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AS PROMISED! Here is the Bonus Chapter, that divulges Darien's "Fifteen Ways" in the their entirety. This WHOLE story stemmed from a dream that I had many years ago, in which Serena was reading a list that Darien had handwritten with black ink on vibrant red paper. It was such a neat dream, I posted almost immediately and it's taken me YEARS to reach this point. Now FINALLY after all of the reviews asking me "WHY did you CALL it THAT?" and (my favorite comment) "Your Title's Misleading" …

…Now you will KNOW why it is called "Fifteen Ways To Make Your Prince Remember You Exist!" While I, SailorLeia, take a much needed nap, before starting my final chapter of this tale Chapter 23! I hope that it is worth the wait and that you all enjoy this little peek into Darien's heart! I loved every minute of it! Much Love!

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"Fifteen Ways To Make Your Prince Remember You Exist"

Chapter 22 – Fifteen Ways Revealed!

Darien's Letter

My Dearest Serena,

I found this book, along with a few of your other belongings, shoved down into the cushions of my couch. When it was found, it was open and you were still missing; I had just regained my memories and I have to admit the temptation got the better of me. I missed you like crazy and I admit it was a low point of judgment! I really hope that telling you this, out right, can be the first steps to making all of this up to you.

I didn't read a lot, I was just fascinated by the little lists that you've written for everyone and everything around you. They are surprisingly witty and I couldn't stop flipping through to read those.

Like, for example… Your list for the "Twenty Words That Amy Uses Frequently, And I have No Idea What They Mean!" (She seriously uses the word 'gumption?') Or "Ten Dating Tips Mina Has Deemed 'Helpful,' That I Will Never Use." Followed by, "Seven Dating Tips From Mina, That I'm Totally Stealing" (No lie, I would like a try at number three). I laughed through "Twenty Threats Raye's Screamed At Me This Week.(And It's only Tuesday)," Even though some of them were CRULE even by my standards. I have to admit I learned a thing or two from "Lita's Top Ten Tips To Cooking The PERFECT Pizza," and "Molly's Most Helpful Ways of Distracting Me or Chilling Me Out!"

Though not every list was entirely correct, or enjoyable, you've never disappointed in sparking my interest or my temper. In fact there was a time that you were FAMOUS for bringing out the worst in me because of this fact. So I shouldn't be so surprised… and I know that you're probably thinking "That's what that jerk gets for invading my privacy!"

Again I apologize for that, I hope that you're not too mad! It was an accident (I have no idea how that thing popped open), you're way too interesting for your own good. Wondering what list could possibly get me so angry? While your lists about the 'Eight Ways That Andrew Always Makes Your Day,' was a bit annoying… it didn't make me mad. Not even your list of the 'Ten Things Darien MUST Have Shoved Up His A$$ To Stay So MEAN!" Did not anger me, nope! It was your list entitled, "My Secret Fifteen Ways That I'm Certain That Darien Is NOT Attracted To You!"

I probably know what you're gonna say, I'm guessing it's something like, "Well that's what you get for snooping in sacred tabooed places you KNOW you shouldn't!"

You're absolutely right and I apologize again for intruding. Though I think what made me so ENRAGED was the fact that I feel the total opposite! I have been nothing short of 'enchanted' by you since the moment we met! Not even needing any of my past life or even Tuxedo Mask's memories to get me interested. I feel like I have been screaming it at you for months, only to discover not only do you think I'm not interested. You truly think that I don't like you!

I know that our past is bombarded with plenty of evidence to prove your point. That I've treated you badly and I deserve your doubts and reservations. I earned them and wear them like the heavy chains that weighted down Mister Scrooge's old mentor in 'A Christmas Carol.' I will make this up to you and prove it to you that I'm not going anywhere, I hope that this helps:

My Answer To Your "Secret Fifteen Ways Your Almost Certain That I Am Not Attracted To You!"

15. AGE, is just a number, it means little to me now, it'll mean less when we get older.

14. Height? Really? Sure, you're very short still, but you're still growing. I'm sure in a few years it won't be so hard. In the meantime, I don't mind bending and stretching, even if I have to resort to getting on my hands and knees as long as it's you that I'm reaching for.

13. Yes, I did go with Raye for a little while, but it didn't mean anything. She's a wonderful person and I hope that she's found happiness with that burn out rocker guy. We were really nothing more than a couple of good friends, while there were shared interests and things we had in common… She never bewitched me the way you did. To be honest, part of why I kept it going for as long as I did was because I knew it made you crazy… you're even cuter when you're jealous, somehow (I have already confessed this truth to Raye and apologized so we're good, no worries too okay?).

12. Not my TYPE? What is my type? A person just like me? Where would be the fun, or challenge, in that? My type is a short and somehow leggy blonde – soft spun gold hair, pale skin, as pale as the moon. With big cerulean eyes and a heart so big that literally is the size of the moon itself. You ARE my type, the answer to every one of my questions, the reason I push myself so hard to be a better person every day! You're my inspiration, my light, my match in every way. Please don't let anything or anyone convince you otherwise… not even me.

11. I am a classic pessimist, a total cynic who tends to bring up the dark side of every little thing. It is my nature, only because my life has been so far from easy. Growing up and being thrown into so many different orphanages, group homes and NEVER being given a real home or family shaped me this way. Then I met Andrew, and he began to change me a little… Then I met you, and everything I thought I knew about people was obliterated. Especially since I treated you worse than anyone and you still became my friend, my girlfriend and now I find out that you are the princess I have dreamed of all of these years.

I promise you that I will make up for all of the horrible things I did to you. Even if it takes the rest of my life, and even if you would rather I do it as a friend.

10. No, I don't like to dwell in the past. Though, when I said that, I was speaking of my own troubled past in child services. I have no problem visiting our shared past every now and again. I would never ask you to deny any part of yourself that way, even if I didn't remember. Though, I'll admit that little bit you said at the end of this point… meant more than I can put into words. If you recall, you said "Even though I know now, that I would have fallen for him. Even if I didn't have that past to fall back on, because I did before we defeated Beryl, and my love has only grown since then!"

I feel the exact same and can't wait to talk to you a little more about that. About everything we haven't been able to talk about since we've remembered.

9. Yes, I am a great student and you could be too, if you applied yourself a little more. Just because I go to a brainer school and make better grades, doesn't necessarily mean that I am smarter than you. I bet if we were walking through an art exhibit you would make me feel like a complete simpleton. Creative people like you, are on a completely different wavelength from left-brained logical people… but I'm captivated by the differences rather than put off by it. When you're around, I'm never bored, you usually never do or say what I expect. That's something that you never lost, not even in the thousands of years I waited to have a chance to be with you again. I don't wish to dwell on my (or Darien's) current early years, but look forward to recalling 'Silver Millennium Experiences' with you for many years to come.

8. You are a little social butterfly like no other, with a great family who's always been there for you. Great friends, great teammates, nearly everyone you meet loves you… it's very hard not to. The way you light the world up, with your wit, your understanding and love… that humongous heart of yours and that sparkling-bubbly personality are all so contagious, so appealing and so refreshing that it's like you possess a gravitational pull. Drawing everyone and everything in… I've seen you accomplish unthinkable feats, no matter how many times I told you that your cause was unreachable. I am not like that at all, but don't see that as a strike against you because I admire it, and want to be more like that. My problem is that I give up on people too soon and lack faith in others as well as myself. I find that I am another example of the lives and people you've changed who were just residing in your presence. I hope you can teach me more in the future and that you'll allow me to challenge you further as well.

7. You really think that you don't possess any Grace? This coming from the same woman with Princess Serenity and Sailor Moon sharing the same skin as her? I'll admit you have your clumsy moments; you also have these moments of unmatched poise when you let your powers take you over and guide your every movement. Besides, I was very awkward for a while too and it got better as I got older, I know you'll do the same. Not to mention I don't mind the thought of catching you whenever you do fall.

6. Why do you think that we have nothing in common? Why? Sure, we're both very different but that doesn't mean that there's nothing about 'us' that we can relate through? I honestly look forward to discovering all of those quirks and favorites together. From favorite movies, music, books or comic books, I'm sure that we'll find some that we both like. I'm also sure that we can introduce each other to plenty of new things each of us will like.

5. I think I may have accidently answered this one in #9, but I will say again that I LOVE you and all of your artsy-fartsy ways! (I even love your choice of words to describe yourself.) I love watching you work on your craft, and sharing your insights on anything you see, or you've created! Truly!

4. Yes, I am known as a neat freak, but any of your mess will not kill me… trust me, I'm not opposed in the slightest.

3. More experienced… That's a way of putting it I suppose. That's one of those things that usually comes with dating someone older than you. Though I think I should explain that a little. When I first became friends with Andrew, it wasn't long before he started dating people. I asked him why was he dating so many, if he KNEW some of them weren't exactly right for him. He said that everyone deserves a chance and that he wanted to have all of the experience he could get. So when the right girl showed up, he was ready. He'd know how to treat her right, he'd have more confidence and be the best he could be. It sounded like good advice, at the time, so I did the same thing. Though both of us seemed to choke in front of Rita and you… Guess all of the preparation in the world can't prep you for the real thing. Regardless of who's the most practiced or experienced, you have NOTHING to worry about. None of the others I've dated had a inkling of the attraction, the pull, the captivation or enchantment that you have cast over me and we haven't even officially dated yet.

2. Wow, you weren't kidding, this one did get scary… but it's not the first time that I thought about it. I'll be completely honest with you, I have no clue either. We could be on some endless cycle of misery. Some sick, twisted series of events that will never allow us to be together. I don't know, when it comes to the big questions like this one, I'm just as inexperienced as you. All I can say is what I've figured out so far.

With Endymion's past mixed with my own in my head, we're both very different people. The one thing that is the same about us, more than any other fact, is that the both of our lives revolved around Serenity, Sailor Moon… you. I feel like I never really lived or loved or breathed before you were a part of my life. Endymion lost his life protecting you and never regretted it for moment. His only regret was that he didn't have more time with his true love... with you. Like my regrets over these tedious days without you.

I'm always asking myself, why didn't I tell her the truth sooner? Why did I have to be so mean? Why did I hurt her so much? Is she okay? Is she cold? Is she alone? Has someone hurt her? Is she going to be okay? Will I ever see her again? Too many possibilities and I have been going out of my mind. So even if I could get hurt, could be lining myself up for some paralyzing paradox of unfortunate events… I know everything will be alright as long as we're together.

1. How could you EVER think, even for a minute that you don't deserve me? The guy who tortured you for so long because I've never loved anyone before. Me, who was a complete ass to you, non-stop... even if I did love you all the time. The guy who hasn't remembered you for months on end, no matter how you hinted, no matter how crazy you drove me as I fell in love with you all over again?

If anyone's undeserving in this relationship, it's me who doesn't deserve you. The difference in us is that I'm selfish enough to say that, regardless of that, I need you! Even if I will probably never be worthy of you; even though I've been so terrible to you. Even though I'm the last person in the world who should ask you anything, please believe that this is all true.

Now that I've gotten my answers you on all of your doubts… Gotten some things off of my chest… I hope that you will allow me a chance to share a list of my own. It's nowhere nearly as comical or witty as your lists, but I hope that you like it…

The Fifteen Ways You've Completely Recaptured My Heart, Not Even Knowing You Did It!

15. While I have a millions of moments in my head that I could choose from. (All marked for being a different moment I fell for you that little bit more.) I thought I would try to keep this list within the last few months, after we defeated Evil Queen Beryl and I have to say that the first eye-opening moment since then occurred one day in the arcade when you kissed me on the cheek [Chapter 1]. You were so sad and so quiet… Is that the day that you were revived as Sailor Moon? Andrew and I were both so worried, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about that little peck since it occurred.

14. Did you know that I used to refer to you as 'my sign?' [Chapter 3] Whenever I ran into you, so often and so fast that it HURT. On the days that we bumped or crashed into one or the other, I had the best day. Most of the time my day was better simply because we shared words, or I saw you, even if it was for those fleeting seconds.

13. Do you remember that day we collided and I caught you for the first time? [Chapter 3] Sorry that I didn't catch you sooner, but in my defense I used to get so tongue tied and excited to see you, I just didn't think. Which is evident in all of the horrible things I've said to you too. I know that doesn't make up for all of the bruises, scrapes, and injuries that you've suffered since we met. Though that day, catching you felt good. I liked being there for you, even if was in a very small way, AND I've made a point of trying to catch you each time since.

12. Do you remember that collision in the park that night, that almost was the demise of poor Luna? [End of Chapter 3] I still feel awful about that (especially now, knowing she's not just a pet, but a guardian, and I've been working with her to find you), but that next day when you came into the arcade and we were openly flirting with one another. [Chapter 4] That was WAY too much fun! You winked, I wicked back, there was a whole new style to the way we talked. Not so biting, bitter or bickering, and I LOVED it! You still didn't trust me, because you wouldn't share your art with me. I now know why you were so tough (you couldn't trust me because I hadn't reawakened yet) but I made it a personal goal that day to earn your trust.

11. That next day we made some serious progress in the right direction. You shared you're first picture with me [Chapter 5], a beautiful stained glass styled drawing of a sparkling bouquet of roses. Not only did you entrust me with this, but you were trying to send me a major hint. An insinuation that you solidified with a sad story of a friend you'd lost. A friend that had been so dear to you, that now looking at roses made you sad. How strange it must have been receiving comfort and kind words from the very person that was afflicting you with this sadness. I recall, at the time, wishing that I was capable of touching your heart the way this person had. Craving a way to lessen your pain, I hated seeing you so sad, putting on a brave face for the world. Imagine my surprise when I realized the truth. Though it's like I said, I would never want roses reminding you of me to make you sad. If you think of me at all, I want there to be a smile on your face.

10. For entering the VR theater that day [Chapter 6] no matter how obnoxious both Ann and Alan were treating us. It wouldn't have been fun at all if you hadn't been there. I also have to admit, it messed with my head a little, running around with you, surrounded by aliens and monsters. Now I know that it was jogging my memory, a little reliving those dangerous and good old days fighting crime at your side. If you're game, we need to do that again sometime; it's good practice. What I really loved about that day was we finally spent some quality time together, and I got to know you a little better. Like you had every opportunity to trash talk both Ann and Alan… but you never did. You only voiced being worried about them when things started getting scary. Then you scared me to death, throwing my 'orders' to the wind and going off to help the Sailor Scouts. Knowing you could weather my wrath, god knows you've had to do that more than anyone else I know! You even came with us to arcade and I walked you home that evening. It wasn't a date, and it was almost ruined by monsters. But it was more fun than any of the (actual) dates I've been on.

9. You know I was very grateful to Sailor Moon, meeting up with her was more helpful than you may think. She gave me actual events to shoot for [Chapters 6 and 7], and she was the first to openly quiz me, or talk to me about what I'd forgotten. She provoked the wheels in my head to turn, activating my dreams and pushing the boundaries more than anyone else. I'll never forget how you helped me then.

8. I know I mentioned this above, but I feel the need to mention it again. I love watching you work on your art, or working on anything creatively [Almost every chapter]. You always light up a room when you enter it, but when you get to work creatively, you light yourself up. I know it may not seem that way to you, because you're doodling to relax or think. It's the truth, and from what I've seen of your work, I'd light up too if I could create pictures like that. You have a real talent and it's very attractive… That could be because I've always had a deep a appreciation for art, or it could be that everything about you just intrigues me. That's why you totally caught me waiting for you in the park that evening, [Chapter 8]. You're just too interesting!

7. There were too many new things I discovered and liked about you during that week we took care of Jordan [Chapters 9-15]. Too many to list and too many to name, the apartment has seemed so cold and lonely without the both of you always around. All that I can say about that week is that I couldn't have done it without you, and I would do it all over again if given the chance. I hope that it'll be one of many things we tackle together, and I hope most of them end as well as that did.

6. I love the fact that your '8's look like '3's! [Chapter 9]

5. Do you remember that day that you were dancing around with Jordan? [Chapter 11] It's one of my absolute favorite memories of that time. That's why I listed it separately; it's that special to me. It did remind me of all of the other times I've danced with you too. Which was unfathomable to me at the time, but now I see why. Then the day of Raye's Concert [Chapter 13] not only did we dance but I almost kissed you three different times. Do you know what encouraged me most? That moment on the balcony when I was going to kiss you, but Jordan started to cry. You touched my cheek and shot me a smile that looked like an apology. A regret, because you had wanted it to happen too, that really helped!

4. Literally everything seems better with you around, Serena. [All Chapters] Everything seems manageable, nothing is nearly as apocalyptic as it seems when we're apart. This time away from you has felt like years! If I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything, be anyone I want to be. Without you, I'm lost, more than a little crazy, and exhausting myself doing EVERYTHING I can to get you back.

3. You're not just a dear friend, but you're also a reliable confidant. Not only do you keep some of my secrets that I've never shared with anyone else, you're also never afraid to take me down a peg or ten if I need it. You're never afraid to tell me when I'm being unreasonable, when I'm being too pessimistic. If I need chill out or if I'm being a jerk. I may not always seem so appreciative but honestly, I love you for that! And these LONG days without have not been easy at all. I must seem so mean to everyone!

2. Is it at all possible to split a 'way' into two points? I don't care if it isn't, that's what I'm going to do. It's your fault, you're too amazing, and I have too much say. First point being the day that my home was invaded with some of my classmates. [Chapter 12] Not only did you help me out... But when they tried to strike out at you and pick on you, I was ready to throw them all out and let their grades suffer for them. Once again you impressed me beyond belief and handled yourself just fine. That was downright hot!

My second point being… you know it's coming… Our last night caring for Jordan, where you showed up all drained and slept for hours. Then when Jordan started to cry, we both got up with him and I kissed you for the first time accidentally. This was followed by several kisses that were totally on purpose and a make out session on my bed. I asked you out for the first time and we spent the next day hanging out together. I've never felt more content, more comfortable and more happy in all of my life. My only hope is that when you do return, we will plan another night to have our date.

1.Here it is the NUMBER ONE way that you have recaptured my heart and didn't even realize you did it! Is all you, Serena. More than Serenity, more than Sailor Moon (even though she was great at helping me to remember). It's because I've always loved you! I only hesitated and treated you so bad because I thought I wouldn't be able to stay with you. My princess would come and you would get hurt. I couldn't bare the idea of hurting you, not like that. Falling for you was too easy! Serena, who is the sunshine as well as the moonlight that lights up my skies. I know it's difficult living, with three different personas, always wondering which one is your best, which one is the true you. And I can tell you, that I'll always love Serenity, and Sailor Moon, but Serena is the one more than anyone else that touches my heart. You got me to live, to feel, to trust, and to love again. Something I don't think I could have done on my own. It's all thanks to you. I hope whenever it is that we get back together, I can show you how much it means to me, how much you mean to me and we can find happiness together. Now that I found my princess, whose been right I front of me all along… This is my new dream.

Those are my Fifteen Answers To Your Fifteen Doubts and My Fifteen Ways of Falling for you all over again. I hope that wherever you are, when you read this, that it makes you smile. That you hang on to these letters and read them the next time I screw up. I know I'm not the easiest person to love but I will never stop loving you. I will keep fighting to make this work, even if the problem I'm fighting is myself. I will do whatever it takes to make this work, and I'll be waiting for you, no matter how long it takes for us to find a way back to one another. I've already waited over a thousand years, I can wait a little longer.

I love you, can't wait to see you and hope that this is reaching you, happy and healthy, safe and sound!


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