This is one of the hardest things I've ever written and even now I'm rather reluctant to upload it. Its probably full of loads of mistakes and the like. Ah well. This chapter is set during the movie, you'll know at what point once you start reading. I've taken a bit of poetic license here. I haven't seen any of the movie extras so I've no idea whether some of this is accurate.

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Chapter 1: The capsule

"What are you doing Captain?" Ryan asked seeing Gray inside an electrics box. They were in one of the stations inside barrier city. Capsules carrying passengers coasted back and forth along various tracks. Ryan looked down at the steal cabinet that his Captain had stuck his head inside.

Gray emerged with a grin on his face. "Nothing."

Ryan folded his arms. "It looks to me like you're tampering with the transport's power." He jabbed his finger across at the small capsule like compartment travelling slowly away from them. Gray answered by disappearing back into the box. "Merely returning the favour."

Ryan looked at the rapidly disappearing transport and back to Gray. "Who's in there?"

"Jane and Neil," came the muffled reply.

"Are you sure trapping them together is such a good idea?"

Gray emerged again and raised his eyebrows at Ryan. "Am I the only one who can see that they both like each other?"

Ryan thought about this for a minute and then he smiled. "Jane's going to kill you."

Gray shrugged. "You guys did it to me…" he caught Ryan's look. "Yeah. I know it was you who stopped that thing when I was up in it with Aki. I'm not stupid and even if I hadn't guessed it was you then your little smug smirks would've given it away."

"It worked then?" Ryan asked with a barely concealed smile.

Gray felt like clipping him over the head but he was on the floor and Ryan was taller than he was so he settled for rerouting the appropriate wire and standing up. A red light flashed to show that the capsule had ground to a halt somewhere in the tunnels.

"That should do it."


Jane glared around at the capsule and pressed some of the buttons on the wall's control panel before slamming her fist against it with a growl.

"Damn Gray!" she snarled. "He did this deliberately."

Neil was leaning against the wall nonchalantly. "Hmmm…"

Jane glanced at him over her shoulder. "You can sort this out?"

"Nope. It's all controlled from outside. I'm afraid that we're stuck here till the guys at Central Control discover us or until Gray decides to let us go."

Jane muttered something and paced up the tiny room in two strides before turning back and sitting down roughly in one of the chairs.

"I hope the Commander gives him a yelling at for messing with the computer systems," she grumbled.

Neil tapped the wall gently, "Maybe I shouldn't have underestimated Gray's grasp of electronics…"

"You think?" Jane snipped back. She shook her head, "Of all the…this is for revenge isn't it? Should've seen it coming! 'Go on ahead' he says, 'I've just got to do something'…" Jane lapsed into a fuming silence.

Neil continued to stand. There were only two seats in the small travelling chamber and they weren't the most comfortable things to sit on. The walls were a silvery grey, lit up by the thin strip of fluorescent lighting that ran along the ceiling. Outside the Perspex windows everything was dark because they were in a tunnel. The automatic door had sealed itself and couldn't be opened without the electricity flow. There was a backup system to open it in an emergency, but it involved damaging the capsule and required a heck of a good excuse to do so. Therefore neither prisoner considered it an option.

"I can't believe…of all the people to be trapped in a capsule with!" Jane muttered.

"Hey! Why do you have such a problem with me?" Neil stepped into the middle of the capsule, gesturing angrily. "What have I done?"

Jane flared up and stood so she was directly in front of him. "I'm stuck in a transport with the engineer of the team, who can't reroute the power and get us moving again!" Her voice dropped to an accusing whisper, and her eyes never leaving his. "I might think that you want us to stay stuck here."

"And if I did?" Neil replied quietly in a level voice.

Jane blinked at him, her face frozen.

Neil broke the eye contact and sighed, taking a step back. He turned to the capsules' wall and knelt down next to a panel.

"What are you doing?" Jane asked bewilderedly.

"Trying to get us moving," Neil grunted, kicking the panel violently till it fell off with a clatter revealing a bunch of wiring. "As you hate to be anywhere near me." The bitter tone was not lost on her. "Of course we may end up flying up the track and crashing into anyone else who's been suspended but what the hell!"

"Neil," Jane uttered softly and laid a hand on his shoulder. He stopped rummaging and sat back, regarding her with a tilted head. "It's…it's not like that…"

Neil abruptly got to his feet and she whipped her hand back.

"What's it like then?" he asked.

Jane averted her head so she didn't have to look at him.

"I don't know…it's all so confused…when I'm near you. It annoys me." She frowned and looked up at him.

Neil grinned that dopey smile of his that reminded her of a puppy. "I know how you feel."

The frown cleared from her face and she gave him a genuine smile.

Suddenly the capsule rocked and set off back down the tracks, jerking them so they lost their balance. Neil stepped back to steady himself but Jane fell forwards onto Neil's chest. He wrapped his arms around her as she regained her balance.

"Easy," he smiled, steadying her.

Jane narrowed her eyes when he didn't remove his arms.

"Neil," she said warningly.

He waited another moment before reluctantly removing them. "Sorry."

He didn't look at all sorry.

A second later the capsule ground to a halt in the next station.

Jane was just disembarking when a hand gripped her arm. She half turned to look at Neil who was regarding her seriously – all humour gone from his face.

"We need to talk." He saw her scared look and shook his head. "Not now." He pointed to Gray and Ryan's approaching figures.

"What took you so long?" Gray shouted across the station, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "We managed to walk here before you!"

Jane muttered something and clenched her fists but Neil just chuckled.

"C'mon," Gray's eyes suddenly turned serious, "we have a mission to the Tuckson Wastelands."