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Dark onyx eyes settled on the naked pink haired Kunoichi that lay on his bed as his fingers ran the length of her sleeping form. He held back the emotion that pushed to be manifested though his eyes. Damn it why had he made love to her, he could have left Konoha with no regrets he could have erased her from his mind and she could have moved on. It was too late now and to some point he resented the fact that she would forever reside in his heart, her first time and his would play over and over in his head distracting him from the mission that had not changed since he was a child and would no longer go uncompleted, the eldest Uchiha needed to be laid to rest by his hand.

He silently scoffed at the thought that had passed almost a year and a half ago, as he laid back to stare at the ceiling resting his arms behind his head, he had pushing seven teen when it had been discovered during a mission that Sai was an Uchiha. Team Seven was fighting Zetsu of the Akatsuki and they were getting their butts kicked nothing seemed to be working on that guy. Then when it seemed that Naruto would be captured the same power that Akatsuki had coveted in Naruto had reared its ugly head at him.

It had not been a pretty sight just being yards from Naruto had proven a painful task, but one of the last members of the once powerful gang had been torn limb form limb by the crazed beast that resided in his best friend. Unfortunately the beast at the 6 tail level could still dominate him and when Zetsu had been reduced nothing more than a five thousand piece jigsaw puzzle Naruto had turned on his own team mates.

Kakashi had activated his Mangekyo sharingan and was trying to subdue the beast within his former student "Naruto stand down the battle is over" he said a low commanding voice but was no use the beast that Naruto was turning into continued to stalk towards them, he (Sasuke) joined in with his own variation of the mangekyo sharingan only achieving to keep Naruto at bay, Sai had taken this opportunity to conjure up some of his ink beasts to restrain Naruto but said beasts evaporated when they got close to their target.

Sakura was taking slow steady breaths of air preparing to charge Naruto the middle and forefinger of her right hand already glowing green with the chakra of her medical jutsu.

"Just try and hold him still a few seconds"

"Sakura don't he'll kill you if you get too close" Sai protested

"He is right Sakura" Kakashi added his attention still on Naruto

"You need to be ok for when we get him under control you'll have to heal the damage that this thing is doing to him" Sasuke had added.

"He'll be lost to us if I don't try and then I'll be useless… besides I don't intend to give him the chance to kill me if we …" her voice cracked "I'm not willing to loose him to that beast"

She had seen her opening and went for it ignoring her team mate's pleas, she went expertly for the pressure point in his neck that caused the death like trance but as predicted he caught her by her wrist with an animal growl and prepared to rip her too to shreds. That's when the world as Sasuke knew it ended.

Sai fell to his knees rubbing his eyes furiously with his gloved hands screaming in pain as his chakra jumped up on the scale drawing not only his team mate's attention but also Naruto's. After a few seconds he slowly stood and opened his bran new sharingan eyes as tears of blood stained his cheeks. Not sure what had just happened but grateful it had the other two sharingan users had used the reinforcement and the three spoke as one finally subduing the beast in Naruto. The quintet then, collapsed all out cold.

He had woken a week later in the Konoha hospital demanding answers what had happened how his team why … how had Sai activated the sharingan. Kakashi had been the first to wake and get discharged followed by Sakura who thanks to her medical abilities only suffered from fatigue then him self, Naruto had come in 4th but was held for observation for the severe depression that followed every time he lost control of the Kyuubi, and then there was Sai …a week after he had activated the sharingan he still showed no sign of getting better.

Sasuke had taken it upon himself to discover the truth about the artist nin's blood line.

The results shocked but surprised no one their resemblance after all was uncanny the test he had done on Sai revealed that he held in his blood genes identical to those of himself.

A smile graced his lips as he remembered the look that Sai had given him when he told him after he came around a week later. The hostility only grew as he tried to drill Sai for answers why? how? Questions that Sai did not have answers for and that would perhaps, never be answered.

After Sai was discharged they both avoided each other giving each other space to toughly think out what had happened and what they should do. Moths later he had been surprised to find Sai at his door he remembered the conversation like it had been yesterday.

Sai stood there not really making eye contact with him but not really trying not to as he rubbed his left arm more to have something to do than for comfort .

"… Sai Uchiha huh?" it had been more of a statement than a question.

Sasuke had rarely been that amused but he suppressed a chuckle, which threatened to expose him as a guy who actually had a sense of humor, by crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the door frame with a single delicate eyebrow arched.

"Hn" had been his simple answer.

Short simple and to the point both were too direct to keep a conversation going. After that Sai had begun to introduce himself as Sai Uchiha, and though the two never sought each others company or conversations. Naruto always seen to it that they did frequent one another. That was when the thought had come to him that Sai could help him rid the world of Itachi Uchiha. Itachi had lived too long; the sneaky bastard was one of the last surviving Akatsuki members now still he had decided almost as soon as he thought it that Sai could not come with him Itachi could not be given the opportunity to kill this new found Uchiha.

He rolled off the bed with a sigh, he did not know when and if he would return, as he stood his eyes fell on Sakura's sleeping form once again, and why had he let her get into his head. Silly girl she had once again thought that she could keep him from leaving and once again he was leaving her passed out, this time though he was taking her virginity with him and this time he was not running away he thought as he dressed. He had done things right informed the hokage of his intentions and resigned from his position in the ANBU squad. Getting the hokage to release him from his duties was not simple however they both knew refusing him would only lead him to leave by force, at least this way he might return.

With a sigh he left the room closing the door to his room behind him and walked to the front door where his travel pack had been abandoned after Sakura had arrived to try and prevent the inevitable. He reached the door 'No … leave a note something they deserve at least for you to say goodbye' he walked back to his kitchen and opened a drawer pulled out some paper and a pen.

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