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The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I've got promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

-Robert Frost (the morons that trashed his house have no respect for brilliant literature)

I Want a New Drug

So Rhett Michaels was going away for a long time. At least it is a long time in my eyes. By the time he'll be released, I'll be in my thirties. Maybe I'll be a father with my own kids. Maybe Angel is right and I'll be able to raise them the right away. Or maybe I'll be a rock star. That sounds fun.

It's almost February now and winter is coming to a close. For a while there it seemed like it would never end. Like it would be winter forever. Just like it seemed like I would be twelve forever, and here I am almost thirteen. It seems like as soon as you get used to something, it changes. Like it's some kind of conspiracy among the gods. Or maybe it's just life.

Danny's mother came up from Atlanta two days ago to see him. After she and his dad split apart when he was two, his mother had never been able to locate him. But that didn't stop her from trying. She's married now, to a GBI agent, that Danny calls 'the type of guy that thinks he's funny, but really isn't'. Still, Danny likes him okay.

"He wants me to call him 'Dad'," Danny had said with false outrage. "Can you believe that? I mean…he's cool and all but that's where I draw the line!" Though he said this with a stubborn refusal, his eyes had held a certain glint in them. A certain happiness that I had never seen before. I had told him to give it time, though secretly, I knew he didn't need any.

While Danny might have said some 'bad' things about his new dad, he certainly didn't criticize his mother or his two younger siblings. He had told me with pride that the four and six year old looked a lot like him. Danny's mom had said that Detroit was too loud and too cold for her, but that she wanted Danny with her in Florida. I had promised to visit him, and he had promised to call. They're leaving in four days.

School is like always. Well, maybe slightly different. My brothers have this supposedly secret plan to never let me go anywhere alone. Of course none of them would ever be good spies, since they're sneakiness sucks. But I'll let them follow me around, bring me to school, interrogate my friends, and knock on my bedroom door every five seconds, for now. I'm really hoping they'll grow out of it.

I still see Dr. Loren once every two weeks, mainly because it makes Ma and my brothers happy. Also, she isn't half-bad. I even found out that she saw The Pixies in concert. Anyone who saw The Pixies in concert is alright with me. She also taught me a lot, as much as I hate to admit it. She told me that memories don't go away. Ever. Despite what some people might tell me. They may lose their feeling or clearness or importance, but they're still there. I just have to learn to deal with them.

Without using drugs. Sure it's easier said than done, even with all the rehab treatments and therapy I've been doing. It takes a lot of will power and a lot of strength. Luckily I have my brothers there to threaten me when I feel like giving in. Since obviously they're not going anywhere.

"Jack….oh Jackie!" Speak of the devil. Jerry comes bursting into my room, followed by Angel and Bobby.

"Don't you guys have girlfriends, friends…life's?" I ask with false annoyance. I'm used to them barging in unannounced, so it actually doesn't bother me. Of course I would never admit that.

"I seem to recall a certain time when I was talking to my girlfriend and someone wouldn't leave me alone," Angel reminds me. Bobby scoffs.

"Since when do you have a girlfriend?" He questions sarcastically. I can tell this is about to start an argument, but Jerry stops it before it continues.

"Guys…this is boring. Let's go do something," He whines. Angel narrows his eyes at Bobby, who misses the look on the way to the door.

"Be right back," He states, leaving the room and returning seconds later with a gun.

"This, little brother, is for you," He tells me, handing it to me. I stare at, dumbfounded.

"What do you want me to do, kill someone?" I ask. I think about adding some kind of joke to the question like, 'like father like son', but decide against it. They probably wouldn't find it funny.

"It's not a real gun Jackie," Jerry stresses. "It's a paintball gun." My face must look as blank as my mind is because the three of them sigh dramatically.

"Don't tell me you've never played…" Angel comments. I shrug my shoulders and don't say anything. Bobby stands up abruptly.

"Alright girls, don't just sit there like a buncha pansies. We've got our work cut out for us," He orders, leading the way out of my bedroom. It's my turn to sigh as I grab the gun and follow them lazily.

"Did it ever occur to you guys that I might actually have a life, despite the obvious absence-" I begin to ask before being interrupted.

"Jack, shut up," They all order simultaneously. Almost like it had been planned, I think, smiling at the obviousness of it. Sometimes it was nice having brothers.

-The End-


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