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the story of a genius

Memoir III – The Case of the Infiltration

Despite Naruto's beliefs that Konoha would be unable to affect his company, he was –strangely- incorrect, as Konoha however, bought another shipping company. And most villages were willing to prefer a company run by a powerful ninja village over a missing-nin, and if not from trust, from fear.

Naruto started to make his company a multi-purpose company, but the customers had certainly decreased. The executives were losing faith, and Naruto knew that in order to restore business –and thus, keeping his income high-, he would have to destroy Konoha's shipping company.

But to attack, he needed funds. He had begun hunting down missing-nins and other criminals, truly living up to his nickname "The Detective." And this time, he was in a village very close to Kumogakure, hunting down a knight called Blackwood.

Takahiro looked out of the grey window, the rain hitting the panes. Despite the heavy rain, he could still make out the target.

"Are you going to sit there all day?" inquired Takahiro, looking at Naruto, seated with his eyes closed.

Naruto's eyes snapped open, and he turned to Takahiro.

"I've finished," he said.

Takahiro looked expectedly at Naruto, and the latter remembered that he had not explained to Takahiro the circumstances.

"I told you Akatsuki forced me out of Konoha," said Naruto. "Something that surprised me was that Uchiha Itachi saw through nearly all my moves and plans. I discovered that he placed a very particular genjutsu on me."

"And you removed it?" asked Takahiro, and he received a nod in return. "Did that really need the entire day?"

Naruto frowned slightly. "Such a genjutsu was very intricate. It could not be removed by physical harm, or disrupting chakra. As well as that, if such a genjutsu is layered carefully into the mind, it must be removed carefully, or it can cause brain damage. And when the brain is your key weapon, that is something you wish to avoid. Heh...I suppose there's truth to saying that he's a true genjutsu master."

Takahiro nodded. "I see...I think. So, what shall we do about our target?"

"...Knights are not the weaklings most ninja believe them to be. Some say that their metal armour hinders them more then it helps them, but they do so they can have more even fights."

"But they can't use chakra or jutsu," said Takahiro. "Surely that should count for something?"

"You can't use chakra or jutsu either," replied Naruto. "As well as that, rumours state Knights have their own versions of chakra and jutsu. But, we should focus on what we know to be true. And that is, that since they have armour covering nearly all vital areas, it is almost impossible to take them down without poison or a fight."

"...And that's not good, is it?"

"Poison has long been famous for taking down Knights. No doubt will this one expect such an attack. As well as that, in a fight...such a fight will no doubt be close," Naruto grimaced, before glancing out of the window, and his eyes widened.

"It would appear we are not the only ones after the elusive Mr. Blackwood," remarked Naruto, before pointing at the opposing rooftops. "Look."

Takahiro squinted out of the window, and saw him, a hooded man slowly stalking the Knight from the rooftops.

"...Mumei Hishou," said Takahiro.

"He must be getting desperate," remarked Naruto. "He couldn't kill some random former noble-"


"And he couldn't kill a snake-man-thing," continued Naruto. "I would wager that funds are waning low for him too."

"...Do you want to join up with him?"

"Not particularly," said Naruto. "Firstly, I doubt he would agree to split the reward with us. Secondly, he's still strong, and very cunning. He's more than capable of back-stabbing."

"...How did you know that about him?"

"I did my research, Takahiro," replied Naruto. "He went after you once, he's a possible enemy."

In fact, Naruto was slightly irritated by Takahiro's frequent questions. He supposed there was a possibility that the man was a spy, but clearly not. He had an incredible lack of knowledge about the ninja world, which seemed to be genuine, but a quick understanding about politics. He was well versed in diplomacy, yet strangely enough did not see himself as superior to Naruto, as most nobles did.

Naruto knew he could use the man, which was perhaps the actual reason he chose to take the last Oshiro with him. As well as this, it seemed with every question Naruto answered, Takahiro's trust in Naruto was built.

Naruto stood up and picked his coat from the peg, and quickly put it on, before taking up his cane. "We had better hurry. Mumei would not start actually stalking the target until he was ready to strike."

Takahiro nodded, and followed Naruto out into the rain, stopping only to take his cane.

The streets were surprisingly crowded, despite the heavy rain. Naruto limped piteously, appearing to rely heavily on his cane.

Naruto glanced behind him, and froze. He turned to the left, before looking forwards again. He pushed his way through the crowd to the shadowy side of a building, awaiting his associate Takahiro to arrive.

"What's the matter, Naruto-san?" murmured Takahiro, standing idly by the short shinobi.

"They're here."

"Who?" asked the Oshiro.

"Shinobi, from the great villages of Kumo, Konoha, and Iwa. And I don't think they're after you or the Knight," said Naruto. "It's like a chemical...that only needs a small spark to react. And when it does react, it explodes."

"Hmm. Allow me to guess, we happen to be that spark."

"Correct..." Naruto trailed off, and sub-consciously leant against the wall, his eyes closed. Moments later, and his blue eyes burned with something that Takahiro couldn't recognise. "Follow me."

Naruto began to push his way through the crowd, still appearing to be unaware of the disguised ninja. They continued their way to the knight, Blackwood Anselm.

"So what is the plan?" hissed the taller man.


They were now less than a few metres away from the Knight, and Naruto suddenly leapt through the air at the Knight, his blade revealed.

Anselm spun around, and raised his shield...

Just as Hishou flew through the air, a throwing dagger heralding his flight, intending to kill Anselm before Naruto could do so.

Naruto twisted in mid-air, to land away from Anselm, and to see the ninja charging.

Hishou landed next to Anselm, as his dagger bounced off the shield, but the two turned to see the ninja charge through the crowds, the civilians fleeing and screaming, and the two incorrectly assumed the ninja were attacking them.

Naruto grabbed Takahiro's hand and pulled him ahead, before Naruto leapt onto the rooftop, pulling the Oshiro up with him. The two headed over the rooftops to flee the village, as the fight between the Iwa-nin, the Konoha-nin, the Kumo-nin, Hishou and Anselm became a free-for-all.

"What about the bounty on the knight?" shouted Takahiro.

"Money's no use if you're dead," Naruto responded, before speeding up, thoroughly making Takahiro very angry, for although he was faster than any civilian, it was quite hard for him to catch up with most ninja.

"Where are we going anyway?"

"Quite frankly Takahiro, I don't see that we have a choice anymore. We have to attack," said Naruto decisively.

"Naruto-san, you're the only one who can actually last long against those Konoha-nin, I'm no use in fights!" protested Takahiro.

"I believe I already know that," Naruto sighed, "but, as I said, we have no other choice."

"Couldn't we hire some other helpers?"

Naruto's eyes sparked up. "Genius, Takahiro! Quick, back to the village's centre!" Naruto hopped down from the rooftops to run through the streets, leaving Takahiro on a roof.

"For the love of..." Takahiro began to follow.

It took a while for Takahiro to catch up, and in fact, by the time he had, Naruto had already reached his destination, the battlefield between the Knight and Assassin, and with the help of a few explosives, insured that Anselm and Hishou were the only ones standing.

"Naruto-san?! You're hiring...them?!" said Takahiro, stunned.

"Oh? Takahiro, if you would, I'll leave the negotiation to you," said Naruto as he hobbled a few metres away, keen to observe Takahiro in the field, as it were.

Stunningly, Takahiro was successful. Once the two were hired, he negotiated their fee –individually, the two were rather disgruntled at working together- while Naruto contacted his company- for a few things he needed.

The Knight was happy, having found a source of income. The Assassin seemed quite positive about it as well, after all, he had nothing but a chain of bad results for some time, even though he was quite surprised to be hired by such a short person like Naruto, and they discovered although Naruto was usually mature, he could be slightly less mature about his height.

Naruto and Takahiro soon had a basic grip on the two's personalities. Anselm adored fighting, but could be hot-headed, especially if knights were insulted in his presence. He was often quite loud, as well as often cursing. Hishou was quite a contrast to the loud, hot-headed, noticeable figure that was Anselm.

Less than two weeks later, they were five minutes' walk from Konoha, and Naruto finally outlined the plan.

Naruto pulled his team off the road, and it wasn't until the four were safely hidden in the undergrowth that he began to sketch in the dirt with his cane, forming a rough map of Konoha, showing the gates, the walls, the main ninja buildings, the target, and another building. After a moment, he decided to add the roads that led to Konoha, as well as showing the team's approximate location.

"As you know all know," said Naruto. "This organisation is composed of three parts, entering Konoha, destroying the target, and leaving Konoha."

"Konoha is not a weak country. You have a plan?" said Hishou.

Naruto nodded. "Obviously. Now, the key point to entering is not to draw attention to ourselves. As such, wouldn't you agree, a group of four gathers an unhealthy amount of attention?" Naruto waited for nods before he continued. "But, two groups of two, entering for different purposes, from different gates, and at different times, do not."

Naruto began drawing on the soil again. "Takahiro and Anselm will enter from this gate. Takahiro, you will use your real papers, while Anselm, will being using fakes. A Knight draws a lot more attention than even a hooded man."
Anselm nodded.

"Takahiro, you are a travelling noble, and Anselm is your bodyguard. Anselm, hide all your weapons and armour save your bow and quiver. You will have to hide your helm as well, they may wish to see your actual face. Meanwhile, Hishou and I will enter from this gate, using our fake papers, under the guise of..."

Naruto removed a scroll from his coat, and unsealed several bundles.

"Clothes merchants...or more precisely, we will be delivering clothes to clothes merchants inside the village."

"But...we don't know any clothes merchants," said Takahiro.

"Yes, we do," Naruto pointed his cane at the map in the ground, showing them another building. "Several Uzumaki Inc. workers are stationed there, working as clothes sellers. As well as that, they have also constructed a secure basement. That basement is our safe house for this job."

"...Could we be shut in?" asked Hishou.

"There are three exits," answered Naruto. "They are also constructing a fourth exit that leads out of Konoha for future jobs. It will not be finished in time for this job, and we will not be helping them do so."

"Can't you use your Shadow Clones to finish it?"

"No," replied Naruto bluntly. "I know little of constructing tunnels, and I see little need in filling my mind with knowledge on how to do so."

"...What if we get lost?" asked Anselm. "What's the name of this store?"

"Koboyashi Clothing," said the Detective. "Now, remember. Do. Not. Draw. Attention. To. Yourselves." His eyes flickered to Anselm and Takahiro. "You two, your gate is closer. If you fail to enter, get back here immediately. Go."

Anselm nodded respectfully, and Takahiro was the first to leave the dense undergrowth. The Knight removed his great helm, revealing slicked-back black hair, and he hid it under his cloak, and his shield –which he hid with more difficulty. He pulled up his hood, before leaving, his bow in hand.

"We wait?" was Hishou's emotionless voice.

"We wait."
Naruto waited for twenty minutes, before he told Hishou to start gathering the bundles. Naruto carefully removed a wig –short brown hair- from his coat, and carefully placed it over his own head, taking care to smooth down his blonde spikes. He took some pastes from a few jars, and with the aid of a brush, he suddenly looked around twenty, with a horrid scar going down the left side of his face. His whiskers had also disappeared due to the paste. He then sealed his cane away, hid his scrolls and bombs in some hidden pockets, before he straightened his leg, and relived Hishou of some of the bags, and the two went back to the road, heading for the gate adjacent to the one Anselm and Takahiro had entered through.

When they reached the gate, the gatekeepers approached, and Naruto took charge.

"We're delivering these," Naruto nodded to the bags, "to Koboyashi Clothing."

"Papers?" grunted the chuunin, and Naruto and Hishou surrendered their papers.

The chuunin inspected the papers carefully, and glanced up at the two. "You two from Kumo?"

Naruto shook his head. "Nah. Never bin to the Hidden Village. Jus' liv' in the country."

Satisfied, the chuunin went back to inspecting the papers, occasionally glancing back at them.

"Okay. Now, you two are going to be scanned," said the guard, bored.

A Hyuuga appeared, the Caged Bird Seal on his forehead, and he nodded at them, before he scanned them, obviously looking for weapons, or chakra above civilian level.

"You seem to have a great chakra reserve," said the Hyuuga to Naruto.

"I don't jus' do deliveries," shrugged Naruto. "But hey, I don't even know any dangerous jutsu."
The Hyuuga had been watching Naruto with his Byakugan, looking for any sign of lying, and unable to find any lies, turned to Hishou. "And you seem to be heavily armed."

"..." The Assassin slowly turned to face the Hyuuga, before he spoke. "The roads are not safe."
The Hyuuga raised an eyebrow stiffly, before whispering into the guard's ear.

"Okay." The guard stamped the papers, before he started to speak robotically, repeating words he had no doubt said before. "You have been granted temporary citizenship status. You may stay in Konoha for a period of up to two weeks, and when that duration has ended, you must either leave the village, or apply for permanent citizenship."

Naruto nodded his thanks, as the gates opened.

"How did you do that?"

"Do what?" replied Naruto.

"I have sensed your chakra reserve before," said Hishou. "Referring to them as merely great would be considered an injustice. And, you were able to lie in front of the Hyuuga."

"I have no time for such trifles," said Naruto, as the two continued through the streets of Konoha. A few moments later, when the road thinned, Naruto whispered frantically into Hishou's ear.

"These roads are better guarded then they look! Say nothing till we reach our destination."

Hishou tensed, and simply made sure that the dagger concealed in his right sleeve was on the verge of slipping into his hand.

Not too longer later, they entered "Koboyashi Clothing." After handing over the supplies, the shop assistant led them into the basement –through means of a secret door- where the two were reunited with Anselm and Takahiro.

"Did you have any trouble?" asked Naruto, as he sat at the round table in the centre of the room, and he pulled off his wig, and began to wipe away his make-up.

"No trouble," said Anselm, who had removed his armour. The Knight was cleaning his swords, seated in the corner of the room.

"I quite like this place," said Takahiro, who was going through the store cupboards.

Naruto finished wiping off the rest of the pastes. "You three, have a seat." Naruto waited for the three to sit around the table, and began to speak again.

"From now on, make sure not to even talk about the mission outside these walls. The streets are actually watched, through recording equipment, hidden ninja, and even shopkeepers." Naruto enjoyed the surprise on his teammate's faces, before he continued. "You see, Konoha appears to be rather lax in security, compared to some villages. The reason for this is due to one of their most favourite sayings: "Look underneath the underneath." They appear to be very peaceful, almost pacifist, but they can be very cruel when they want to. Did you know Konoha has perhaps the strongest ANBU teams in the Elemental Countries?"

"What? But we saw Konoha-nin back in Kaminari no Kuni...didn't these two easily beat them?" asked Takahiro, indicating the Knight and the Assassin.

"Tis true," said Anselm.

"Those nin were either very inexperienced, or they were chuunin on a mission who had happened to see us. The true might of the Konoha ANBU is great. Surely, you must have thought warriors like Itachi and Kakashi were not the only powerful shinobi they were able to produce?"

"Who would have thought such an idea?" said Hishou, his voice hiding any emotion.

"The last Hokage hired a wise man to actually think up all those things. The same man was able to even identify likely places for intruders to communicate."

"That's...that's extraordinary!" said Takahiro, stunned. "Who was this man?!"

"...Me," smiled Naruto. "Didn't you think it suspicious how I, who had only been a ninja for a few months, chuunin for less than a week, knew all about Konoha's security?"

Anselm looked on the verge of laughing. "This is perfect!" he grinned. "Since you know all of the Leaf's security techniques, then-"

"No," interrupted Naruto. "If you remember, I'm only thirteen. There have been other people working in security, and although I was told most of them, so I could improve them, I was not informed of all. Such information is kept strictly on a need-to-know basis. As well as that, there are more security measures I designed, that only get harder as you approach the heart of the city. And I designed them to deal with opponents who could be even more intelligent than me."

Anselm opened his mouth, before he closed it. "Damn."

"...But you already planned for this, correct?" asked Hishou.

"Well, yes. But, before we can put this plan into action, we are of course, going to have to scout out the area, as it were."

Takahiro tugged his beard lightly. "Hmm...say, Naruto-san. How does attacking a company even work?"

"We're not attacking, Takahiro," said Naruto. "We're going to level the entire building. Hopefully, there won't be anyone in it, but sacrifices are often necessary to get a point across."

"Point?" asked Anselm. "What point?"

"To be frank with you, I don't see another way of saying this that would explain it any better. The point is..."

"-don't fuck with me, or I will fuck you ten times over," interrupted Anselm. "That must have been the point, right?"

Naruto looked mildly surprised. "Well, yes. That was the point, rather coarsely, but yes, that was the point."

"So, we are going to scout the area. Do you have any more things to say?"

"Firstly, we, as a group, are not going to scout the area. You, Hishou, will scout the area. But beware when you scout the rooftops."


"It was another of my ingenious ideas... ninja are forbidden from treading on some rooftops in the heart of Konoha. They are told this is because the residents are irritated...but not necessarily. In fact, some of these rooftops have sensors to detect foreign presences. There are also several Hyuuga in the area, to check for false alarms, from Konoha nin and civilians who have gone on the roofs for whatever reason."

"So the rooftops are off-limits," concluded Hishou.

"Not necessarily, I suppose. You can go on rooftops that you see ninja using, but then anyone who uses the roofs can ask you what you are doing. Anyway, your objective is to watch for ninja guarding the building, as well as when the building is likely to be empty. As well as that, if you can, get close to the building, and look for any weak points."

Hishou nodded and stood. "Shall I go now?"

"Not yet." Naruto turned to Takahiro. "Your job, Takahiro, is to get into the building. Use any means necessary, make up any story, I don't care, but I want to know where is where in the building. Hishou, help him if you can."

"And me?" asked Anselm. "Don't tell me I'm going to have sit on my ass here."

"Your job is to defend us if we get caught during the actual mission. I want you to locate where ninja will come at us from if they find us, and find a way to block or defend those locations Hold them off, at least." Naruto pointed to a crate. "That crate contains several explosives. They're not particularly powerful, but they will kill. Use them as you will. And as well as that, it is up to you break Takahiro out in case he fails his mission and they start calling in ninja."

"And, what are you going to do?" asked Takahiro, eyebrow raised.

"Me?" smiled Naruto. "I intend to infiltrate a different building."

Dawn, and four individuals were currently in the heart of Konoha. One was located in an alley, a thick cloak hiding metal armour. Another was picking his way through thick crowds, and the third was near a certain building, mind working frantically as he tried to think up some story.

The fourth was on the Hokage Mountain, gazing down at the building that he had entered several days. The very building that contained the Hokage's office, the very building that he had often gone in for his D-rank mission with his team.

He smiled, before he disappeared.

Naruto landed on the roof of the Hokage Residence. The building where the Hokage lived and worked, where ninja received missions, where war meetings took place. The most important building in Konoha.

He looked over his new disguise. His Chuunin vest and a headband (not his scratched one), and with the aid of a black wig and some makeup (just to look older, more weathered, as well as hiding his whiskers), as well as coloured contacts (that did not actually affect vision) to hide his usual bright blue eyes with a more dull brown.

All in all, he looked like one of those many Chuunin who had been chuunin for years, but were simply too bored or too lazy to bother trying to be appointed jounin.

Naruto entered the door that would take him into the building, after all, there was one on the roof.

What Naruto was seeking? The Forbidden Scroll they say was written by the Yondaime Hokage. Last time, when Mizuki had tried to get him to steal the scroll, he had actually copied a portion of the scroll, but he forgot to consult it, or even put it away, and he actually mistakenly taken it to Wave, and, the simple thing was, it was not a bright idea to have paper while fighting in conditions with strong opponents, while water was nearby.

The Scroll could have secrets about his seal. And Naruto was willing to take any risk, because quite frankly, he was irritated to no end by the Kyuubi. He wanted to see if he could strengthen the seal perhaps, or something that could force the Kyuubi to stop attempting to influence him.

He passed a team of bedraggled genin, and smirked slightly at their state. Most people would make fun out of them, as Naruto could also smell wet cat.

Naruto shook his head, trying to get the image of cat retrieval missions out of his face. He tenderly rubbed his face. The scars were still long gone...but the mental scars lasted longer.

A few more chuunin passed him, muttering about ...inflation and interest rates, strangely enough.

As he got closer and closer to the more important parts of the building, more and more people passed him, never taking a second glance at him. He even passed some more considerably strangely dressed people.

The two guys wearing green spandex and hugging was something he wouldn't get out of his mind for a while. And it was moments like that when Naruto wondered where his "excursion" was really worth it.

For some reason, he had expected to see Jiraiya or Kakashi, or perhaps one of the genin he knew.

"Did you hear what happened to Kakashi?" He suddenly heard, and he instinctively turned his head where he had heard the voices.

Two kunoichi passed him, and Naruto remembered them to be Kurenai and Anko, Team 8's instructor and the Chuunin examiner respectively.

He turned casually, as if he had just remembered something, and began to follow them, not even bothering to try and hide he was there, simply acting as if he was just walking.

"So, do you think that Kakashi's a traitor?" said Kurenai.

Anko shrugged. "Nope. An idiot, but a traitor? I mean, come on."

"So, is it true that he's on house arrest?"

"What makes you think I'd know?"

"Hurry up Anko," said Kurenai impatiently. "I know you work with the ANBU half the time."

"Hehehehe...Are you sure you wish to know...?...Oh, all right then..." said Anko hastily, noticing Kurenai's expression. "Well, yeah. The Hokage's almost on the verge of having Kakashi sent for a "session" with Ibiki, but our favourite Cyclops still sticks to his story, and is acting rather confused 'bout the whole thing. Then again, he might have used that eye of his to copy an actor to get the whole thing right."

'House arrest?' wondered Naruto. 'Why? His story had no holes in it, nothing to suspect...' Then it hit him, something Kakashi had said.

"Damn, last time when Jiraiya and I tried to point out you're a good kid, we received one-way tickets through the window."

Naruto rarely swore, and hadn't for some time, but he truly felt like doing so. The Hokage didn't suspect the report. She had suspected Kakashi from the beginning. The fact Kakashi was the only person to have reached the Valley only aided her suspicions.

On a more positive side, Naruto hadn't told Kakashi anything of use. As well as that, Kakashi probably was enjoying house arrest, no missions, no distractions, meaning he could read in peace.

Naruto turned around, and began to head back to the room, that from memory he knew housed the Forbidden Scroll.

'No guards...but why?' Naruto had almost searched the entire floor, but still, there had been no sign of guards, not even chuunin.

The only thing this could mean was that the scroll had been moved, the guards where hidden in the room, the scroll was fake, or that there was some kind of genjutsu. And to his knowledge, the Hokage would be busy issuing missions then to be up here, but...

'...Well, it's too late to turn around.'

Naruto entered the room, and closed it behind. He approached the Scroll, and saw the title.

"Forbidden Scroll. Do not steal."

Yes, that was the Scroll, Naruto still remembered those idiotic words.

He placed his hand on the scroll, yet nothing happened.

But then, he suddenly sensed someone powerful, yet unfamiliar behind him. He turned and stopped.

His fake brown eyes met the eyes of the Godaime.

Hishou walked through the street. For him, his job was relatively easy, and he already finished it. Takahiro had also finished, and had gone back to the shop. He was intending to meet Blackwood, to check whether Naruto had finished whatever he was doing, and so he could make his report.

Suddenly a group of ninja rushed past him, who he narrowly avoided. Hishou raised his head, and there he could see the Knight.

"Blackwood," he hissed, as he approached.

"Mumei," replied Blackwood, carefully glancing at the surroundings, before focusing on the Assassin. "Well? Make it quick, I don't have time for this, and you know what'd happen..."

Hishou caught the underlying message. So the Knight could be subtle occasionally. The Knight was warning him of hidden ninja.

"Have you seen him?" asked Hishou.

"No, why?" said Blackwood, as more ninja rushed past him.

"Have the ninja become more active suddenly?" wondered Hishou.

Blackwood's eyes widened, and he spun around to look at the Hokage Residence, where the ninja seemed to be heading.

"Shit!" he cursed. "It looks like I know where he is."

Hishou made to follow the ninja, but suddenly Blackwood chuckled. "I'm stronger than the impression I gave you in our first meeting. You go back to the place, I'll go after him."

The Knight removed his great helm from his cloak, and put it on, before raising his hood, and running to the Hokage Residence.

Hishou turned around. Naruto and Blackwood were strong enough to get out alive, even if they had to run. In the meantime, it was time to get back to the clothes store.

"So..." said Tsunade, "Who are you, and how did you get that headband and vest?"

"The headband, I ...borrowed," said Naruto, tossing the band over at her. "The vest once belonged to me. You see, I couldn't come in here with my headband, there's a slash through the symbol."

"...Tell me, are you using a chakra inhibitor drug?" asked Tsunade. "You know, the kind that sends less chakra around the body, making the chakra coils seem smaller."

"Oh? You recognise it?" said Naruto.

Tsunade scoffed. "I'm a medic, I can tell with a glance. Now answer, who are you?"

Naruto removed a pill from his pouch, and swallowed it. Instantly, he felt his chakra return to normal. He then wiped off the makeup, before removing the contacts. Finally, he pulled off the wig, and removed a scroll from his vest, from where he summoned a cane from.

"Uzumaki Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. Former chuunin of Konoha."

Already he could feel Tsunade's killer intent.

"You have some fucking nerve showing your face around here," said Tsunade, before cracking her fists.

"I don't suppose now would be a good idea to tell you I'm innocent and was framed?"

"Die!" screamed Tsunade, shooting forwards.

"Thought so."

Naruto leapt back to avoid the punch, before bending in mid air to avoid a kick. He somersaulted and landed in a crouch, before he leapt to the side to avoid Tsunade again.

'She's faster than me, and definitely will hit harder than best option is to try to escape!' thought Naruto, as he eyed the doorway.

"Escaping huh? That's your plan!" Tsunade charged forwards, and although Naruto avoided the kick, he did not dodge the punch that sent him through the thin wall into another room.

Naruto climbed to his feet, and a blade sprouted from his cane. He twirled the cane slightly above his head, before going back to his position, as Tsunade burst through the wall.

Tsunade charged forwards, kicking up the dust that had been undisturbed for years.

But this time, Naruto was ready.

Naruto ducked under the punch, before he stabbed forwards with the blade at Tsunade's exposed stomach.

The Godaime leapt back and Naruto jumped after her, stabbing down, which Tsunade somehow avoided by twisting, before she punched again.

Naruto had already landed and darted away from the punch, but Tsunade suddenly rushed forwards, her other fist slamming into his stomach.

Naruto crashed through another wall. He coughed, and groggily stood again, as Tsunade followed him into the room.

Naruto reached into his pouch, and instantly retrieved a bomb. He smiled at Tsunade.

"What are you smirking at?!" demanded Tsunade.


Tsunade's eyes widened, and she jumped back as Naruto threw the bomb down. She covered her face with her arms instinctively.

But she was fooled. It was nothing more than a smoke grenade.

Tsunade coughed, as she escaped the smoke cloud, looking for the missing-nin.

And she froze, as a blade was rammed through her left shoulder from behind.

Naruto tugged the blade out, before launching a kick to Tsunade's back, sending her forwards.

Only to see Tsunade turn into a wooden log.


Naruto spun around to see Tsunade, who drew her fist back, before thrusting it forwards.

Naruto half-turned, avoiding the punch, before answering with his own.

Only to see it caught it Tsunade's iron grip.

Naruto gritted his teeth with pain from his fist slowly being crushed by Tsunade's. He lashed out with his cane-blade, only to see Tsunade dodge and grip that hand too. He kicked out, but Tsunade suddenly then flipped back, flipping him over and slamming his head through the floor.

She stepped back, as Naruto collapsed, his neck clearly injured.

Naruto Replaced himself with a broken piece of wood across the room to put a little distance between the Hokage and himself. He climbed to his feet wearily, knowing that had he not had the Kyuubi's regeneration chakra, he may have taken some serious damage, maybe even snapping his neck.

She charged him again, and Naruto reached for some actual bombs this time, and flung them at her, but she only smacked them away before they detonated, and they destroyed the walls rather than harming anyone.

Naruto thrust the cane-blade forwards at her stomach, but she span out of its reach. He followed up with a kick at her head...

Only to feel that leg caught. And Tsunade proceeded to bend the leg.

Naruto openly howled, before dropping a bomb. Tsunade let go and jumped back, and Naruto kicked it with his other leg at her, but she knocked it some distance away.

'The leg's almost broken...well, at least I practised looking crippled with this leg, I think I can adjust to the real thing.' Naruto panted, before continuing thinking. 'Unless I use the Kyuubi's chakra, I truly stand no chance of beating her. And that would draw ninja here like moths to a flame...but how did she beat me so easily? Am I truly this weak? But...of course. I haven't trained since leaving Konoha. I've been too concerned with moving then actually preparing myself in case they came. All because of Itachi's genjutsu, I'd wager. I'd better think of how to get out of here. I'll never outrun her now, but...'

Naruto's eyes widened as Tsunade rushed him. And due to his injured leg, he would never get out of the way in time.

And suddenly, Naruto's fist met Tsunade's.

Both were glowing with chakra, the only difference being that although Tsunade's was still the gentler human blue chakra, Naruto's fist was enveloped in a demonic red.

Once again, their eyes met, the Godaime's eyes meeting his red eyes.

Naruto felt his leg repair. Maybe it wasn't as badly damaged as he thought.

"So, Tsunade," said Naruto coldly. "Let's try this again."

The two jumped back, and Naruto blasted two ethereal chakra-arms at her, but shockingly, Tsunade destroyed them with her bare hands.

'Kyuubi makes me powerful, but not invincible. Don't ever forget that.'

"Naruto," said a loud voice from behind him. "Need any help?"

Anselm stood there, his broadsword in his right hand, his throwing axe in his left.

"Good timing," nodded Naruto, a slight smirk on his face.

"A Knight?" scoffed Tsunade. "That's your great help? Please, I can deal with a Knight with a single finger..."

"Then allow me to return the favour!" said Anselm, before he flashed his middle finger at Tsunade.

Tsunade suddenly turned around, and slowly started to walk away. Naruto and Anselm glanced at each other, confused.

All was explained when Tsunade seized a huge chunk of debris and hurled it at him.

Naruto flipped over the missile, while Anselm braced himself for the impact. The wreckage sent him flying, but he stood again with relative ease, as Tsunade rushed them, a greenish glow covering her hands.

'Chakra scalpels,' thought Naruto, before sending some chakra-arms at her again, before he suddenly lunged at her with his cane-blade, the red chakra enveloping it making the poison more deadly than before.

Anselm let out a war-cry and leapt into the fray, first flinging his axe at Tsunade before going close-combat with his broadsword.

Tsunade jumped back to avoid a slash, and used the distance to fling more debris at the two, before she retrieved two kunai from the wreckage, just as Naruto and Anselm met her again, the latter having retrieved his axe.

For several minutes, there was nothing but the sound of metal.

But suddenly then, ninja burst into the room.

"Hokage-sama!" was the unified cry.

"It would appear...we have overstayed our welcome," said Naruto. "Pity."

Naruto turned, and leapt out of the window.

Anselm stood alone, before scratching his helmet.

"Well then...see ya," said the Knight, before following Naruto out of the window.

With the added weight of his armour, Anselm soon caught up with Naruto.

"Now what!?" shouted Anselm over the rushing winds.

"Grab onto the side of the building!" shouted Naruto, as he started to use chakra to help grip to the walls, and friction started to do the rest.

Anselm swung at the building with his axe to dig in, and started to slow down, as the axe ripped through the walls.

"So you failed," said Hishou.

The four were back in the underground hideout, all sitting around the table, save Anselm who was busy cleaning his armour.

"I would call it a minor setback," replied Naruto. "It has actually only done good for us. The Hokage expects us to steal the Scroll again, and we are not."

"Yeah, we're going to blow up something...what was it again?" asked Anselm.

"When I was fighting the Hokage, since she threw me through the wall, she did not notice I made a Clone who was able to copy some jutsu from the Scroll. The Clone threw the copy out of the window, and it reached the ground, and fortunately I was able to retrieve it when we jumped out of the window," said Naruto. "Anyway, despite I was unable to retrieve the Scroll in its entirety, this will not affect the mission."

Naruto looked at the large map of Konoha stretched over the table, and he started placing numerous cubes on it.

"These four represent us," said Naruto, using his cane to push the counters over the map. "Now, what we shall do is go, tonight. We split into two groups again, Takahiro and Anselm, and Hishou with me."

Naruto pushed the Takahiro and Anselm counters over quite a distance away.

"You two will get to this point, and set a bomb in this park. It's a timer bomb."

"...Why the hell do we need to set a bomb there?" said Anselm.

"I must admit I don't understand either."

Naruto sighed. "A timer bomb. It's a decoy. You two start running from there to here..." Naruto pushed the counters closer to the walls and also quite near to the real target, "and this is our rendezvous. The timer bomb I have for flashy. It'll draw the shinobi like a flame, and you'll have five minutes probably before the bomb goes off. Make sure to have reached the rendezvous by then. If you can't get there, send up a flare-"

"We haven't got any flares," interrupted Anselm.

"I'm going to give you the flares," continued Naruto. "That will signal you couldn't make it to the rendezvous, so then you get back to the hideout and await us. In the meantime, we will have placed bombs in several weak points of the target, looted the entire place, and blow it up."

"Where exactly are we going to from there?" inquired Takahiro.

"West, that is, if Anselm and Hishou decide to terminate their contracts," said Naruto, glancing at the two, before continuing.

"West?" said Anselm, before scratching his chin thoughtfully. "If that's the case, can we make a little side-stop?"

"Where to?" asked Naruto.

"There's this mountain village west of the Hidden Village. I visited it once...kind of..."

"Kind off?" said Takahiro. "How could you "kind of" visit a place?"

"Well, I was unconscious, and some monks brought me back to the village," said Anselm.

"...Unconscious?" said Hishou, a slight smirk fixed on his face.

"Look, I had just taken out a bunch of Mist hunter-nin, I was completely exhausted!" snapped Anselm, before thinking back to the village. "Can't remember too well, it was almost a year ago, but the village is small, and almost hidden. Not many ninja there, but the monks are quite tough. The village doctor...she's a medic-ninja, I remember," Anselm trailed off, trying to remember his "visit."

"...I'd wager that the reason you'd remember this woman is not because she's a medic-nin..." said Hishou dryly.

"What?! You bastard, how dare you try and insult Yuzuki like that!"

"...A moment ago she was just some medic-ninja. Now she's "Yuzuki"."

"Fuck you!"

Naruto smiled to himself as he saw Anselm squabble with Hishou. It appeared Hishou was capable of opening up. At least then Hishou was capable of being restrained, and Anselm could be terribly easy to use. But never underestimate anyone. In the meantime however...

"Anselm, please calm down," said Naruto serenely.

"...Yeah, sorry..." But Anselm shot Hishou a glare that clearly stated this was not over.

"I suggest you three ready yourselves," said Naruto. "We leave at midnight."

Hishou stood, and walked into the shadows, clearly signifying he was already ready. Takahiro began to stretch his legs, as jumping and running had a much greater burden on him then the others. Anselm finished cleaning his armour and began to put it on, much quicker than most would expect.

"Holy fuck," said Anselm, staring up at the sky. "Naruto was right. That bomb is...flashy."

Takahiro poked Anselm with his cane. "Hurry! The ninja will be here any moment!"

"Huh? Oh yeah," said Anselm, before running ahead, faster than Takahiro, even though he was still wearing his heavy armour.

The two ran through the dark streets at full pelt, heading to the rendezvous point, which happened to be a part of the wall where it was possible to escape from.


The two froze.

"Who are you?!" shouted Gai.

Anselm slowly turned around, still not lowering his hood. "...Holy..." Anselm was greeted with the unpleasant sight of green spandex, bowl-cuts, and ...gigantic eyebrows.

Takahiro, being a former noble, who had the skills of a diplomat, took good care of personal hygiene. And he was completely stunned as to why anyone would want to look like...that.

"...Knight, tell me this a nightmare."

"I can't pinch myself in this armour, you know that," snapped Anselm.

Sadly, the two's bickering had allowed Gai and his team to raise the alarm.

"Damnit!" shouted Anselm, before grabbing Takahiro and sprinting off.

"Gai-sensei!" screamed Lee. "Let us pursue these two un-youthful intruders!"

"An excellent idea Lee!"

The two sprinted after the intruders, and the other two members of Team Gai sleepily gave chase.

"Shit!" cursed Anselm, glancing at ninja start to approach them...and it appeared they were coming from the walls. "We'll never make it to the rendezvous!"

Takahiro, who had broken free of the Knight's grip, took his chance to speak up. "Then why don't we head back to the hideout?"

"Because we'll bring all of them to the hideout!" yelled Anselm. "What we need is a massive distraction-!"

Suddenly in the distance, a building exploded, and it began to collapse.

Takahiro quickly fired a flare, before the two headed back to the hideout, the ninja still shocked both from the flare and explosion. It took a while before they resumed pursuit.

The two eventually made it back into Koboyashi Clothing, before entering the passage into the secret room, only to see Naruto and Hishou awaiting them.

"You failed," was Hishou's words.

"Hey, we had the hard job! You just crept around some deserted building!" was Anselm's loud respond.

"It doesn't matter," Naruto spoke up. "Provided the mission was complete, and of course, you weren't followed." Naruto looked up from the table, his cerulean eyes boring into theirs. "Were you?"

"Of course not!" said Anselm.

Suddenly, they heard a loud voice. The Godaime's voice.

"Uzumaki Naruto! We know you're in there!"


Naruto kicked open the secret door, and through the windows, he could see the Konoha nin rallied.

"Uzumaki Naruto! We know about your secret hideout, and your three exits! They are all blocked! Surrender, or the building shall be destroyed with you, and your three companions!"

Naruto shut the door, and went back into the hideout. "Looks like that shopkeeper betrayed us."

"The bastard!" roared Anselm.

"Come out, or be destroyed! Ten seconds! Nine! Eight!"

"What do we do?!" hissed Takahiro.

"Get ready," said Naruto gravely, activating the trigger on his cane to release the blade. "We fight our way out."



And then suddenly, they heard the sounds of Katon Jutsu and explosive tags.

The entire building seemed to rip away from above them, and wreckage poured down onto them.

"Move!" roared Naruto.

The four climbed out of the trench, Takahiro requiring some help from Hishou. Then suddenly the ninja appeared around them.

But then Naruto saw a dark shape flash in front of him.

It was Anselm, but it appeared his armour had disappeared, as well as most of his weapons, and he was armed solely with his longsword.

"Let's go!" yelled the Knight, disappearing from sight.

'Without his armour, he is stunningly fast!' thought Takahiro, stunned, before he felt a hand grip his arm and pull him away.

Volleys of jutsu and kunai fell upon them, and they were not unscathed. Hishou was hit the hardest, a kunai severing his entire ring finger of his left hand. Naruto was hit badly as well, but he was hardly concerned, knowing of his healing factor.

"They're escaping!" shouted a voice.

Naruto hurled down several smoke grenades, as well as poison gas bombs, to deter the Inuzukas.

"Move!" Naruto screamed over the fray, shuriken flying at them from random directions, while the ground exploded around them.

Naruto formed his Shadow Clones, and quickly sent them as suicide bombers, anything that would slow down the Konoha-ninja.

But then the Detective choked, as he felt a katana enter his midriff.

And here they were...Konoha's elusive ANBU unit.

Naruto lashed out behind him, ignoring the throbbing pain of the blade. The ninja dodged and attacked him again, but Naruto had been pulled away by Anselm, who was zipping around like he was using the Yondaime Hokage's Hiraishin.

Naruto suddenly pulled out all the essentials from his trench coat, scrolls mostly- so the trench coat only had bombs in it.

"What are you doing!?" shouted Anselm, stopping only to stab a chunnin in the back, before progressing.

Naruto removed a match from his pocket, and ignited it. He aimed at the torrent of the ninja, and lit the coat, before hurling it at the shinobi.

For seconds there was nothing.

Then, suddenly there was the explosion.

It took out at least fifteen houses, and the explosion rocked the ground, sending Anselm and Naruto flying through the air.

"Holy shit!" screamed Anselm, as the two hit the ground, bruised and battered. "You carry that amount of explosives on you at a time!?"

Naruto brushed his hair out of his eyes, and removed the katana still lodged in his stomach, before answering. "Doesn't matter. Let's find the others and go!"

Indeed, they could have waited for ten minutes, for the Konoha-nin were still in shock, or trying to find their comrades.

"Pity!" said Anselm, as the four passed the gates. "I wanted to fight that Hokage again with my real speed, but oh well!"

Anselm then removed a thick book from his pocket, opened it to a page and muttered words under his breath, and his armour reappeared on his body.

"...So, Anselm, that mountain village of yours...are you sure no ninja about?"

"Apart from his precious Yuzuki, I suspect not," muttered Hishou, still cradling his left hand, in particular where his ring finger had been.

"Fuck you!"

"So, Naruto-san," said Hishou. "When are you going to pay me?"


Omake: Another look at Stealing A Scroll

"Anselm, why did I bring you to steal the scroll with me at night?" wondered Naruto.

"I have no idea," said Anselm.

"Someone's coming!" said Naruto urgently. "Quick, in that room!"

The two entered what looked like a bedroom, and hid, in the wardrobe.

Strangely enough, Jiraiya entered.

"Ah, finally some peace and quiet."

"Jiraiya?!" hissed Naruto. "What the hell is he doing here?!"

Jiraiya suddenly pulled off his hair, and placed it on the bedside table. "Damn, that wig is itchy."

Naruto's and Anselm's jaw hung open.

"Fucking glass eye," cursed Jiraiya, pulling out the eye, and putting on an eyepatch. He placed the eye in a glass. "Fucking false teeth." Jiraiya pulled out his teeth, and placed it in the glass as well.

He then lowered himself, and took off his leg. "Damn woodworms," cursed Jiraiya, looking at the damage done to his wooden leg. He then continued his

" he unscrewing what I think he's unscrewing?" whispered Anselm.

Naruto nodded, dumbfounded.

There was then a noise at what sounded like a pneumatic drill, and fortunately the noise masked Naruto's and Anselm's screams...

A few hours later, the two were back in the hideout, eyes wide with shock, still trembling.

" there some jutsu that can hide memories?"

Naruto immediately opened the scroll and began looking.

They had come to steal the Secret Scroll, but learnt an even more well-kept secret.

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