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You'll never believe this, but in all actually, this is my seventh-attempt at a Sailor Moon Fanfic! Years and YEARS ago, I was a hard core Sailor Moon fan, and falling in love with Naoko Takeuchi's story (Especially Serena and Darien's part). I realized I was put on this earth to write. And I have been trying ever since. I never posted any of my old stories, because let's face it; I was like twelve-fifteen at the time. Trust me they weren't any good, but now that I've grown as a writer and a person. I want to post this story.

It takes place during the Ann and Alan portion of the R series! (MY FAVORITE SEREIS WAS R!) And this is sort of my take on things! Please let me know what you think and please no flames, my heart can only take so much!

STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY!!! – I don't own Sailor Moon, not no way, not no how. I'm merely borrowing Naoko's characters for my own story. Most will be returned unharmed.

Dedicated to ALL Sailor Moon Fanfiction writers… even though Star Wars is where I started actually posting fanfics. It was you guys who inspired me to write in the first place and this is for you!

"Fifteen Ways To Make Your Prince Remember You Exist!"

Chapter 1 – My Mission Is Clear!

Serena's Journal!

I just had one of the worst days of my life. I know that what I was forced to do today; definitely qualifies as one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Not only am I Sailor Moon, the protector of love and justice. But I'm also just Serena, plain and simple. Fourteen-years-old and I just lost five of the best friends I've ever had.

Sure I've still got Molly, Melvin, and Andrew… I've still got my family. I know Luna and Artemis aren't going anywhere. But I think what makes my situation ten times worse than it should be. Is that I see my five friends every other second of my day. All of them, and they don't remember me. They have no idea who I am, or any clue about the history we share. And it's killing me…

Amy, the former-Sailor Mercury is in two of my daily classes. She used to always make sure I stayed awake, and studied in both classes. She used to also leave notes in my textbooks, warning me of important places we were studying or just to make me smile. She sits alone now and hardly says a word to anyone, unless she's answering a question. Correctly, of course… I miss her so much!

Lita, the former Sailor Jupiter, was in one of my classes. But she's been suspended for a few days. For fighting, same ol' Lita. And I know that she's REALLY not here, because Amy and I weren't there to stop her. I miss how she protected both me and Amy. All of the wonderful things she used to cook and share. She used to wink and wish us luck before every test, and flirt with every cute guy she saw… I miss her terribly!

Mina, the former Sailor Venus, goes to a different school altogether. But we were late together this morning; she was a few feet in front of me. And she was in the Arcade, talking to Andrew (don't we all) this afternoon. Of all of the scouts, Mina was the last to join our team. Even though we didn't have a lot of time to know one another; I always felt like we were the most alike. I really miss the way the others would team up on us, because of our blonde hair (and intelligence). Mina and I would totally back each other up; and if nothing else, we did prove we were a force to be reckoned with. WHY can't she remember!?!?!?!?

Raye, the former Sailor Mars, also goes to a different school. But of all of the scouts, Raye always felt the most like my sister. We fought all of the time, we bickered and made each other so mad! Not a day went by that we didn't want to pull out each other's hair. She isn't the scout of fire for nothing! But I loved her and I just know she felt the same way. She was only so tough because she loved us all so much. And I miss her more than I care to admit!

And that brings me to the fifth and most painful loss of my whole life…


My Prince and friend who saved me more times than I want to know. The former Tuxedo Mask has no clue of my existence. Other than the little pest, 'Meatball Head,' who collides with him everyday, at least once. I know that, because that was the way I used to feel about him. Never realizing that somebody was trying to tell us something, by making us bump into one another all the time. I always thought he was cute, I'm not blind. I always loved his eyes, who couldn't. I really did consider him a friend… though I never would have let him know that! Not no way! Not in church on a stack of bibles. Not in a court under oath… You get the picture.

Now, I can see so clearly, I loved him all along. And while I've got my feelings straight…I have no idea what he's feeling. I think that seeing him and going back to the way we used to act. Depressed me more than anything else…

Not to mention, there's a new snake in the grass. A new girl has her eye on my prince, that I believe to be worse than Beryl ever was (Which is saying something). Ann, the transfer from France (even though that language didn't sound French to me), she was hanging all over Darien the moment she laid eyes on him. I know a part of the reason he let her is because he was trying to be nice. She is new here and has no friends yet; except for her brother, and that's just a depressing concept all together!

But even so, I saw Darien looking at her, and I know he likes her. Which is just as bad as stabbing me! I can't explain it, but something about that girl isn't right. She just seems cold, somehow cruel and that was before I saw her hanging on my guy. Something is telling me, she can't be trusted and the fact that she's so interested in my Darien, scares me. But what can I really do?

Even if he falls for her dribble and they start picking out china patterns. Who am I to stop them? He doesn't even see me as a friend, or anything! It's not like I can run up to Ann and say, "Listen Missy! I've had my eye on him for over a thousand years. Try your next life!" That kind of statement, no matter how true, would drive anyone running away and probably screaming. I can't say I'd blame him too much either.

After an entire day of wracking my brain for ideas. I realized the only way to get my friends back was to somehow get them to remember! But how? HOW?! I was sitting in the arcade, in my favorite booth. Trying to figure out how to do just that, and not getting anywhere. I just managed to dig myself deeper and deeper into my depression.

Because I realized, that if I make them remember, make them help me fight. I would be throwing away their only chance at a normal life. I would be ruining their only chance to be free and happy. Which to be honest is what I want more than almost anything. I couldn't do that to them, no matter how badly I want them back. You have to admit, it's hard to stay optimistic when you realize something so sad… Not to mention when Darien is sitting in the booth next to me. Ignoring my existence completely, with Ann wrapped so tightly around him. She could have passed as a tie. Out of nowhere a familiar voice, standing above me, interrupted my thoughts.

"How's it coming?" Andrew asked, with a kind smile.

"Not well," I couldn't lie.

"What exactly are you working out anyway, homework?" He asked trying to look over my shoulder. Hopefully he couldn't understand my chicken scratch and charts I'd been drawing. Yes people, I was so desperate I was actually using the 'school' approach.

"Yeah, I have to plan a paper, before I write it, in charts." I wrinkled my nose, trying to make it seem like that was really what I was in the middle of doing. While I said a silent prayer, 'please believe me.'

"I don't remember that assignment." Ann drawled annoyingly beside me… Anything to draw attention to herself.

"That's because you aren't in the same class with me." I tried to smile kindly, even though it was clear she was trying to embarrass me.

"Sounds like a sorta strange assignment for a history paper. Don't you think Darien?" Ann asked.

"Not really, our old history teachers used to do the same to us all the time? In fact the history teachers we have now, still love assignments like that! Right, Dare?" Andrew asked, trying to help, bless him.

"Sure, I just can't believe that a teacher has driven the Meatball Head to actually do a report!" Darien smirked at me, he can be so predictable. Anything, not to give a girl a break! I stuck my tongue out at him, just as Ann burst out laughing. The most annoying, wheezing laugh I've heard in a while. Both Andrew and Darien looked as uncomfortable with her outburst, as I felt. But Andrew's almost scared expression, quickly changed to a grin, he sent my way. It seems Andrew gets as much joy out of Darien's discomfort as I do! I felt myself grinning back and thanking god Andrew was here. Between Ann and Darien, I probably would have been embarrassed to tears by now; if it weren't for him.

"You're so funny Darien!" Ann wheezed as she got up and headed for the restrooms. "I'll be right back."

"We can't wait." Andrew said cheerfully, when he was sure that the hyena was out of ear shot. Andrew's entire face and poise changed to one disappointment in his friend. I guess having a crush on Andrew once, did have it's advantages. I studied his expressions, and learned what all of them meant. Thankfully this wasn't an expression he did wear often.

His glare could have burned holes into steel! Obviously waiting for some kind of explanation. While Darien simply sat there sipping his coffee, playing completely unaffected. After a while, Darien finally had the grace to ask, a simply emotionless, "What?"

"What are you thinking?" Andrew asked seriously, asking the same question I was wondering. Though it was hard, I kept my head down like I wasn't listening.

"What do you mean, Andrew?" Darien asked not even looking at us.

"I mean just that? Please don't tell me; this is your new girlfriend." Andrew asked, as I tried to remember to breathe.

"So what if she is." He said with a shrug, as if my heart wasn't trying to implode inside my chest.

"Darien, you can't be serious." Andrew said shaking his head.

"Can we NOT discuss this where certain blonde, meatball headed persons can hear!?" Darien asked, finally looking at Andrew.

"She's not listening and even if she is; we know we can trust her." Andrew said with out a blink of doubt.

"Glad you're so sure!" Darien said darkly, sipping his coffee again. I think he was trying to get a rise out of me. So I would reveal that I was listening, intently, to their conversation. But it didn't work; I remained completely silent, head down, in concentration. Andrew slipped out of his seat, in front of me; and sat in front of his friend. Obviously to make Darien more comfortable, in their little chat.

"Come on, what is going on with you and the new girl?" Andrew asked quietly.

"Nothing, will you chill out!" Darien answered just as quietly, but defensively.

"You always do this; you come in here with a new girl. A girl there's no way you could possibly be serious about; then you date her. Then you break-up a week later. The longest I've ever seen you date anyone was that Raye-girl." Andrew scolded, now there's something I didn't know about him. I had no idea he had so much trouble with girls.

"Is it my fault that they couldn't hold my interest?" Darien asked innocently, still the vision of an unaffected person.

"Yes! Yes, it is your fault! And do you know why?"

"No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me."

"I am," Andrew assured, "Dare, it's your fault because you never try to date a girl that you COULD be serious about. You always pick girls just like the one you brought in here today-"

"Ann." Darien supplied.

"Is that her name? Well, for Ann's sake, don't even think about it. A pushy girl like her won't stand a chance with you. It's better not to lead her on; nothing good could come of it." Andrew advised, have I mentioned I love him?

"What girl does stand a chance with me than Andrew?" Darien asked sitting back in his seat, and crossing his arms.

"I've already told you what I think-"

"And if you're still delusional enough to think the same-"

"Dare, I'm just saying-"

"No WAY! Moving on!" Darien tried to put an end to the conversation. While I really wish I knew what Andrew has advised in the past. Obviously Darien didn't agree with whatever Andrew had said.

"A customer just came in; I have to go, but Dar-"

"I know, I know, just go do your job and I'll worry about it." Darien smiled; it was obvious he wasn't used to anyone looking out for him. He appreciated Andrew's advice, even if he didn't agree with it. And Andrew ran off to the front of the arcade. Leaving me alone with my forgetful fellow.

"All right Meatball Head, you can stop pretending not to listen now." Darien said with a wry smirk, that was only on one side of his mouth.

"Hmm," I asked still not looking up, still writing on my 'homework.' He stared at me, for a moment. Clearly trying to make me fess up, but I wasn't giving in as I asked, innocently, "You talking to me?"

"Don't play dumb, I know you were listening." Darien accused, a little harshly, even though he was still smirking.

"Why would I waste my time listening in on two guys gabbing. Especially when one of these guys doesn't trust me as far as he could throw me?" I asked still looking down.

"AH-Ha! I knew you were listening!" He smiled triumphantly; I hate it when he does that!

"I only heard that you didn't trust me." I assured, "That was all!"

"Sure it is!" Darien had to say to make it clear he didn't believe a word I said.

"Besides, why would I listen anyway? All that you guys were talking about was you."

"How would you know that, unless you were listening?" He argued.

"Do you really think I would be interested in a conversation all about the person who loathes me? How conceited are you?" I asked, getting steamed now.

"Because Andrew was here, and you still have a mad crush on him."

"For your information, I'm over that, and I think of Andrew as an older brother. Not that it's any of your business." I said smoothly, especially for me.

"So if Andrew came up to you right now, and asked you out. You'd-"

"You know he wouldn't, and besides he's happy with the beautiful Rita. And I wouldn't interfere with that!"

"Glad to hear it." He said, nicely for once.

"Are you trying to actually be nice?" I asked.

"No." He said comically, caughting onto the fun.

"Well, it sure sounded like it?"

"You've got to be kidding, why would I waste MY time being nice to you?"

"On you're right, like you've always been a ray of sunshine." I smiled.

"Glad to see your back to being yourself, Meatball Head." He smiled.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, honestly, where was this coming from.

"Well, for a while there, you looked so gloomy. Glad to see you're feeling better." He said simply before taking a sip from his coffee again.

"Yeah, today was really rough on- HEY! Since when do you notice when I'm gloomy?" I asked, he really is too smart for his own good.

"It's all too obvious, all you've had, since you got here, is your untouched cocoa. The 'normal Meatball Head' would have polished that off, along with tons of other things by now." Darien had to point out, just as Andrew rejoined us, by sitting in front of me again. "Oh good, you are feeling better. Darien and I really starting to worry."

"I was not." Darien claimed, but I could tell Andrew was right. He'd picked that fight with me, only to perk me up. And his plan had worked.

"Sure, you weren't." Andrew smiled slyly, winking at me. I couldn't stop the giggle that escaped me, not even if I had tried. I stood up and kissed Andrew on the forehead. "Thank you," I smiled, before gathering every ounce of courage, and kissing Darien's forehead as well. Which was priceless! He was so shocked; I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He looked up at me questioningly, and I said, "Thanks, both of you, so much!"

"Anytime!" Andrew smiled, Darien still remained silent.

"I better go home and work on this," I said, good excuse. Too embarrassed to sit around these two anymore. "But I'll see you both later." I smiled as I quickly tossed my work into my satchel and latching it shut. I waved and said, "Bye!" As I was heading for the door, and both waved back.

If one thing is certain, I did learn something today. My mission is clear, Darien doesn't have to remember everything, that's not important. The past is the past, and I don't care if any of them ever remember it. I just want my friends to be my friends again. I want Darien to love me, for me. Just plain Serena, not Sailor Moon, not Princess Serenity. Just Serena.

I will be the first to say, THIS MISSION IS GOING TO BE SO HARD! I mean, if they remembered everything, that would help, a lot. But since they don't, I'm just going to have to work extra hard. I know my work will be worth it though. And I've decided to keep this journal of my progress. I can't go running around telling everyone of my plans. This has to be a complete secret and it's not easy for me to keep secrets. So I'm writing down everything, so I don't blab.

I only hope my plans will work.

Today's Overall Progress

My First attempt: Simi-Successful

Darien was my first attempt, and I admit, our moment would seem insignificant to most. But it's given me unbelievable hope and inspired me to keep going. So, kissing his forehead… and seeing his face… I'll keep trying.

My Objective for Tomorrow – Still in the works, because those new enemies keep striking. Since I'm now a solo act, I'm working extra hard to win battles too. Luna and Artemis are helping, but there's only so much two kitty cats can do.

Well there you have it readers, hope you all enjoyed! All Reviews are apreciated! Much Love!