"Sokka, look out!"

Several tiny shurikens were hurled at the Water Tribe warrior. As soon as he heard Aang's warning, Sokka dove for the ground and dodged the projectile weapons.

'Yup, just an ordinary day traveling with the Avatar' he thought to himself. He and the rest of the "gaang" were ambushed by Azula and her two henchmen… again. Or should he say henchwomen. The trio consisted of the crazy lightning bending princess herself as well as a goth chick named Mai with crazy ninja tools and a spunky, circus superstar known as Ty Lee with the ability to take away his friends' bending skills away. They were all deadly in their own way. And compared to them, Sokka didn't look like much of a threat.

Actually, he looked like a pushover compared to some of teammates as well. Aang's phenomenal Airbending skills were a huge asset to Sokka's team, not to mention his progressing skills as an Earthbender and Waterbender. Sokka's sister, Katara, was an amazing Waterbender and gave the team a sense of security. Even though she could be annoying at times, she was a great sister to him, and a great friend to everyone else. There were also a few newly added members because of the fail of the invasion plan. There was Haru who was a powerful Earthbender, The Duke, a tiny, mediocre warrior who used to serve Jet as a freedom fighter, and Teo, a handicapped, yet totally capable, airworthy combatant, who were all back at camp. Perfect… Sokka himself wasn't a bad swordsman himself but compared to Aang or Katara, he was no match.

And then there was Toph. Wow. It was impossible to sum her up in one word. She was the World's Greatest Earthbender. But over the past few months she proved to be more than just that. For starters, she definitely knew how to have fun. Everything seemed to have a more optimistic perspective, although there were times when she could be a royal pain in the backside. And it was always Sokka that seemed to get hurt. Sokka wondered why he was always Toph's target…

'ACK! Why am I thinking about this now when we're being attacked?' Sokka thought. Aang and Toph were busy with Azula, Katara was battling the emo girl, and he had his hands tied with the circus freak. Not that fair of a match-up for him. He was busy dodging the evil acrobat's punches, although they weren't being thrown very hard…

"Hey cutie, what's your name?"

"Wha…" Sokka was dumbfounded. They were supposed to be fighting but this girl was actually trying to have a conversation with him.

"I said, what's your name?" she repeated with a smile.

"Uh… Sokka…" This was very strange. Was she being nice to him? 'Wait, maybe it's a trick' Sokka thought. 'I bet she's trying to get my guard down! Yeah, that's it! Then she'll hit me with that crazy fist attack thing and I won't be able to move! Hmm… maybe I should take this moment to require information from the enemy. Yup, I'm a genius!'

"So you're Ty Lee, right? Why are you attacking us? I mean besides the fact that your crazy lightning bending friend wants to destroy the Avatar."

"I don't know. It's kinda fun fighting you though."

"Ha ha, very funny. But seriously, is there any real reason why you attack us?"

"Hmm…" she frowned. "Nothing really. I personally have nothing against you guys."

Sokka was puzzled. "Then why are you fighting us? I know that the princess is your friend but she's evil. Don't you want the world's balance to be restored?" By this Ty Lee paused for a bit. She was about to speak when they both heard Azula scream, "Ty Lee get over here! We're retreating for now!" Azula and the ninja girl fled into the woods masked by smoke cover.

Ty Lee turned to Sokka. "Well I gotta go now. Who knows… maybe you're right." And with that she was gone. 'Hmm…" Sokka thought. Maybe we can convince her to join us next time…"

Sokka was immediately blown away from his thoughts by getting launched 10 feet into the air by an all too familiar Earthbender.

"What was that about?!" Toph asked in an angry tone as Sokka landed with a thud. "We were supposed to fight the enemy, not flirt with them!"

"I was not trying to flirt with Ty Lee. Why do you even care anyway?"

"I don't! Just forget it!" Sokka sensed something else in Toph's voice besides anger. Jealousy maybe…? He pushed the thought aside.

"Whatever, let's just get back to camp. We'll sort out the whole thing in the morning."

"Yeah everyone's probably worried about us" Aang said in a cheerful tone. Sokka was a little confused. 'Ever since we left the Fire Nation capital, Aang's been in an unusually happy mood' Sokka thought. 'It's probably nothing to worry about…'