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L looked at the Light with a hint of pity and fear. Light was indeed a mess. He had stood up and was looming over the older boy even though they were the same height. L could not tell what expression the boy was showing, because his hair obscured his face. He could, however, guess.

L decided that it was not wise to linger here for too long. If I try to leave... what can he do? He IS handcuffed after all. However, if he really is Kira, there is nothing that could agitate him more than this. If he really IS Kira... it seems I cannot win unless I use my full physical strength on him. But if he isn't Kira... would Light allow this? This situation could work to my advantage...

L tore his gaze from the boy and turned to the door, trying to anticipate what would happen next.

There was only one thing on Kira's mind right now: I hate him. He got me... it was indeed a good move. Now it's my turn L, where do you think you're going?

A small smirk danced across Kira's face a split second before he swung his leg round and tripped up Ryuzaki. The older boy went crashing to the cold hard ground. Light's aim was true, even in the darkness of the cell.

L turned around, hair messed up even more and covering his face, and looked back up at Light. The suspect's eyes were almost manic. L's eyes however grew wide as he saw something he had never seen in Light's eyes before. The murky desire for revenge lurked in his features, and it was growing stronger every second L gazed at him with that expression of dread.

L's face then changed from a look of horror to a look of acceptance. He had decided what he would do.

The detective tried to stand up, but Light lifted his leg and put a foot on his chest, pushing him back over slowly but strongly to lean L's back against the wall. Before L could say or do anything, the handcuffed suspect was down on his knees on top of L, and their faces were mere inches apart.

"Ryuzaki, you knew this was coming, from the moment you closed that door. No, you want this to happen, I can see it in you eyes. You're yearning for this so much, and for so long..."

L was not surprised. This isn't the first time he's been able to know exactly what I'm thinking. Light Yagami... do what you want. I'm yours, for now.

When L said nothing, Light assumed that this meant he accepted what was about to happen. He nipped at L's ear, and the dark haired boy felt his whole body heating up. He found that his breathing was coming out in short pants before long.

Light... this isn't a side of me I've ever displayed to anyone before, do not take this lightly...

He couldn't prevent a moan from escaping his lips as Light moved straight downwards to the top of L's jeans. He bit down on the zipper and looked up at the detective, who had his eyes closed. His toes were squirming.

Light slowly pulled down the zip with his teeth... nudged it open with his nose and gently kissed the skin above his underwear.

L's toes were squirming a lot at this point as the older boy's breath became heavy, with the occasional moan. He was sitting in his normal position, except his legs were open this time and his feet were either side of the main Kira suspect. His hands were on the floor by his sides, bracing him for what he knew was about to come. He made no effort to resist now.

Light grinned as he pulled down L's underwear with his teeth. Have you given up L? Have you surrendered? Revenge never tasted so sweet. (AN: Lol, sorry, couldn't help it xDD) Your skin is warmer than I thought Ryuzaki... you do have emotions... otherwise you wouldn't be moaning my name like that... it sends shivers down my spine.

Indeed, L WAS moaning the boy's name. "L-Light..." he stammered between rasped breaths, fists and eyes clenched tight. Light found these gasps made him more and more aroused, and tried in vain to make the detective release more moans. I will get as much feeling out of you as I can.