Fleur Bleue

I'm back, this is Ashlie! Other wise known as wingedblackheart or sethsmababy, I've been taking classes and critiques and I think my stories don't suck anymore. Now, I finally have time to actually put my stories down rather than just think of them. This particular story is based off mostly the movie, but I take things from the comics every once and a while. It takes place after X3 so there are a lot of deaths which arises problems with keeping the school open. I'm mostly trying to not dive into the story right away and actually resolve some past problems and let a story unfold through foreshadowing. Let's see how I do!

Chapter I

New Recruits

Night was falling fast. Not because it was winter, but because Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters needed cover. People were flying in this evening via X-Jet for a meeting. Storm was clouding over New York as it landed into the basketball court. The students were aware of this important gathering today and their only rule was to stay indoors. Many were still mourning over their loss of three teachers while others were just happy classes were cancelled. They knew of course that classes would not be cancelled for much longer, and that was the point of the meeting.

Storm was in charge of the school now which meant changes were in order. New teachers and new classes were to be available and class rooms had to be switched. For example, Ms. Munroe's class must be moved to her new office on the main floor. Today, Logan was flying in Mr. Hank McCoy and Mr. Warren Worthington to get them settled into a new teaching career. Logan didn't bring her down too easily, but he didn't drive the X-Jet all too often.

Once they arrived Storm pulled away the clouds and walked to her office. Logan, Hank, and Warren met her there. Kurt Wagner was already sitting in the corner patiently waiting for the meeting to begin.

"Nice to see you again, Kurt!" Hank exclaimed.

"Und sie!" Kurt returned as he gave his fellow blue mutant a friendly handshake.

"I hate to rain on your parade," Logan started, "but we have classes to hand out if we wanna start classes in two weeks."

"Logan is right, let's get started." Ororo sat in her chair behind her desk as the others found a seat, "We have five teachers, a building full of students, and standards to meet."

"Vas ae dey?" Kurt asked.

"I'm glad you asked," Ororo answered, "I have taken the liberty of typing up a schedule for each of you. Look them over and I will explain from there."

Storm handed the papers to their corresponding mutant and they sat in silence as they looked them over. The schedules showed that classes would be held from 7:00am-3:55pm, Monday-Friday. Storm would take care of breakfast, Logan and Hank had dinner, and Kurt and Warren were assigned to lunch. Each teacher had 2-4 classes to teach along with a mutant mastery course, planning periods, and one or two library slots.

It was quite a stretch, but it was all they could do. The students needed the school and it wouldn't be forever. Eventually, students would graduate and hopefully assume the roles as educators and, to some extent, X-men. Bobby Drake, Piotr Rasputin, Katherine Pryde, and Jubilation Lee showed great promise.

"I have made sure that you are all fully capable of teaching your classes. Most of you have taught them before. The science, mathematics, history, language arts, and physical education are required for the state. I have also made a few electives available and more will come with new teachers."

"Why should we care what the state wants?" Logan asked.

"We need the funding now, Logan. The state will provide us with lunches and money for teacher salary." Ororo replied.

"What happens when the state starts to check up on us?" Warren wondered.

"We will continue through the school day without any mutant classes, the students will understand, they need this place."

"How do the meals work, Ororo?" Hank asked.

"The state will send trucks with meals one a month and you will prepare and serve at your correct time. Other snacks may be bought on their own with their own money."

"How do you expect them to have their own money?" Logan questioned.

"I have a meeting period on my schedule to meet with new students, danger room sessions, and to talk with the older students about finding their own jobs and scheduling their time accordingly."

"Ae ve trying to get rid of students as vell?" Nightcrawler asked.

"No Kurt, just trying to steer them in the right direction."

"Speaking of steering in the right direction, how are the punishments?" Logan smiled.

"Any punishments are acceptable in your own classroom except violence, but detention will be written down and they will spend their Saturday mornings with one of us doing work. We will work the detentions in a cycle, anything else?"

"What is Mutant Mastery?" Warren asked.

"Everyone has been assigned their own list of students to work on their mutant abilities. You will also notice that this class is only half an hour long, as is Combat. This leaves the extra twenty-five minutes for free time, or on our schedules, a planning period. Students may talk to us on planning periods or library times about homework or anything else in general. Lights out will be at 11:00 and dorm rooms will work out exactly the same as they have always been."

"What are we doing for the next two weeks?" Hank questioned.

"You are free to fix up your classroom and do as you please. I have to write up student schedules, the class lists have already been past around to the students. For now Logan and Kurt will show you around and have you meet some students. Good night."

The mutants bid her good night as they started off on their tour. In two weeks they would be more stressed out then they have ever been before. So, they had to rest as much as they could now.

I'm so sorry for the most boring chapter in the world but it had to be done in order to catch up! It is going to be so much better, you'll see! So, Kurt-speak: if it is italicized it is German, if it is not it's English written with his accent. Again I am so sorry but it gets better! I'm sorry it's short, but it's more of an intro than an actual chapter, beside how much more of this could you take?


Und sie-And you

Vas ae dey- What are they

Ae ve trying to get rid of students as vell- Are we trying to get rid of the students as well