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Main Characters: Yuuhi Kurenai, Uchiha Itachi

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Additional Notes: I wrote this for my friend. . . I hope he likes it. (God, he's hard to please. . .) "Katayaburi no" means "of a breaking form" and is an idiom for "unconventional." Together with "Ai," the title means "Unconventional Love."

Katayaburi no Ai

Not A Cat

He stood there impassively, watching her as she watched him, her red eyes fixed resolutely on his. Never once did she look away. He smirked. "Kurenai-san." She flinched as his voice curled and twisted about the syllables of her name; somehow, he made her feel dirty, as though she was trapped in black oil. He continued, oblivious, or perhaps simply uncaring. "You are taking quite a risk, coming here again. Does Konoha mean nothing to you now?"

She did not answer, scowling at him. Two weeks. For two weeks she had been coming here, to this secluded spot near the Valley of the End, paranoia at her heels as she snuck out of the Konoha gates—all to see him—and this was the thanks she got. Each time. Of course, she expected nothing less from the Uchiha. She scoffed. "Of course Konoha means something to me. It always will." She shrugged, finally looking away from those intoxicating eyes. "But I was curious."

The clearing was quiet; the only sound the rushing water somewhere in the background, the dull roar of the falls on the Valley. Here, though, it was quiet and the silence was thick in the clearing between them, the six feet separating them nearly solid with silence. Kurenai leaned her back against the large tree at the edge of the clearing, noting the nearly imperceptible sound of the Uchiha's footsteps coming closer. He'sletting me hear him. . . "You know, Kurenai-san," the younger man whispered when he was close, his breath brushing her cheek and fanning on her neck, "They say curiosity killed the cat." His lithe, deadly fingers traced the outline of her cheek, millimeters from touching.

She shuddered; his arms blocked her in. She was trapped, but . . . somehow she didn't care. His eyes, she knew, had trapped her long before this. She looked at him, eyes meeting his once more and locking her fierce gaze with his dispassionate one. Does he care? "Yes," she nearly hissed, closing the distance between their faces a little more, teasing him as best she could. "But I am not a cat."

"No," he chuckled, his lips brushing hers and sending electric shocks through her blood. "No, you are not."


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