Disclaimer: This fan fiction is based on the world of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 1

It was a perfect plan. Though she loathed the very thought of her soul being housed within the flesh of such a low form of being, it was better than death. She knew it was only a matter of time; the Ministry or the bloody Order would find her sooner or later.

She watched as the muggle woman flipped through the letters she pulled from the letterbox. The muggle would not be missed. Bellatrix had been watching her over the last three weeks. She was single, new to London, and all alone in the world. The dark witch pulled her wand from the folds of her dirty robes and stepped out of the darkness. The plan was perfect.




The sound of water woke her.

Miriam gave a painful sounding groan and stretched out on the cold stone floor. Her entire body ached. She attempted to sit up; however, the pain was too great. She let out another aching groan and rolled onto her back.

She lifted her hands to her face to wipe her hair out of her face. She still felt disoriented and the hair covering her eyes made it more difficult for her to see.

It was dark. Her first fear was that she had gone blind. She had heard of it happening before. She was momentarily relieved to see the rugged texture of a decaying wall appear. She was at least not blind.

Her vision had blurred before; however, never had she suffered a complete blackout after a seizure.




She turned her head toward the sound of the dripping noise. A black puddle of water rippled in response to the last drop.

Her brow furrowed.

When she first awoke she thought perhaps she had suffered a seizure, fallen off the step onto the stone walkway and had been looking toward the wall separating her building from the roadway. She now realized this was not the case. She was not outside at all. There was no sky above.

She attempted to sit up once more. Her muscles protested; however, she was determined. She realized with a deep feeling of horror that the constant rushing noise from the other side of the wall, which she thought was the sound to traffic, was not traffic at all. As she moved closer to the wall she realized it was in fact the sound of waves. She pressed her hand against the wall as though seeing some sort of verification through the cold surface. She felt her lungs tighten and the very breath within her still.

She turned around to face the darkness. She could not see more than a few inches into the void. Standing, she could no longer see the pool of water that had been on the floor. Her legs seemed to disappear into the shadows. Darkness was all around her.

"Hello?" she released a faint and somewhat hollow plea into the darkness.

The sound of her own voice was foreign to her; however, at the time this seemed reasonable. Her fear seemed to be tightening a noose around her vocal cords. The pounding of her heart within her chest made it difficult to breath.

She stepped forward, closer to the wall, and called out again, this time with more strength in her voice. The fear was still decidedly present in her tone. "Hello… Someone?" She let her body lean against the cold wet wall. The rushing of waves outside became somewhat louder. She knew if anyone were near, her voice would not be heard over the sound of the water.

She moved along the wall as though searching for a door or window. It wasn't long before she realized that she was completely enclosed within what seemed to be a stone crypt. Had she died? Was this hell?

"No!" was her whispered reply to the questions churning within her head. She couldn't be dead. This was a horrible mistake.

She began to beat upon the wall with her frozen hands. The stinging pain of her flesh scraping along the rock was surprisingly comforting. The blood that began to flow was warm and felt almost soothing as it trickled over her numbing fingers.

Realizing the unlikelihood that she would be heard she slid down the wall onto the ground; her tears now echoed the