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Sasuke paced the room like a caged animal arms firmly crossed across his chest as he occasionally peering over the shoulders of the caregivers he had hired to care for his children, if they were in fact his. Mere minutes had passed since the twin boys had been born and Sasuke was already inpatient to find out if these children were his heirs.

"What is keeping that medic so long"

The two nanny's exchanged a glance at a loss of what to say to the impatient man and just went about cleaning the children.

Sasuke for his part would not even touch the children until he was positive they were his and not a moment sooner. The fact that the boys each had a patch of dark hair atop their heads and pale skin to go along with it, It was not uncommon to fine those in the Fire county, no he would not claim these boy's as his sons until the medic ran his tests. He found it a bit ironic that he had ended up with twins...if they were his.

At that moment the medic made his entrance the silver placard with the leaf symbol on his forehead catching the light.



"right...Karin is in stable condition just a little exhausted but that is to be expected I gave her a sedative she will sleep though the worst of it"

"Good now the children"

"Right" The medic that Tsunade had sent him had proven to be quite efficient. He was glad that he had decided to paid that quick visit to the village a month after he found out about Karin's condition. At the time he thought that he would have been able to get in and get out with out any one noticing him however he realized almost immediately how foolish he was for believing so when he detected Naruto's chakra tracking him and finally cornering him in the hokage tower.

It had not been easy to get the blond to let him go but I the end he had managed claiming to be on some kind of top secret mission and with Tsunade actually on his side he had conned his best friend into keeping quiet about his visit as it was "classified". He was in a panic when he felt Sakura and Sai's chakra along with Hinata's and had barely made his escape in time. The voices of Hinata and Sakura had rung down the corridor before Naruto freed him from his grip nodding to him and whispering good luck.

He had made quick of his exit taking to the nearest window only turning to make sure he had made it undetected. The window served as if it were a picture frame as Sakura and Sai stepped into view her hand on her swollen belly her long pink braid resting on her shoulder while he helped her along holding one hand and resting the other on the small of her back. He had seen red before he vanished in a puff of smoke hoping against hope that they had not sensed the spike of his chakra.


Sasuke released the grip he had on his own arms to keep from shaking from the remembered fir of rage. He turned his sights to the medic.

"The test is done"

Had he been lost in thought that long? "And?"

The young man smiled at him "Congratulations your a father"

"Hn" was all that he allowed him self to say as he crossed the room to Cho the nanny of his first born and extended his arms. "Haru bring my son to me" as the woman did the medic began to pack his things.

"I'll be leaving shortly the Hokage expects my report soon ..is there"

"No nothing you are dismissed"

The medic bowed his head before he left the room.

"You two as well give me a moment"

The nanny's followed the footsteps of the medic shutting the door behind themselves. Sasuke's eyes took in the forms of the sleeping baby's in his arms.

"Katsu, Ran it is up tow to never loose to that child"


Sai looked down at his enemy calculating the best way to cause its down fall. Fully equipped in anbu gear and diaper in hand he stared down at Aikori who seemed to be taunting him with that little smug smile of hers reaching her emerald eyes. Today was the first day since the child's birth that Sakura's mother had allowed her to leave the house and she had taken off like a flash claiming she had "things" to do. Mercifully she had left Sai bottles for the baby and he had seen her do this a million times so why now when he was the one to do it, its seemed like such a complicated procedure.

Tentatively he poked at the diaper that the child wore . Sakura had said to change the child after her bottle but it seemed to Sai that the diaper was just fine and didn't need changing. Slowly he lifted his mask and smiled down at Aikori.

"Why don't we just wait for mommy huh?"

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