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"Oh my god, this is so funny!"

"Shh! Don't wake them up!"

Quiet chuckling could be heard among the group in the morning. Everyone who was awake was gathered around one place trying very hard to explode with laughter at what they were seeing. It was Zuko who had first noticed what was so interesting. At first he thought he was still dreaming but when he went to wash his face in the fountain and came back, they were still there. It just so happened that an certain Earthbender had rolled out of her earth tent and was wrapped around an all too familiar Water Tribe warrior. Astounded by his discovery, he went to go wake up the others hopefully the other two would remain in that exact position.

First he went to go wake up Aang, telling him it would be the funniest thing he'd ever see. Then he went to Katara who's first instinct to waking up and seeing Zuko was a punch in the nose. Before she could continue her devastating assault on the Fire Prince, Zuko told her about the Sokka and Toph situation which made Katara bolt into the area where they were without any questions. Eventually the rest of the group had arrived on they were all standing around the two sleeping figures.

"What should we do?" asked Zuko trying not to wake them up.

"I got it." whispered Katara with an evil grin. "Here's what we're going to do..."

Sokka was sleeping heavily. After they got back from that hidden room, he decided that he would be the one to hold onto the chest. No one would get near it without his permission. So he stayed awake for a couple of hours after everyone fell asleep, just in case someone tried to steal it. Eventually, his body couldn't sit up straight anymore and he collapsed.

Sokka yawned. He was awoken by the sound of voices around him. He tried to stretch his arms but found that they were tightly around something. Something a little too big to be a treasure chest. His eyes shot open. Less then an inch away was a sleeping Toph also locked around him. Before he got the chance to scream he was beaten by a chorus of voices shouting:


Awoken by this, and noticing Sokka's face inches away from hers, Toph instinctively launched him, a hundred feet in the air. Sokka's scream could be heard from miles away as he flew like a bird toward the sky. Thankfully he was caught by Aang's airbending. Everyone was laughing hysterically and Toph, as red as a tomato, hid in her earth tent. Millions of thoughts were buzzing through Sokka's mind including jumping off the platform into the burning lake so he wouldn't have to put up with the others.

"Why do things like this always have to happen to me!"

It had been a while since this morning's 'incident'. Everyone had already formed their own conversations. Toph was yelling at Aang and Katara, Haru, Teo and The Duke were deciding where they would go explore next, Momo was sneaking Appa food, and Zuko was talking to Sokka.

"I just have one question," stated Sokka. "Why?"

"It just seemed like something really funny to do," Zuko answered. " You would've done the same thing if you were me."

"Yeah, I guess you have a point there."


"Well what?"

"Do you like her?"

"..." The uneasy feeling of butterflies returned in Sokka's stomach. There was no escaping this one. "I'm not sure..." Sokka finally managed to force out of his mouth.

"You're not sure?" asked Zuko. "What kind of answer is that?"

"I don't know it's just... I think I do but I still don't want to ruin our friendship by just saying it out loud. But at the same time... Well, I'm kinda involved with someone right now... As far as I know."

"Oh yeah, that Kyoshi girl you told me about."

"Yeah, well either way, I'm still not going to say anything."

"Oh don't worry," started Zuko in a playful, and somewhat creepy, tone. "You won't have to say anything."

"You wouldn't. Would you?"

"Who said anything about me?" Zuko asked averting his eyes to a point a little over Sokka's left shoulder.

"What do you mean by tha..." An immense wave of fear blew over Sokka. If his instincts were correct, and they've actually been correct recently, someone was probably standing right behind him. He prayed to Yue that it was Aang or Haru. Not Toph. Anyone but Toph. Sokka slowly turned around...

"Er.. I was here because Katara wanted me to check if I could open the chest again..." To Sokka's horrible luck, it was Toph who had been standing there. Sokka cursed a million times in his mind.

"Uh.. Y-Yeah sure. Here..." He handed her the chest and she awkwardly walked away. Sokka then turned back to Zuko who was smiling devilishly.

"I hate you."