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What the New Year Brings

I was once told that how you spend New Year's Day determines how you will spend the rest of the new year.

I knew how I was going to spend New Year's Day, the same way I did every year...Either sleeping through it or watching other people celebrate it around the world on TV. Guess that means I tend to spend each new year either sleeping through it or watching other people live their own lives.

So how is it that I find myself with my back pressed flat against a wall, a tongue shoved down my throat, and a not so modest bulge in someone's pants pressed hard between my legs? I only have a couple of minutes to think "What the..." before Kakashi finally breaks our kiss, lets me breathe, looks down at me with a half-hooded eye and an unmasked smile, then leaves me with the profound parting words of "That's the fifth time your strap has fallen off your shoulder, Sakura-chan. You should really do something about that." As he raises his mask back over his nose and mouth and walks away, I watch him until he disappears through the doorway. It's only after he's left that the rest of the party, with every single person we know including Naruto and the Hokage herself, turn their attention now to me. Breathless, lipstick smudged, and champagne glass still trembling in my hand, I have to think, "Shit! What the hell does this new year have in store for me?"

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