Raven's stomach was doing back flips as she stepped out of the shower. Both girls had decided on the way back from the beach that showers were in order to get rid of the salt and sand that clung to their skin. Chelsea had gone first and was now waiting for Raven in the other room. Raven dried off quickly and wrapped herself up in her silky robe. She reached for the doorknob then stopped. Hand resting on the cool metal, she closed her eyes and drew in a deep, calming breath. After a moment she turned the knob and stepped into the next room.

Chelsea was standing in front of one of the large picture windows looking out at the ocean. She gave no sign of noticing that Raven had entered the room, seeming lost in thought. Raven quietly approached her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around her from behind. "Whatcha thinking about, baby?"

A light blush rose on Chelsea's pale features. "You, us. Down there," Chelsea nodded gracefully toward the ocean.

"Good thoughts, I hope."

"Very. You know, you're not the only one who's had those thoughts."

"Really? Tell me more."

"C'mon, Rae. I'd have to be blind, deaf and stupid not to have noticed how sexy you are! Every time you wear those little skirts you drive me crazy. I just wanna-"

"Shock the hell out of me in public?" Raven quipped and raised an eyebrow.

A small giggle escaped Chelsea as she answered, "Yeah, something like that. And don't even get me started on what it does to me when you do that sexy smoky voice thing. I immediately start imagining what it would be like to hear you moaning my name in pleasure. Wondering what you sound like when you…"

Both women's pulses were rapidly quickening with each passing second. Raven's hands had begun drifting from where they'd been resting on Chelsea's flat stomach. At some point she'd slipped her fingers beneath the thin cotton cami to caress smooth skin stretched taut over gently defined muscles. As she worked her hands slowly higher the words died on Chelsea's lips and she melted into the darker girl's embrace. She gave a soft moan when she felt Raven's aroused nipples pressing into her back through the very thin layers of fabric between them. Her eyes fluttered closed as she reveled in the feeling of being surrounded, and consumed, by her best friend. She could barely breathe as she felt warm fingers reach the underside of her breasts. Raven's touch was warm and sure as she caressed her way ever closer to rosy nipples. She teased slow circles around the straining buds, enjoying the redhead's whimpers of anticipation. Both girls moaned as she finally brushed her thumbs against rosy nipples. Chelsea arched unconsciously into the touch, needing more. Raven obliged her unspoken request, gently pinching and tugging on the sensitive buds.

"Rae, mmm… baby…" Chelsea turned in Raven's embrace and claimed her full lips in a frenzied kiss. As they kissed she brought her hands up to the vee of Raven's robe. She teasingly brushed her knuckles across silk-covered nipples before slipping her hands lower to untie the loose knot at Raven's waist. At the same time, Raven reached for the hem of Chelsea's tank and tugged it up impatiently. The girls parted just long enough to rid themselves of the unwanted clothing. They shared a moan as naked flesh pressed together for the first time. Wrapped together, they inched their way to the bed. Raven guided Chelsea down onto the bed to lie on her back. She hooked her fingers into Chelsea's lacy shorts and gently slid them off to join the clothes on the floor. Raven bit her lower lip as she took in the incredible sight before her.

Chelsea felt her temperature rise even higher as Raven's eyes traveled slowly along her body, the heated gaze feeling like a caress. Her body was aching for Raven's touch but she willed herself to stay still as hungry hazel eyes devoured her. Chelsea's patience was quickly rewarded as the darker girl crawled along the bed and pressed their bodies together. Chelsea reached a hand out to tangle in Raven's wild curls and tugged her into a kiss.

As they kissed, Raven shifted so that she could slip her right hand between their bodies. Her fingers danced teasingly along Chelsea's pale skin, finding their way instinctively to a straining nipple. She pinched it firmly, causing the other girl to squirm and moan into their kiss. Raven loved the way Chelsea's body was responding to her touch and she needed more. She gently separated their kiss with a quick nibble of Chelsea's lower lip. She kissed her way smoothly down her neck and onto her chest before wrapping her full lips around a pink nipple. She swiped her tongue lightly, teasingly across the very tip. Chelsea groaned and pulled Raven's head tighter to her chest. Raven sucked the nipple into her mouth and began nibbling on it as she pinched and tugged the other one at the same time.

"Yes, baby… just like that. Oh, Rae, you're making me so wet."

Raven paused her attentions just long enough to offer Chelsea a sultry smirk and then wrapped her lips around the other nipple eagerly. Her hand drifted downward until she felt the edge of neatly trimmed curls. Chelsea parted her legs instinctively, inviting Raven's touch. Raven dipped a finger inside, feeling the wet heat. She drifted her finger teasingly around the opening before focusing in on Chelsea's clit. Her finger glided in tiny circles on the sensitive spot. She heard Chelsea's moaning increase and could feel her lover's body beginning to tense up. She quickened her pace just slightly and lifted her head to speak. "Let go for me, baby."

The look in Raven's eyes and the gentle command sent Chelsea soaring over the edge. She cried out to Rae over and over as the explosive feeling coursed through her body. It took several moments before she blinked her eyes open to look at the women who'd given her such pleasure.

Raven was beaming, her desire filled eyes showing more love and heat than Chelsea ever could have hoped for. A flash of mischief lit across hazel eyes as Raven gently removed her hand from Chelsea's center and brought it to her lips. She slipped her tongue out and gently lapped at the juices coating her fingers, moaning happily. A moment later she was startled to find herself on her back with Chelsea straddling her hips.

"You are such a little tease! What am I going to do with you?"

Raven moaned as Chelsea gave her a wicked smile and rolled her hips, pressing their centers together. She was already so turned on from pleasuring the redhead that she was sure she was going to explode at any moment. Chelsea rolled her hips once more before lowering herself down on top on top of Raven. She dropped a quick kiss on Raven's full lips before working her way along her jaw line. She could feel Raven begin to squirm as she breathed softly into a delicate ear. She nibbled softly on the lobe then traced the rim with her tongue. Leaving the ear behind, Chelsea focused in on the sensitive skin of Raven's neck. She nipped at the soft skin with her teeth and tongue, feeling the way Raven arched off the bed with each little nibble. Chelsea shifted just slightly, slipping her left leg between Raven's thighs to press against her center as she bit down harder on her neck.

"Oh shit! Chels…mmm…" Raven threw her head back in pleasure, exposing more sensitive skin to Chelsea's explorations. Her hips bucked when she felt Chelsea latch onto her pulse point. "Chels, I'm-, ohhh, I can't hold on."

Chelsea suckled the sensitive skin hungrily and thrust her leg even closer against Raven's center. The caramel beauty ground herself against the firm muscles and moaned as the friction triggered her release. Her entire body quaked and trembled as the powerful sensation washed over her. Raven was struggling to regain her breath when she felt Chelsea sliding down her body. "Chels, what-?"

"Shhh. That was just the beginning. Just lay back and relax."

Raven's eyes shot open when she felt Chelsea kiss her inner thigh and gently spread her legs wider. She looked down her body just in time to see Chelsea's face disappear between her thighs. She jumped when she felt a soft tongue lick the length of her slit. A husky moan escaped her lips at the new sensation and she reached a hand down to tangle in Chelsea's short auburn hair, holding her in place.

Chelsea let out her own moan as she tasted Raven for the first time. None of her fantasies ever could have prepared her for the way she felt in that moment – it was the most erotic thing she'd ever experienced. She loved Raven's salty sweet taste on her tongue and the sexy moans and whispers that were flowing from the darker girl's lips. She licked her way along the entire length of Raven's center, exploring every inch, learning what Raven liked. Feeling emboldened by the sounds of Raven's pleasure, Chelsea darted her tongue deeper. Hearing Raven cry out loudly in response, Chelsea began plunging her tongue in and out, stretching her tongue to reach as deeply as possible. A few moments later Raven moaned out Chelsea's name as her body again exploded in pleasure. Chelsea crawled up Raven's spent body and gently gathered the girl into her arms. "I love you, Raven Lydia Baxter."

"I love you too, Chelsea Ophelia Daniels."