Don't fail me now

Prompt 09. Don't fail me now

They had to stay on the winter island for two weeks, but nobody minded. Chopper was actually quite happy to see snow again, Sanji (at an idea of Robin's) decided to plan a Christmas Dinner, Ussop challenged Franky to snow castle building, and Luffy practiced his snow castle ruining.

Nami was happy just to spend some time with Zoro. It had become increasingly difficult for them to remain discreet on a boat over the course of the past month. They were walking the streets of the large town, trying to get away from the noise of the Christmas fair and nosy crewmembers. It has been couple of hours already and Zoro was turning gloomier by the minute. Nami, however, was enjoying herself as she always did whenever she got the chance to tease the easily annoyed swordsman.

– Aww, come on! A little snow to the face never hurt anyone! –

– I'm not annoyed just because that little twerp managed to hit me with that stupid snowball! –

– Then was it that group of them that threw you into the snowdrift? You should be pleased, kids like you! Even I was surprised by that! –

– Oh, that's right. Cuz being liked by snot-nosed brats is a good thing. –

Nami stopped and gave the swordsman a gentle hug.

– You know, you really should try to relax. –

He shifted, pulling her closer to him and looking intensely into her eyes. – And how do you suggest I go about doing that? – he asked with a mischeivious grin, leaning in to press his lips against hers. But before he could complete the action, he heard Nami gasp.

– Oh, look, it's snowing! – She laughed, wiggling out of Zoro's hold and running off with her mouth wide open, dancing in the gently falling powder.

Zoro impulsively punched the nearest light pole. Relax? How am I supposed to relax?! That's the sixth time she's done that today! What's the point of putting up with this if I'm not going to even get a chance to kiss her?

"What are you doing?" he asked, more than slightly put out by his predicament and the slight pain in his knuckles.

– I'm catching snow flakes with my tongue! – She continued to whirl and laugh as she dove for flakes, trying to make them land in her mouth.

– No, you are dancing around open-mouthed like a loon in the middle of the street. –

Nami stopped dancing and glared at him. – You are no fun. –

– Oh, I'm plenty of fun, – he said nonchalantly, – I'm just a different kind of fun. – He stepped up to her, circling his arms around her waist from behind.

Nami giggled. Turning within his arms to face him, she put on a neutral face. – Oh, really? – she murmured. – So, are you a good kind of fun, or…– She reached her hand to trace his jaw line with her fingertips, suddenly making her voice seductively lower, one of his favorite grins forming on her face. – …a bad one? –

Zoro pulled her flush against him, making sure his arms were latched firmly behind her back. Giving a little smile, he paused to admire how snowflakes sparkled on her hair and eyelashes, and how the frosty air made her lips pleasantly redder.

– What do you think? – he asked in return, dropping his voice to match hers and resting their foreheads together.

Perfect. There's no way can she get out of it this time, he thought, leaning down.

– M-m, Zoro? Isn't that Sanji? –

He stopped, opening his eyes and looking to where she was pointing to see Sanji, plastic bags in one hand, cigarette in another, doing his little courting dance around laughing Robin.

– Damn shit-cook, – he muttered, hastily letting go of the girl, but cautiously gliding the palm of his hand over Nami's hip. – Quick! – he whispered hastily. – Maybe they haven't seen us yet! Let's run while we can! –

– Oh, wow, now that's mature. Maybe we should also through snowballs at them while we are at it? –

– You know, I like you an' all, but you are such a pain in the ass someti-- –

He was interrupted by Sanji jubilantly approaching them. Approaching Nami, that was. Robin was slowly following him.

– Nami-swan, we are celebrating Christmas tonight! Franky said he was going to get us a tree, Isn't it great!? –

– Sure, Sanji-kun. Robin, do you know where everybody else is?.. –

– Oh, did that stupid marimo get you lost? You can come with us, if you want…–

– What is your problem, love-cook? –

– No, Sanji-kun, we are doing fi-- –

Too late: provisions fell on the snow, katanas clicked loudly – and these two were at each others throats. Again.

– Stupid swordsman, you can get lost on a straight line. If she goes with us she actually has a chance to end up on the ship.

– Now wait just a minute, Sanji-kun, I am a navigator and I thi-- –

– Look, shit-fer-brains, she is a navigator and I think we can figure our way back without you, ya damn pervert. –

– Hey, you two! Cut it out alrea-- –

– There is nothing perverted about rescuing a damsel in distress, and besides, surely Nami-san would prefer me as her guide. –

– She'd prefer you, you say? Hey, Nami… –

She got time only to turn her head his way, when Zoro suddenly cupped her face, roughly kissing her. Somewhere to her left Robin left a not-surprised "oh my" and a burning cigarette felt sputtering on the snow.

– You are so dead… –

There goes our no-romance-among-nakama policy. Poor Robin… thought Nami before lacing her fingers in gruff dark green hair at the base of Zoro's skull, bringing him closer and deepening their kiss.

– Nami-san… – drifted Sanji helplessly.

Robin placed hand on his shoulder. – Let them be, cook-san. We still have dinner to make.

– Yeah… – Sanji picked up the bags and turned away sadly, guided by a comforting Robin.

Zoro broke the kiss with an air of extreme self-satisfaction. – Serves him right,– he declared and suddenly received a sharp blow to the head. – What the heck was that for?!

– For talking about me like I wasn't not here. And this one, – she landed another blow –is for telling everyone. Poor Robin, now he will be all over her and… –

– 'Poor Robin?' Fe! She doesn't seem so 'poor' from where I'm standing. – and Nami lifted her head to see Robin turning slightly and giving her a wink.

– She actually knew and planned this… Zoro, you are so predictable! –

– Good for her. Now, can we just kiss again and go back to the ship? I'm freezing my ass off in this jacket. –

– Sure we can. –

They didn't come back to the ship until much later.