The bell on the door rang. Toma looked up to see Allen strut into the store, holding a basket full of books. He quickly jumped off the ladder to greet his favorite customer.

"Allen! You're back already?"

"Well the book was so intriguing, I couldn't't put it down."

"Lucky you didn't get run over by a buggy." Toma muttered under his breath. He smiled warmly at Allen, who was already taking a book off the shelf.

"But you've read that so many times already!"

"Well, I love this book so much, and--"

"How about I just give you the book, since you love it so much." Toma gave Allen that same warm smile as he handed the book to the young white haired boy.

Allen strutted down the street, his spirits now lifted. He didn't think anything could bring him down, when...

"ALLEN!!!!!!" Rhode Kamelot screamed, tackling him and knocking the breath out of him. Allen lied on the ground, gasping for air, while Rhode continued shouting barely comprehend-able confessions of love. As soon as he could breathe again, he twisted his head around so he could see the young girl. "Hello..." he croaked.

"HI! So, I found a lovely little house on the beach, the fresh sea air will be wonderful for our children's developing lungs!"

House? Children? What was she talking about?

"Um, excuse me Rhode, but we don't have any children..." he began.

"Well of course not silly! But when we get married we'll have lots of children! And a sheepdog to play with!" she assured him.

All the color drained from Allen's face. "WE'RE GETTING MARRIED?!" he shrieked, uprighting himself and brushing Rhode off of his waist.

"Well, duh..."

"But I don't want to marry you!" Allen explained as his cheeks turned deep scarlet.

"Hmph, fine. We'll just have to do this the hard way." Rhode stuck her lower lip out and crossed her arms over her stomach in a fake pout in attempt to win Allen over like she managed to do for every man in Paris. He backed away, slightly afraid of this small thing standing in front of him. He broke into a run, weaving through the crowded streets until he reached his small house with his master.

"Master! I'm home!" Allen chimed as he walked through the door. His master was in the basement, doing God knows what.

"Took ya long enough. What did you do, buy a library?" Allen's master, Cross, snapped.

"No, just this book."

"Christ, you always have you nose in a book. You could be doing better things, like..."

"Like what?" Allen pressed for details, afraid of what his perverted master would say.

Cross went on to list a plethora of buyable items that Allen would rather not hear about. Allen didn't interrupt, for fear of being punished. Again.

"You're not listening, are you?" Cross snapped. Allen shook his head. "Yes I am!" he quickly replied. Actually, he hadn't been listening. He had been blocking out the perverted words that were spewing out of his master's mouth.

Cross whacked Allen in the head. "For punishment, you have to go earn twice as much tonight as usual."

Allen sighed. He would never win.