The next day in waterbending class, Nui walked up to Xuan and Liyue, who were still trying to come up with a name for the sweeline.
"Too bad they took you animal away." She said mockingly. The sweeline poked it's head out of Liyue's hood and looked over to Nui. "Hey! Why do you still have it? Did you steal it?" She yelled.
"One, she's not an it, and two, no, they let me keep her." Liyue said firmly. Nui rolled her eyes and walked away.
"So, what was that you were saying?" Xuan asked.
"Oh… right! I have a good idea for a name." Liyue started. "Aira." The sweeline poked it's head out of Liyue's hood.
"Well, it looks like she likes it." Xuan pointed out.
"Ok then, it's decided!" She started to scratch the sweeline's chin. "Aira…"

Aira quickly got used to the cold and stopped traveling in Liyue's hood, which was a good thing; the airbender's were right about her growing quickly. Only two weeks later, she was already the size of a small golden retriever. They had started training her to fly on command and she started to respond to Liyue clicking her tongue, and to 'yip yip.'
"So, Liyue, where are you going to get your dress for your 16th?" Xuan asked one day as they walked home from their class.
"I'm actually not going to buy it." Liyue responded.
"What do you mean?" Xuan asked, the sarcastically continued, "Are you just going to go in your coat?"
"No, I'm gonna make it." Liyue said. "I know the protocol, I am pretty good at sewing, and I want it to be personal."
"Wow…" Xuan said in amazement. They approached Liyue's house. "Good luck," he said, and without even thinking, he kissed her on the forehead. "Though I don't think you'll need it." He turned to walk away. Leaving Liyue blushing until her markings turned purple. She waked inside, Aira happily trotting behind her. Something made Liyue think Aira knew how she was feeling. 'The air nomads did tell me they were extremely smart creatures.' She went in her room and picked up a small pile of scrolls, all of which were littered with dress ideas and designs. She thought about the rules for the dress. It must have the female mark of the water, it must show off her neck and shoulders to show that there was no betrothal necklace, and it must have a symbol that represented them. The symbol that represented them was so misused; everyone just used the mark of the their water tribe. Liyue thought about what symbol she wanted to use to mark herself. Just then, she had an idea. She quickly sketched out the symbol and put it in a place on one of her other designs. It was perfect.

She went out the next day with Aira to look for materials for her dress. She was in the biggest cloth stores in the city, and as she was looking a sheet of light blue cloth, someone started looking at it from the other end. They both attempted to pick it up at once, causing them to realize who was holding the other end.
"Liyue!" The other girl said excitedly.
"Wow, Karra, what are you doing here?" Liyue asked
"Picking out materials for my dress. I'm assuming you're doing the same." Liyue nodded and laughed.
"What's yours going to look like?" Liyue asked.
"I'm not sure yet, I came here for some inspiration." She said. "Are you still great at designing like you always were?"
"I wouldn't say great, but I drew out dozens of dress sketches if you want to see them. You know, for inspiration."
"Sure!" Karra responded cheerfully. Liyue walked outside with Karra and whistled for Aira. She soon saw Aira jump down from the top of a nearby building. Karra was startled at first, but when she sat Liyue pat the creature's head, she knew nothing was wrong.

They walked to Liyue's house, Aira jumping up on to the bed, and Liyue grabbed the pile of scrolls off her shelves. They spent the couple of hours just looking through the designs, picking out the bits and pieces they liked most. Finally, they had gotten something together for Karra. They went back to the clothes store, and picked out materials in purples, blues, and pinks. As they walked out of the store, Aira eagerly jumped up from lying on the sidewalk and trotted over to Liyue.
"What should we do now?" Karra asked, noticing that it was starting to get dark. Liyue shrugged.
"Oh, wait, we could go see Xuan." Liyue suggested.
"That's a great idea, I haven't seen Xuan in so long!" Karra said excitedly. "But doesn't he live that way?" She asked, pointing opposite the way they were walking.
"Yeah, why?"
"By the time we get to your place then to his, it'll be dark out." Karra pointed out.
"I have an idea," Liyue started. She turned to Aira. "Wanna help us out?" she asked the sweeline. Aira let out a happy meow and nodded her head. Aira then bit on the edge of the bag Liyue was carrying. Meet us at Xuan's house, okay?" Aira nodded again and Liyue dropped the bag, leaving the handle in Aira's mouth. "Yip yip." Aira jumped into the air and flew away.
"That is so cool!" Karra said in amazement.
"Yeah, she is." Liyue agreed. They started to walk in the opposite direction, and, to Karra's surprise, by the time they got Xuan's, Aira was already sitting at Xuan's feet.

Sorry, this story is totally dead- has been since like, '08 or something. I was just deleting it from another website, and I found never put this chapter on fanfic (where I'm keeping it for nostalgic reasons) so I'm saving it here..