Fleur Bleue

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Chapter II

A Knock at the Door

The busy schedule was frustrating but it worked. Things had been running smoothly for a few weeks. The students got a hang of their 'new' school as did the teachers. Storm was proud that she was able to work everything out, but she desperately wished for more teachers. Even if more showed up they would have to wait until the second semester when the students started taking all new classes. New students on the other hand had a week to settle in and then another week to try out their classes. After that they were just like family.

The staff missed their sleep, but they knew it was what they had to do. They all pulled their own weight, and students helped as much as they could. They were really great kids. A lot of them even knew that they would be teachers after their graduation. Students also took opportunity of getting a job. Bobby worked at a local fast food restaurant and Jubilee worked at a clothing outlet in the mall. Students also knew to stay out of trouble, there were barely any detentions.

It was third hour one day, and Logan was just wrapping up his first combat class of the day. For the next 25 minutes he had a planning period. He was heading down to the kitchen for a drink of water when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it to see a man with a clip board, "Whattya want?"

"Just dropping of the food for this month, Sir."

Logan signed off on the clip board and the man was on his way, "Great, I wanted to spend my break bringing boxes to the cafeteria."

After putting away most of the boxes Logan noticed something strange; under one of the tarps with the boxes there was a bulge that wasn't cube shaped. He pulled off the tarp only to find a woman hiding underneath. The woman had light brown hair and big blue eyes. She wasn't very old, mid twenties maybe, and she wasn't very big either. She had a long nose that came to a very precise rounded point.

"Please don't hurt me!"

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?!" He grabbed her arm.

"My name is Jamie; I'm just trying to stay hidden!"

"Why did you come here?!"

"Je ne sais pas! Je suis perdu!"

"Not English? Where are you from?!"


"You mean to tell me that we order our food from that far away? No wonder it costs so damn much!"

"No! No! I've been on lots of trucks!"

The look in her eye was absolute terror. Before he knew it, something was attacking Logan's ankles. He turned around to see the grass had overgrown and was trying to trip him.

"You're a mutant! Who sent you?!"

"No one! I came on my own!" She was crying now, "Je suis très désolé! I can't control it!"

Logan calmed down, nothing good could come from scaring her. He pulled her up by the wrist and dragged her inside. He pushed her down on the couch forcefully, "Sit!"

Logan went back outside and carried the last remaining boxes inside. When he got back the woman was whimpering and scared. The plants outside were gently tapping at the window next to her, as if they were attempting to comfort her. It was almost time for Logan to go teach his first PE class.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt you. I need to go teach a class soon and I need you to meet someone at 1 o' clock. I'll take you to someone who can keep you company."

Logan led Jamie down the hallways of the building until they came to the library. All the way there Jamie was looking around in amazement. The building was so big and fancy, how in the world could this have been a school? How could this man be a teacher?

"Angel," Logan said as he opened the door. "Your next few hours are pretty free right?"

"Yeah, Kurt and I start making lunch after this."

"Good, I need you to keep an eye on this girl and take her Storm during her meeting hour."

"Sure thing, I don't think my Mutant Mastery students will mind me being a little late to seventh hour."

"Great, thanks." Logan left in a hurry so he wouldn't be late for his class.

Jamie stared at Warren in disbelief, "Did you say Mutant Mastery?"

"Yeah, all of us teach one."

"What is it?"

"A class where you learn how to control your powers, of course!"

"Oui, Bien sûr."

"Are you from France?"

"No, I was the first born in the states. I'm from Central Illinois, but sometimes the language doesn't come as well as I'd like."

"What do you need to see Storm about?"

"Je ne sais pas. Who is Storm?"

"The headmistress of this school."

"What is this school, where am I?"

"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in New York."

"I certainly have come a long way; do you know why I am here?"

"I assumed you are another mutant."


"This is a school for mutants."

"Incroyable! Are you a mutant?"

"Of course!"

"What can you do?"

"I have wings."



They sat and chatted a little bit. Jamie was completely fascinated when a young mutant came over and ask for help on his Language Arts homework. Then a bell rang and Warren told her that they needed to go to the kitchen to make lunch for the students. He kept telling her no matter what she saw in there she had to try not to scream. This scared her a little bit but she said she would try.

When she walked into the kitchen she couldn't see what there was to scream about.

"Oh, maybe he isn't here yet." He reassured her, "Kurt?"

"Ja?" He replied.

Warren saw his blue tail on the other side of the counter. "Kurt!"


"Don't move!"


"We have a guest today and I don't want you to scare her. You can stand up now."

Kurt did as he was told, he stood up from behind the counter slowly. Jamie almost screamed but she remembered her promise to Warren.

"Who is dis?"

"This is Jamie, she's from Illinois, and she's French."

"Enchante, Mademoiselle. I am Kurt." He kissed her hand and smiled.

Jamie snapped her hand back so fast Kurt almost got slapped in the face. 'He has three fingers and fangs!'

"Kurt, I didn't know you spoke French!"

"Not a lot."

"Kurt is from Germany." Warren said to Jamie.

Jamie about jumped out of her skin. 'German?!'

"I'm not mean I svear!"

Jamie looked with disapproving eyes. She sat in the corner as the boys made the school's lunch. They made her some food when they made their own. She sat away from them as she ate. She had thought Warren was so nice, but know he was laughing and having a good time with this monster!

Eventually, the boys had to leave her in the kitchen because they had to dish out the meal to the students. It was so loud! She wondered how many were out there. She never realized that there were so many mutants. Of course, she didn't think she was the only one. She heard about mutants all the time on the news but she had never actually seen them, or known she had seen them. She never thought she would end up being a mutant either. Jamie had heard that mutant powers usually start to show during puberty, she wondered why she was so late.

Warren and Kurt came back after serving the mutants their food because they had to clean up. Warren promised her that when they were done washing the dishes they would go to see Storm. Warren said good bye to Kurt as he teleported away to his drama class. Jamie stood in awe as he disappeared before her very eyes.

"Y'know, you shouldn't hate him before you know him." Warren started, "He is really the nicest guy in the world."

They walked out of the kitchen and to the main hallway where there was a door that said MUNROE on it in big letters.

"Just walk on it, this is her meeting period. We told her about you at lunch and she said she would reschedule her meeting with a mutant about a job."

Jamie walked in hesitantly. The room was some what small. It had a big desk on the far side with a woman sitting at it doing paper work. One half of the room was covered with maps and globes while the other side had a chalkboard with shapes on it. The lady lifted her head and smiled.

"I am Ororo Munroe. You must be Jamie…"


They shook hands as Jamie took a seat opposite the desk.

"I am so sorry that Logan scared you this morning, but we do take a lot of precautions to keep our students safe. Logan tells me that you were hiding. What from?"

Jamie didn't want to answer; she didn't even know this lady!

"It's perfectly fine to talk; we have mutants here with bundles of problems!"

"I was chased out of town for being a mutant."

"How did they find out?"

"I didn't even know myself until the city festival."

"The city festival?"

"Yes, like a country fair only it's for my city. Anyway, I always win the gardening competition but this year something weird happened."

"I'm sure you're just a late bloomer if you had no other signs until now."

"Funny you should say that. When I got the trophy again my garden started growing like crazy."

"You think you can control plants?"

"I wouldn't say control because I don't have much control over it."

"That usually happens with new mutants. I'll tell you what, you can come here same time tomorrow and we will figure out something."

Jamie nodded, "Merci beaucoup."

"I have another World History class in here soon but I do have time to show you to your room."

"My room?"

"You are going to stay here for awhile aren't you?"


Jamie followed Ororo up to her room. It was on the second floor as were all the rooms. She didn't know who she was rooming next to because there were classes going on at the time, but Storm assured her that she was on the adult side of the hallway. Jamie looked at her room; there was a bed, a closet, a dresser, and a desk. There was also a window which overlooked the fountain in the front yard. She was very happy, things were actually turning out very well for her. But, she couldn't help wonder what her and Ororo were going to 'figure out' tomorrow.

For those of you who live near me, I am talking about the Pumpkin Festival when I say city festival. I'm basing her hometown on my own because it's easier to describe and it seemed to fit best with the story. Sorry for throwing in another language but I speak French and it's the only thing on my mind! I speak French around school all the time. There is a translation at the bottom anyway. Also, italicized words that are not in a different language usually means it is being thought rather than spoken out loud. Sorry if it through you off. By the way, I have been working on this story all afternoon and it is still snowing!



Je ne sais pas - I don't know

Je suis perdu - I am lost

Je suis très désolé - I am very sorry

Oui, Bien sûr - Yes, of course

Incroyable - Unbelievable

Bon - Really

Enchante, Mademoiselle - Delight (pleased to meet you), Miss

Merci beaucoup - Thank you very much

Oui - Yes


Ja - Yeah

Vas - What