Title: Hold On To Big Brother

Ship: None

Fandom: Hanna Montana

Rating: T

Summary: Miley, after a deathly accident and some hateful words, begins to reminisce about her growing relationship with Jackson. Miley can't deal with their separation much longer. When it all seems to fall down and she can't move on, she hears his voice Then just hold on to big brother and i'll pull you through.

Disclaimer: I don't own Disney, Hanna Montana, or their actors that bring the characters to life. I own my words, my story and my thoughts. so if you take them be warned by bite is worse then my bark.

"I hate you Jackson!" Miley screamed from the stairs. His face cringed in pain as she glared hotly at him. "I hate you! I wish you were never my brother!" She shouted as she gripped the stairway as he approached her.

"Miles. . ." His voice filled with pain. "I only did it . .. " Her clenched fists pounded into his chest repeatedly as he tried to control her. "It was for your own good."

"Get out of my life you pesky little rodent. I never want to speak to you again!" Her eyes glared directly into his pain filled eyes. His chest began hurting not because of her pounding fists but of her words. He had loved her so much and he had only done it to protect her, even though she couldn't see it. "I fucking hate you and wish you would get out of my life Jackson Stewart! I loathe you more then anybody in this world! I wish you were dead instead of mother!"

"Alright Miles." Robbie shouted as he entered the home. "That's enough young lady." He quickly set foot between them and looked her in the eyes. "You are grounded on your own account. This isn't Jackson's fault. You are not allowed to see Devon this weekend and that's that." He said grasping her arm tightly and pulling her upstairs.

"Hate you! Hate you! Hate you! Why don't you just get out of my life already!" She snapped once more at Jackson before slamming the door shut on her father. Jackson slammed his door shut and fell to his bed.

"Jackson she'll get over it." Robbie said as he knocked on the door. "She didn't mean them." Jackson's only response was turning up the radio full blast. Maybe that would flush out the cruel hateful words that he had just received. He couldn't erase them or heal the pain they caused him but at least he could pretend not to hear her livid voice in his head anymore. He sat in his room working on her project. In a month it would be his birthday. As accustomed he always gave Miley something so she wouldn't feel left out. He watched the videos as he edited them. If she only knew how much he loved her. Soon he was watching it while lying on his bed. Miley's words still rung loudly in his head. He turned it off and turned up the music once more and did something he hadn't done since his mother had left him alone, he cried himself to sleep.

Miley cried .. .and cried. She hated herself, she hated being mad at him. Jackson had betrayed her in the worst way. She loathed him. She wanted him out of her life. The words repeated in her mind. His pain filled eyes came back at her. She was in a heated moment. She hadn't meant any of it. Not anymore at least. Now she was filled with guilt and sadness. She opened the door to his room and walked in. Miley sniffled as she laid beside him. She had done it many a times when they were little. When she was scared, sad, happy or whenever she just felt the need to be close to him. It was nothing but innocent love for her big brother. Right now she needed to know that he still loved her. She pushed her body close to his and felt the wet pillow. "I'm so sorry Jackson." She whispered in his ear. " I didn't mean it at all." She kissed his cheek and fell asleep beside him. Had she been little she would wake up earlier then him and jump on his bed to wake him, but the last time she had done so Jackson responded. "Miles we can't be doing this anymore. I'm a man now." He was only turning ten she had thought and rolled her eyes. "Men don't sleep with their annoying little sisters. Not anymore. I'm a man now and things have changed Miles." The words had stung her most likely how her words this afternoon had stung him but his pain was deeper. She once again began to cry herself to sleep. She didn't deserve to live. "I can't take this Jackson."

"Just hold on to big brother and I won't let go Miles." His soft whisper came as his hand grasped hers and they fell asleep.

"I'm heading out Miles." Jackson screamed as Robbie cringed at his shouting son who came down the stairs. They never could get along those two. "If your not there I'm leaving you!"

"DAD!" She whined. Obviously last night's fight still ranged high in their spirits, even though he had spotted Miley sleeping in her brothers room this morning. "Make him wait! Jackson your an inconsiderate doofus!"

"You take so damn long Miles!" Jackson flared as he grabbed his jacket.

"Watch the language boy." Jackson had been in an strange mood since he got up. A feeling of sickness, nostalgia, pain, hurt, relief had come over him. He was anxious to get the day going. To drive little miss Montana to wherever she needed to be. He needed to get to the waves, to the water. That was the only thing that soothed him. Then he would be on his way to Texas. It was a month of soccer camp, he had actually survived picking up his grades enough to go. It would only be a few months away from home. His first time away from his family, friends. He'd of course spend his birthday alone for the first time.

"I'm out." Jackson responded as he grabbed the door handle, when he had been hit yet by another emotion he could not explain. He looked at his father long and hard and walked over to him. "I love you dad." He said and embracing him in a hug. "Thanks for all you've done."

Robbie had been shocked at his son's sudden show of emotions and felt something strange inside him. He hugged the boy and ruffled his hair and looked him over. Jackson's face was still filled with pain and exhaustion. He knew neither of his children had slept well that night. "Boy you sound like your heading off to your death." He shivered at the thought. "You just drop Miles off and off you go to Texas. I'll see you when you get home." He hugged the young man once again. "Take care of yourself and don't forget to call once in awhile. You know Miles will want to hear from you."

"Sure after last night . . ." His voice trailed off as Miles had finally made it down the stairs. "Finally." Jackson retorted.

"Drop dead Jackson." She snapped as she slipped her jacket on and they bickered all the way to the car.

They continued their banter loudly in the car. Over the radio, over the ac, over anything they could find to scream at each other over. Truly Miley was still a bit heated about last night and they both needed to vent out their frustrations at each other. Jackson needed to wash this strange feeling overcoming him and this was the only way he had discovered, till he got to the water, to ignore it. They hadn't noticed the swaying car till it was too late. Jackson swerved the car as so the impact would be mostly on his side. His hand came to his seat belt as she screamed in his ear. It had all happened so quickly. She could only feel his body hovering over her own. Jackson had fell silent as she started to tremble. The car had made an awful sound as they had collided.

Miley couldn't remember how they had gotten out much less how they had gotten to the hospital. Oliver was currently holding her in his arms soothing her as her father and the doctors whispered hurriedly in the office. Her nosy part wanted to know what was going on so they opened the door just a little.

"He . . .he did himself in. If he had stayed buckled he'd be in better shape possibly." Mr. Stewart only ran his hand through his hair.

"He didn't care about himself obviously he wanted to protect her." The other doctor replied. "He didn't want her hurt. Is she a loved one?"

"His little sister. Jackson would give his life for her to be alright." Mr. Stewart replied as his body began to tremble. The news wasn't good. it seemed Jackson may not survive the night. He had already seen his eldest boy and he didn't look in good shape.

"He's in critical condition. The next few hours are crucial for him. We've done all we could. He's stabling a bit enough for a visitor."

"I don't suspect he will pull through the night. Not in his condition. Not with all those cuts and burns."

"Even if he did we don't exactly know in what conditions. He may not be able to walk at all."

Miley gasped as she fell forward. They all looked at her as Robbie wiped at his eyes. "He's going to pull through ain't he dad! He'll be alright!" Her eyes filled with tears.

"You best go see him Miles. He needs you." Was all he could say.

She entered the dark room, the first thing that came to her ears was the monitor. Beeping slowly and long pauses between each one but at least he was still alive. Miles cringed a bit looking at the physical state but it washed away quickly. She sat beside him on the bed and looked at him. "Jackson wake up." She pleaded as she grabbed his hand. "Thank you." She cried as she threw herself beside him. "Jackson I'm sorry. I didn't mean all those things I said. I wish I could take them back." She cried some more as she kissed his cheeks. "If I had known. . . I wouldn't of . . .I would have told you I love you." Miley's hand trembled as she wiped at her wet eyes. "You can't leave me. Not like mom. I still need you."

Jackson made no movement, not at all. Though he could hear her. Feel her trembling body next to his own. Jackson was in a state of in between. Jackson dreamt of his mother. Holding her once again, wrapping his arms tightly around her neck, and this time he would never let go. Jackson could smell her even. The smell of strawberries and laundry soap. Jackson dreamt of what life had been, what it was, what it could have been. Jackson slept peacefully as she cried herself into a fetal position beside him. She had wrapped his arm around her and cuddled into his chest. "I'm so sorry Jackson. I didn't mean those words. Please forgive me?" She whimpered as she puhed tighter into his chest.

It had caused a stir in him, as her touch caused a bit of pain but he soon relaxed and his hand had gripped hers if only for a moment. "I'll always forgive you Miles." He whispered so low she thought she had dreamt it. "Now to sleep with you little one." He began to hum a familiar tune in her ear and she fell asleep. "Mother looks so beautiful." Jackson had muttered before they both drifted off to sleep and all was silent. Miley's head rested on his chest and she could no longer feel or hear his heart beat even in her sleep she could tell the moment that it had stopped. The room was deadly silent as she cried on his motionless chest holding on to his neck and never letting go. He had gone on. . .she knew but she would never let him go.