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So… this is my first Stardust fanfic :) There aren't all that many SeptimusOC fics out there so I thought I'd take a stab at it! This is probably AU and I think it's probably set a few years before the film. I've tried to keep Septimus is character but he's so hard to write! Please review,



Laina pulled idly at a thread on the sleeve of her shirt as she sat behind the market stall in a state of near comatose boredom. The people of Stormhold showed little curiosity in her makeshift stall with its interesting but useless items. A mixture of artefacts from across the wall, magic items that were guaranteed to make your hair grow, badly made bread and socks adorned the table with little success.

Her sea coloured eyes sought out interesting faces from the crowd and Laina created whole worlds around them. A pig-farmer become rich merchant, she thought watching a man in fine clothes but an unfortunately gormless face and seemingly bad hygiene. Laina sighed and jiggled on the stool she balanced on unhappily.

Suddenly, her eyes caught a flash of colour and she found its source. The royal insignia. It was sewed into a squire's jacket and her keen eyes observed it with a little wistfulness and a little anger. She was suddenly aware of the uncomfortable stool and the wind biting through the thin cloak, reminding her of who she was.

Brushing a lock of auburn hair out of her eyes she returned to pulling at the thread on her sleeve. Her father would have been embarrassed to see her sat in the middle of a market with everything she owned within a metre (or so) of her. She pushed her thoughts away swiftly when someone approached the stall.

Laina's eyes lit up and she smiled brightly at the figure, her whole face lighting up and transforming. "Can I help you… sir?" she asked squinting from the sun, trying to make out the figure. A cloud passed across the blinding sun and the squire came into focus. He didn't answer but stood there, silently, staring.

Laina sighed in annoyance, she had for a moment hoped that she would make a sale for the first time in two weeks. After asking him again with no avail, she set about pulling at the thread again and ignoring him. Perhaps he has been bewitched, she thought sympathetically.

"Squire!" barked a voice that caused even Laina to jump. She looked up in alarm to see a dark figure striding towards her; the sun burned her eyes as she strained to a put a face to the commanding voice. "Squire!" the voice commanded again but the squire did not move and continued to stare.

The figure came into view but was silhouetted against the bright morning sun. He hit the squire who continued to stare. "Woman! Have you bewitched him?" the silhouette demanded. "By the stars! I am no witch!" Laina cried,

"Then explain to me why this boy does not respond!"

"How am I supposed to know? I'm not educated – I sell things at a market!" Laina lied. Her father swam before her eyes, shaking his head in shame at her denial of her education that he had spent years giving her.

"Answer me properly, woman!" the figure growled, slamming his hand onto the stall, causing a sock to fly off the floor into a puddle. Laina swore and bent down to pick up the ruined sock and hold it up. "You have to pay for this now! I can't believe y-y –" she stopped in mid sentence her mouth agape as she stared at the man who faced her.

His dark hair hung over his forehead, damp from the recent rainfall and his features were strong and dark. The dark clothes, the commanding frown but most of all the eyes gave him away. His eyes were as black as coal and as cold as the wind that lashed at her face. He was undeniably the seventh son of Stormhold, a prince.

Laina's face showed her unguarded shock and he gave a little, sadistic twitch of his lips. "Do go on…" he spoke dangerously, his eyes burning into hers, a dark storm meeting a calm sea. She shook her head, little tears prickling at the back of her eyes. How cruel fate is! Laina cried inside thinking just how unlikely the meeting was.

"Do you know who I am?" He inquired, she did not move, "I am Prince Septimus and you are going to answer me." Laina swallowed, she wished he had given her another answer; she wished that she had made a fool of herself. She had not wanted him to confirm her fears. "Why does my squire not move?" he commanded,

"I don't know!" she ejected suddenly and violently. Septimus' eyes flashed,

"You have made a mistake! I have put your insolence down to ignorance of my title but now you are aware and are still disrespectful. If you do not tell me what you did to my squire now, then I will take you with me and lock you up for your rudeness!"

Laina shook her head, her voice lost in shock and unhappiness. The overwhelming emotions she had suppressed erupted from within her and Laina flooded with awareness of herself. Septimus reached across and grabbed her by the arm, wrenching her around the table and shouting at her but she did not feel or hear him. Anger at the unfairness of the situation raged within her and evermore strongly was the sadness for her situation, her father, her weakness and now her likely, impending death.

She broke. "Get off me! Get off me! Unhand me you troll!" she shouted over him, thrashing around. The muddy sock still clasped in her hand came into contact with the prince's face and he wrenched her to the ground. "You will be silent!"

"No I won't!" she cried. What more could he do to her?

"Silence!" his roar caused more people to turn and watch,


"You will not see the light of day again unless if it is as you walk to the torture chamber or the gallows!"

"I don't care! Do what you like! Your father has done enough to my family already, it seems only natural that you should carry on our suffering!" She shouted, her voice growing hoarse and tears beginning to stain her cheeks.

The squire seemed to have regained himself and after Septimus snarled an order at him he raced off. The prince grasped Laina's wrist and dragged her away through the market screaming and cursing everything associated with the monarchy she could bring to mind. Within a few moments she had her hands bound, was gagged and was riding towards Stormhold Palace.

The horse threw her around and Laina felt the tired, burning sensation flare all over her skin. The fever was returning. The scent of spices and earth smothered her and she shivered. He still uses the same soap, she thought deliriously, melting backward into his broad chest. Flashes of fragmented memory and dream melted and twisted their way across her mind before the world drained away into blackness.