I was woken up by kisses on my cheek going down my jaw line to my neck. What was this fool still doing in my bed? I growled to myself. I opened my eyes slightly to see the handsome face of Mike Newton staring back at me. "Hey Baby." He said sweetly. "Your still here?" Was my rude but normal response. He looked quite shocked and quickly hoped out of bed, grabbed his pants and started for my dorms door. "uhh so ill call ya." "Sure, I don't care." He was finally gone. Man what a bad lay.

I sat there waiting to fall back asleep, but I couldn't. I hated what i had become. I used to be the good girl. Now I was just the college slut. But at least i was smart. I had all A's in my courses. And no, I am not nor have i ever slept with any of my college professors. I finally sat up, looked at the clock. Damn it. I was late. I hurried and rushed to put my sex hair into a un-tight ponytail. I decided to grab a plain shirt and jeans. Rushed out the door.

I slammed into something large. And manly. Before I could fall down. two strong hands grabbed me. I stood there for a second against his hard chest. I finally got the courage to pull away and look at his face. And i was amazed. His bronzish red hair shined in the fluorescent lights. A small smile danced across his face. I had to look away, because if I didn't I think I would have fainted. "I'm so sorry." I simply said with my head looking towards the ground. I felt a cold hand grab my chin to pull my face upward. "Its alright. its all my fault." He smiled that smile again and I swear my heart stopped. As if he sensed this he chuckled. I looked at him and gave a light smile. It felt like eternity was passing me by just in a few seconds. We stared at each other for ever, or I wished it was. "I'm Bella." I simply stated. "Edward." I much more simple response.