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Chapter 60-Epilogue

"What? What is it?" Kakashi asks, his one exposed eye growing wide with worry as the smiles on Shizune's and my face immediately change to one of shock and surprise instead. "Is there something wrong with the baby?"

"Well, you know how we told you that a baby's heartbeat sounds more like a whirring sound in an ultrasound instead of the thumping noise that we're used to?"


"Well, do you hear how it's echoing?"

And then it dawns on Kakashi.

"Our baby has two hearts? Will it live? Can we do something about it? Maybe Tsunade can figure something out-"

"Kakashi, calm down! It's nothing like that! What I was trying to imply before you started freaking out is...We're having twins."

"Are you sure?"

"There's no mistaking it. If you listen closely, you can hear how each heart is beating to its own rhythm, and if you look over here, that curve you're seeing is the top of another small head, and those right over there are another pair of arms and another pair of legs. If you want, I can even tell you what sex our babies are going to be." I say, turning around to smile at Kakashi, but when I look up at him, his face above his mask looks pale and clammy and the pupil of his one exposed eye looks more dilated than what's normal, and then Kakashi, the man whose fought countless formidable enemies and even miraculously came back from the dead...faints.

I don't blame him because what the hell does the new year have in store for us now?

The End

- What a twins sonogram looks like, just remember to remove the spaces after the periods because FF doesn't allow web links:

fugato. net/wp-content/twins. jpg

- What a baby's ultrasound heartbeat sounds like:

youtube. com/watch?v=vZ-JggUxv_A


Well, this story has seen three New Year's, hundreds of writer's blocks, but at the same time many faves, alerts, reviews, and even a few fanarts, all of which pushed me to keep going, turning what was supposed to be only a 300 word drabble into a 60 chapter epic instead, my longest story yet. Not bad for someone who used to only want to write oneshots because she didn't think she had the patience and ability to do long, multi-chapter stories. So in all sincerity, thank you to each of you who took the time to show in your own way that you enjoyed this story. You made the challenge and struggle of tackling it fun and worthwhile beginning to end! ^_^


Update 1/3/10: I drew a picture of what Kakashi and Sakura's twins look like when they're a little older. Here's the link. Just remove the spaces after the periods because FF doesn't allow web links.

shippertrish. deviantart. com/art/KakaSaku-Twins-149146604

Update 1/4/10: And I just drew another one, this time with Kakashi in it, too. Remember to remove the spaces after the periods.

shippertrish. deviantart. com/art/KakaSaku-Family-2-149272741

Update 1/5/10: One of the reasons why Kakashi fainted when he found out that they were having twins...Because he saw this in his future! ;P Remove spaces.

shippertrish. deviantart. com/art/KakaSaku-Twins-Troublesome-149382458

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