"Whew, girl, I am SO glad to be rid of that class for the next week. Professor Avila has really done the impossible and made talking about fashion boring. Didn't he know that while he was droning on and on about the history of the placket, that everyone else in the room was dying to get an early start to their spring break plans?! Or then again, maybe he was torturing us on purpose. I always thought he seemed to enjoy giving exams just a little too much." At this, Raven raised a wry eyebrow and smirked to her roommate Chelsea. Chelsea giggled before turning her attention back to her computer screen.

Raven slipped off her heels and lowered herself down onto her bed. With a sigh of relief and pleasure, she closed her eyes to imagine the week ahead. She and Chelsea had scored some great cheap flights to the Dominican Republic. They both really wanted to do the sun and sand part of spring break, but neither was really interested in the whole drunken frat boys and party girls scene, so they figured the Dominican would be a good place to spend their precious week of vacation from school. The girls were nearing the end of their junior year at San Francisco State College, and a bit of relaxation was long over-due for them both.

Raven could practically smell the sun, the ocean breeze, and coconuts as she pictured herself lounging on the beach with her best friend, enjoying fruity drinks served by bronzed cabana boys. Just as her mind drifted to shopping (because it always does), Chelsea pushed back her desk chair and pressed her mouse button with a flourish and a click. "I just sent my paper to Dr. Blanke and I am officially finished. Spring break, here we come!"

Chelsea was beginning to wonder what she was thinking when she bought these plane tickets. There were so many great spring break destinations within driving distance of San Francisco, why couldn't she have picked one of those. Now she was stuck on this big metal bird and she was scared. Somehow, in all the excitement, she had managed to forget how deathly terrified she was of flying. After checking her seatbelt for the umpteenth time, she leaned back and closed her eyes to try to calm herself down.

Raven had finally managed to wedge her overstuffed carry-on into the overhead compartment and settle down into her seat. She immediately noticed how nervous the redhead appeared. Her delicate hands were gripping the armrests so tightly that her knuckles had turned alarmingly white. Raven too had forgotten just how afraid her best friend was of flying. She gently laid her hand down on Chelsea's and pried her fingers out of their death-grip. Instead, she wove her fingers together with Chelsea's. She immediately sensed a change in her friend as she relaxed just a bit. Raven couldn't help but smile at the calming effect she had on Chelsea. She also enjoyed the sight and feeling of their entwined hands. She lived for these moments of closeness with her beautiful friend.

Not long ago, Raven realized that her feelings for Chelsea had changed, had grown even stronger. She noticed that she had been passing up offers for dates from some really great guys in favor of spending time with her roommate. She had also been noticing Chelsea more, in ways that were more than just friendly. She always knew that the redhead was beautiful, but now she found herself noticing certain things. Her eyes were drawn to that long, lean dancers body and those legsā€¦man, those legs! She also can't forget about that beautiful auburn hair. Raven can remember perfectly the day just a few weeks ago that Chelsea came into their dorm room with a drastic new haircut. Gone were the loose flowing curls down to the middle of her back. In their place was a choppy and playful pixie cut. Although it was a shock, Raven immediately loved the new style, it somehow seemed more fitting to Chelsea's sporty and adventurous spirit. It also gave Raven the strongest desire to run her hands through it. It just looked so soft and inviting. But, she had behaved herself, because she didn't want to make things awkward by doing something so intimate.

Now, though, Raven was ready. She has always been bold and never afraid to say what's on her mind. Why should that change when it comes to her love life? She used to have absolutely no fear when it came to chasing after the boys she liked in high school, and she didn't intend to let fear get in the way of her going after Chelsea. She planned to use this trip to let Chelsea know about her feelings, and hoped that things would work out well. She knew that their friendship would last forever, regardless of whether her romantic feelings were returned. But she was definitely hopeful that Chelsea might feel the same. Raven knew that occasionally she could be really self-absorbed, but she noticed everything when it came to Chelsea. For instance, she knew that her friend had not been on a date in four months even thought she was sure she'd had offers. She seemed to enjoy all the time they spent together just as much as Raven did. And once or twice, Raven could swear she felt Chelsea check her out, eyes lingering much longer than usual. So Raven guessed she could say she was cautiously optimistic. But for now, she was just going to focus on keeping her friend calm until they were safely back on the ground.