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Chapter 7 – Oh, Those Teeth…

The Gelth had been trapped into a jar and left on the side for the Doctor to attend to when he woke up. Rose and Jack both knew of the 'TARDIS Attic' but the Doctor had never allowed either of them to go in there, and for once the TARDIS agreed with him and resolutely kept it out of their way so they couldn't 'accidentally' walk into it. They had both spent many a night discussing its contents and trying to get the Doctor to slip up and tell them why it was so forbidden, but the Doctor was far too clever for them.

After a few hours his vital signs began to level out and for the first time since he'd been shot Rose began to feel things were finally going back to normal. Jack had already given her the pep talk on how he might not remember it and everything else, but Rose didn't much care as long as he woke up.

"So what did you do, anyway?" Rose was asking Jack in the meeting room a few hours later, munching on a slice of Jubilee Pizza. "How does the Life Knife work?"

Jack took a breath, casting a glance around at the other Torchwood members for a moment. "I figured the Gelth can only host a dead body, so in order to expel it the body had to be brought back to life. A while ago we found this glove, a resurrection glove, we could use it to bring the dead back to life for a few minutes or so. The knife is made of the same material as the glove, but there was an accident and the glove was destroyed, and I sealed the knife in the archives. But then the Doctor opened the archives, and I noticed when he cut himself with it he bled, with isn't supposed to happen with a dead person. So I guessed that goin' all the way would maybe bring him back."

"You stabbed him on a hunch?"Rose reiterated disbelievingly, her death glare apparent. Jack nodded meekly.

"Jack," suddenly said a voice from the doorway, and they both looked up to see Owen standing holding a blooded knife. He gestured with his head in the vague direction of the Med Bay. "He's waking up."

"Are you sure I haven't seen you before?" Rose could hear the Doctor's voice quite clearly as she jogged towards the Med Bay. "'Cause you seem awfully familiar. Was it on Vendeea 5? No, don't tell me! You were at that Yoga class, right?"

Rose almost felt sorry for Gwen as the Doctor questioned her persistently, the Welsh Woman standing there looking a bit clueless as to what the Time Lord was going on about.

"No, no, wait, it was the Trampolining Convention on Peruxus, right? Tell me I'm right!" he said enthusiastically, looking like the cat that'd just got the cream.

"I'm sorry, I've never seen you before in my life," was Gwen's simple answer to that before Rose decided to intervene, marching into the view of the Doctor still lying on the table of the Med Bay with reels of bandages encasing his abdomen visible beneath a lifted t-shirt.

"Rose!" he suddenly beamed, lifting up his arms towards her to get a hug to which she obliged. "Perhaps you could tell me where we are, what we're doing here, why I have a great big hole in my stomach and whether any of these questions have something to do with Captain Jack Harkness?"

"You called?" Jack asked from the stairs, giving a wave. "How'd you guess?"

"Oh come on," the Doctor rolled his eyes, gesturing at himself. "I'm lying in an underground base in Cardiff surrounded by alien gizmos with a hole in my stomach. This has got 'Jack' written all over it. So what's going on?"

"Rose I'm so sorry," were the first words to leave his mouth as Rose's tale came to an end, looking at her through guilt-ridden eyes. "I didn't know…I probably tried to help but…" he was babbling as he felt the overwhelming urge to hug her, though wasn't sure whether he should. "I'm sorry…"

"It's okay," she said with a smile, moving forwards as an indication he could hold her. "It wasn't you in there." She poked his chest as he held her protectively. "Just make sure it never happens again, okay?"

He just smiled and tightened his grip. As she burrowed further into him he suddenly winced and drew back, hand flying towards his wound.

"Sorry!" Rose quickly said, resting her hand on his.

"Don't be," he breathed, taking a few moments to reassert himself. "After all, you weren't the one who stabbed me…" He shot Jack a glance, who instantly became wide-eyed and innocent.

"Would you rather that thing stayed inside you?" he countered. The Doctor fell silent for a moment, regarding Jack with heavy eyes.

"No, sorry," he murmured, before adding, "thanks."

Jack saluted. "Don't think I enjoyed it…" – he caught the Doctor's stare – "…well, maybe a little." He raised his voice once more, "guess you'll be going back out soon then?"

"We'd better see Rose's mother first," the Doctor said with a trace of dread in his voice, "she'll want to know what's happened." He looked over at Jack again. "I don't believe you've met her, have you?"

Jack shook his head, thoughts flying everywhere about his head. "You hungry?" he eventually asked, making to get up as the Doctor nodded, but Rose stood up before he could.

"Don't worry, I'll go," she said with a smile, giving the Doctor a quick farewell hug before skipping off out the door. For a moment they both watched her go, before Jack quickly cast a look around the room, since void of Torchwood personnel.

"Can I…come with you?" he asked suddenly, leaning towards the Doctor conspiratually. "As much as I love my team, fightin' aliens in Cardiff can get a bit tedious."

"Sure, why not," the Doctor said instantly without a hint of hesitation.

"What?" Jack asked, surprised at the swiftness of the Doctor's reply.

"I said: sure why not," the Doctor repeated slowly and clearly, as if talking to a five-year-old. "I really don't mind. You saved Rose from…" He paused, his mouth suddenly going dry. "From me. Nothing can repay that."

"Do you really remember nothin'?" Jack asked, tilting his head to one side. The Doctor went to shake his head instantly, but suddenly paused for a moment and slowly began to nod.

"Just one thing. A slice. Just you, in the darkness. You said you were going to save me." He took another pause for breath. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Jack replied as Rose walked back in complete with a Jubilee Pizza box, already munching on a slice.


"You unbelievably stupid, low-life, two-faced, cheatin', lyin', thick, frustratin', look-at-me-I'm-dead, rotten, stupid, useless alien scumbag!" was Jackie's exact reaction as the Doctor stepped warily out of the TARDIS into the Tyler Household, followed by a rather amused Rose and Jack.

"You used the word 'stupid' twice y'know," the Doctor said before he could stop himself, and then paled completely as his own words rung through his ears.


"You waltz in 'ere with that dirty smirk on your face, pretending like nothin' ever 'appened! Do you know what my daughter went through for you?! DO YOU?! I bet you don't, do you! You let 'er cry 'er eyes out for you as you laid there covered in blood on the concrete, pretendin' to be dead!"

"Mum…" Rose quickly began, starting forward to save the Doctor from her mother.


"Did you do it for kicks? Was it just a bit of fun! 'Cause I'm tellin' you mister, I'm not havin' any of it! I've got my eye on you! I dunno what spell you've got my Rose under; some kind of weird mind psychic thing, but if you hurt her in any way again I'll 'ave you! I can see right through your alien guise, Doctor! You're nothin' but a slimy rat! And I'll tel you somethin' else for nothin' you-"

"Mum!" Rose yelled suddenly, cutting Jackie off in mid-flow. "You don't understand!"

"I understand everythin' perfectly clearly my young lady, he-"

But before Jackie could go any further, Rose was attempting to pull off the Doctor's jacket.

"What're you doing?" the Doctor asked, still working through the pain of three Tyler slaps. Rose pulled off his jacket completely, now attempting to undo his shirt.

"Show her!" she almost screamed.

Far be it from the Doctor to be a little hesitant at undoing his shirt infront of Jackie Tyler, he had to give in and let Rose lift up the back, exposing the six bullet holes still visible in his back.

"…Oh," was all Jackie could muster as she stared at the sight presented before her. "…Do they hurt?" she asked eventually. The Doctor shook his head. "But won't they get infected?" He shook his head again.

"They'll eventually heal over," he answered her next question, and finally Rose let his shirt fall back down to cover the marks.

"And what's that?" she asked, pointing to the mass of bandages wrapped heavily around his abdomen.

"Jack stabbed me," he replied casually, gesturing with his head towards the ex-Time Agent.

"Oh," she finished, straining her head to look at the man he was gesturing to. That short cut black hair, those firm well-built muscles, and the shining pearl white teeth…oh, those teeth…

"And we're off!" the Doctor suddenly announced, already seeing where that was going to go. "Good bye Jackie, we'll explain everything later!"

Jack was robbed of giving Jackie a wink as the Doctor quickly herded both his companions into the TARDIS, closing the door firmly behind him. Second later the churn of alien engines started and the blue phone box began to fade away, taking the three with it.

The End!

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