Chapter 1 : Hi ?

It was an average day in Viridian City. There was a lot of hustle and bustle going on, as usual. Cars ran over stop signs, and little children tackled the ice cream truck for ice cream and frozen yogurt. People argued with other people in the streets. The usual day.

In a secluded house in the prosperous streets of Orangrific Lane, the evil douchebag leader of Team Rocket ,otherwise known as Giovanni , was doing his...taxes ?

" Let's see... damn it ! I hate doing this ! " the madman said as he shuffled through a big sack of papers. " Name. Giovanni. Date of birth : uhhh... August 1st, 1957. Race - uhhh, I forgot. I'll leave that one blank. Sex. What the ---- ? "

A Persian meowed at him. Giovanni blankly stared at the feline . " Ohhh... male. Next question. How much income am I paying ? Like I'll tell. "

Giovanni put away the evil taxes in his closet. A phone rang,and he answered it. " Hello ? "

" Hi Dad ! Are you working on one of those ' world domination ' plans, or are you working with some kind of mutant robot monkey that has rabies ? "

" How do you keep getting my number, Ash ? "

" Mom leaves it on the fridge. "

" And how does she keep getting my number ? This is the fourth time I have changed my number this month ! "

" I don't know, actually. I think she hacks the government or something every week to see if they have any alien abduction scandals on the web."

" Okay..."

" Anyway, what are you doing today ? "

" Uh, I did my taxes, and now I'm about to do something else."

" Cool ! Today I ate five trays of Mom's brownies,and I puked all over the floor ! "

" Redford Ash Ketchum, how could you do this to her ? "

" So you do care about Mom still ! I knew it ! "

" I do not ! It's just that... "

" You like Mom ! You like Mom ! "

" Shut up ! You listen here, boy ! "

" Uh - huh."

" I want you to quit calling me. Now, I am going to hang up now, and I do not want to hear from you for a long time, do you understand ? "

" I think so. "

" Good. Goodbye, Ash. "

Giovanni hung up the phone and sighed. Ash had been calling him once every week, and it was pissing him off, because every time that he did call, he would tease him somehow about him liking his mother. Actually, Giovanni did still have some feelings about his ex - wife Delia, but he was not about to tell Ash that, because if he did, his son would make his life a living hell.

Anyway, Giovanni slumped in a chair and started reading some boring book when he spotted a

U - Haul parking near the curb. Two men started to unload the truck, and started to carry an assortment of furniture to the house next door.

" Great. Looks like we have new neighbors, " muttered Giovanni.

The man started to fall asleep when the doorbell rang. Giovanni eyed the door, and placed his book over his head. Persian whined at the man, and he glared at him. " I am not going to have any visitors today. "

The doorbell continued to ring. Giovanni started to twitch. The door started to be pounded on, and Giovanni threw his book at the mahogany colored door. The door did not cease to ring, and it continued to ring for the next twenty minutes.

Finally, Giovanni opened the door. Two images were smiling. The first one was a pink star shaped thing wearing green shorts with purple flowers on them. The other image was a yellow square shape with blue eyes, a box shaped shirt and pants, and a red tie. He was holding a snail. Both of the images looked retarded. Giovanni's eye twitched. " What and who the hell are you ? " he demanded.

The yellow square shaped thing giggled. " Hi ! We're your new neighbors ! I'm Spongebob Squarepants ! "

" And I'm Patrick Star ! " the pink thing added.

Persian smelled the two creatures and whined at Giovanni. He smelled the things again. " You're right, Persian. They do smell like fish creatures. "

" You'll have a bunch of cool things to do with us, Mister ! " the sponge continued. " We can blow bubbles, play Harry Potter, have a sleepover and eat Krabby Patties until we puke ! Or, we can go jellyfishing ! "

" What the hell are you two babbling about ? " Giovanni demanded.

" We like fun ! F is for flowers, with rainbow powers ! U is for ukulele ! Take the rest , Mister ! " said Spongebob, pointing at Giovanni.

" Okay. N is for nosy little weirdoes ! Now get the hell away from me ! " Giovanni shouted, slamming the door.

" Spongebob, he reminds me of someone ! " Patrick replied.

" You're right, Patrick ! He reminds me of Squidward ! " Spongebob squealed in delight. " We are going to have sooooo much fun ! "

Giovanni sighed and banged his head against the wall. " Great. I come home, and two idiotic losers move in next to me . "

Suddenly, a yellow thing pops up right next to him . " Hi , neighbor ! " It was Spongebob.

Giovanni almost screamed. " How the hell did you get in here ? "

" We always get in Squidward's house. He doesn't like it, either. You should meet Squidward. He plays clarinet, and likes fine art ! "

" Yeah, and you should meet the door. "

" Huh ? " The sponge looked confused.

" GET OUT ! " Giovanni yelled, picking up Spongebob and throwing him out the door.

" Okay, friend ! I'll see you later ! " the little sponge cried, skipping to his house next door.

Giovanni continued to bang his head on the wall. It was going to be one hell of a day...

The next day Giovanni was driving to work. Nothing weird there. But what was weird was that there was a giggling sound in the backseat.

Giovanni turned around and saw that the squishy yellow sponge was sitting in the backseat. " Hi, neighbor ! " Spongebob greeted the dumbstruck man.

Giovanni glared at the thing. " How the hell did you get in my car ? "

" I dunno. I wanna play ! "

Suddenly, the man had an idea forming. He smirked at the sponge. " Okay. I'll take you to someone that likes to play... "

The douchebag turned around and drove in the opposite direction. Pretty soon, he was in Pallet Town , and he silently parked on the street across from the house where Ash lived.

He pushed Spongebob out. " Okay. There's this boy with black hair. I'm sure you two will make best friends ! " he sneered.

" You really think so, Mister ? " the sponge asked.

" Of course ! I wouldn't lie to you. "

" Whee ! Are you going to stay ? "

" Uh, no. I have to go somewhere. But I'll see you soon , neighbor . "

" Okay ! "

Giovanni got back in the car and drove to work rather fast. " That takes care of that yellow spongy menace, " he muttered.

Persian silently rolled his eyes at him.

The sponge slowly walked up to the house where Ash Ketchum lived...


Next chapter preview :

" Uh, you're a sponge ? " Ash asked.

" Yeah ! Can we play something ? " Spongebob replied.

" Sure ! "

Ash and Spongebob started to run around the outside of the house. Suddenly, an ice cream man shows up.

" Yayyyyyy ! Fudgieeeeessssss !!!! " Ash and Spongebob exclaimed, running towards the ice cream truck.

" Sorry, kids. I only have one fudgie , " the ice cream man said.

" Cool ! I'll have the fudgie , then ! " Ash replied.

Suddenly, Spongebob's eyes turned bright silver. " I will get the fudgie, you jack - ass ! " the sponge shouted.

" No, you won't ! "