocoons on fire, and they flew into the air at the white guy. He dissapeared right before the attack hit, and both boys hit the wall behind him.

"Wow... teleportation... this is great. I think I understand these new powers!" The guy said. A long, white pole with a engraving of a snake at the top materialized in his hands.

"Don't let him do that! Let's get him Mike!" Nick yelled. Both boys pulled out their swords and ran straight at the white guy. He stood there, extremely calm, and just slammed his pole into the ground. There was a mighty tremor, knocking both boys backwards. While the twins were still on the floor, he jumped into the air. One of the boys stood up. The white man fired a silver beam of something at him while he was still in the air. The twin let out a horrible scream of pain as the attack went right through his chest.

"Nick!" The other twin yelled out, but his brother couldn't hear him. He was dead. The white man landed on his feet, next to Nick's corpse.

"What kind of power is that?!" Mike yelled out. The white guy just laughed.

"I am in possession of a new form of psynergy: space psynergy. I am the ultimate life form, the ultimate warrior, the ultimate adept. Nothing you do can stop me." He said. Mike squinted his eyes. He was gonna make this guy pay for killing his brother.

"Take this!" Mike yelled, putting both hands together and firing a jet of red hot flames at the white guy. His opponent raised his staff, and fired another silver beam at it. The two attacks collided, and it became a pushing game for both adepts. The space dude was winning, though.

"I'm running out of psynergy! I can't, though, or I'll be killed just like Nick... I don't have a choice... I'll have to take this fight into the village, so I can use the stone..." Mike was thinking out loud. The space adept laughed.

"You think-" He was cut short by three earthy spikes falling towards him. He stopped firing his beam, got hit by Mike's flames, and was knocked back, making the spikes miss. Mike turned around.

"DAD!" There, standing on top of a nearby cliff, was Isaac. He was extremely pissed off, and was ready for some action.

"I don't think so! We'll fight another time." The space adept said. He disappeared from total view. Isaac jumped down. Mike ran up to him. Both guys looked at Nick's dead body, but instantly snapped back to attention when a gang of rogue adepts showed up. The two exchanged a look. These two were looking for something to take their anger out on, and these suckers were their victims. Isaac and Mike charged the group, murderous intent in their eyes.

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