The next day, during waterbending class, Xuan and Liyue were discussing what to name the animal they had found. They had a couple good ideas, and then there were a couple bas ones, like 'Arrowey' and 'Jumper'. Nui asked them why they were going to name some stupid animal, but they only ignored her rude comment. After their classes, Nui walked over to the edge of the iceberg.

"Why can't Xuan like me?" she asked herself. She hung her head and sighed. "I've tried everything! But he always wants to hang out with that… that… FREAK!" Nui sighed again and crossed her arms. She was so used to getting everything she wanted, so why not this? She sat in silence for a little while, hoping Xuan and the freak would show up soon. She knew it was where they always went to hang out and practice their bending. She looked out onto the water. She saw something weird on the sky. It looked like a bunch of little orange dots. As they got closer, she realized that they must be air benders on their legendary gliders, and probably from the southern air temple. She noticed that they were all bald, and most of them had a blue arrow running along their head. They landed on the ice and one of them walked up to her.

"Were looking for a creature that ran away from our temple, have you seen it?" He asked humbly. Nui knew immediately that they were talking about Liyue's little thing. Before she could even tell them that she didn't know where Liyue lived, Xuan walked up from behind them.

"What's going on?" he asked, not necessarily to Nui, but she liked to think he was talking to her.

"These people are looking for Liyue." She said like she didn't care.

"Really?" he asked the man standing in front of Nui. "Why?"

"We need to bring home a run away animal from our temple. It is tradition that it is raised by an airbender." The man responded.

"Oh…" was all Xuan could say.

"Could you show us where 'Liyue' lives?"

"Sure…" he said, and started to walk towards Liyue's house. When they got there, Liyue's mother came to the door.

"Oh, Xuan, Hello." She started. She looked over his shoulder at the group of people dressed in orange and yellow. She invited them in and put on some hot water for tea.

"So… who are your friends?" she asked.

"These are monks from the Southern air temple." He started, repeating what they had told him on the way over. "They're here to take back the animal we found."

"Oh no, Liyue is going to be devastated, just devastated. She's grown so attached to that thing." She barely had time to finish her sentence when Liyue walked in the door, her shoulders weighed down by the bag of groceries that she carried.

"Hey." She said sounding rather confused. The man who had done most of the talking stared at her face for a moment, then stood.

"May I talk to you, somewhere… private?" He asked.

"Um… sure…" she said hesitantly. She led them to her room where the animal jumped out of her hood and curled up on her pillow, purring when Liyue gently placed a hand on her head.

"I came her to tell you that we have to take her" he indicated at the purring animal on Liyue's pillow "back." Before Liyue could object, he explained to her about their tradition of the animal being raised by and airbender. "But," he started, sighing slightly before he continued to talk, "She does seem to have taken a liking to you, and I can tell you have airbender in you." He rubbed his hand along his arrow, and Liyue knew he was referring to her markings. "So, if you want to keep her, as I know you do by the look that was in your eyes when I told you I was going to take her away, then you can." He sighed again, but a smile found a way across his face when the animal stood up and sat on Liyue's lap.

"A couple things you should know, though. This creature is called a sweeline, and she will grow to be very big, very fast. Many people even ride these. She may be tiny now, but wait and see. Also, they are very intelligent; don't underestimate her capabilities. And finally, she can fly." Liyue was dumb stricken by the last statement.

"Really?!?" she asked surprised.

"Yes, really. She will on her own if she wants to, but otherwise, you have to train her to respond to some verbal command. The most common in the temples is 'yip yip', but make it whatever you like. You should start training her soon though, she just barely two weeks old now."

"Really, aww, she's still a little baby." Liyue cooed

"Yes, they are rather cute at this age." He agreed, smiling at the affection the Sweeline was giving Liyue by rubbing her head against her arm. "We have to get going now though, but if you have any questions, we are always in the southern air temple." Without another word, the man walked out of the room, and then out of the house with his comrades.

"He let you keep her?" Xuan asked after they had all left.

"Yeah," she put her hand on one of the markings in her face. "He said I have airbender in me."