I DON'T OWN AVATAR! and I don't think I'm getting it for christmas.


"The baby's coming!" A woman said to her husband. It was late in the southern water tribe. The man got up, help up his wife, and ran outside. They got to the hospital and two hours later, they were parents. The mother looked down at her child. All the healers gasped with her and the father as they realized that this was no ordinary child. There were blue triangular markings all over her body. The mother cried, thinking her daughter was sick, but the healers told her different.

"Liyue" The mother said, staring into her child's eyes.

"What?" Asked the father. She looked up at him and repeated herself.

"Liyue, that's what I want to name her." The mother said. Liyue fell asleep in her mother's arms.