All I Want for Christmas

01. Fairies.

- Whatever. I don't believe in this fairy bullshit.

Zorohad just finished listening to Robin's complicated explanation of Christmas traditions combined with a bit of local tales of man in red coat flying through the sky at night and bringing gifts to people. He wasn't touched.

Chopper jumped enthusiastically.

- Oh, we have this one too. Kids love these stories.

- Well, good, that solves that problem. I don't think that there is anybody on this ship that fits into that catagor--

Suddenly, the Captain of the Strawhats did something very typical. He got impressed. Eyes sparkling, mouth opened in excitement, Luffy jumped up and shouted - Free meat!!! Crew, this old guy should come to us! Franky, we need a chimney! Sanji, make as many cookies as you can! Do we have any milk?

- I don't think so.

- I'll get milk! – he declared enthusiastically. He then ran out, singing a song about fat old men that brought meat and noodles to poor starving pirates.

For a moment the crew was silent. Then, as if on command, they all let out a groan of annoyance. Sanji lit up another cigarette.

- I imagine he'll be really disappointed if nothing happens. And we won't hear the end of it, especially Robin-chan for telling him about it.

- Then we'll have to do it, - Nami stretched in her chair, smiling lightly. - But he may get suspicious if only he gets his meat.

- So what do you suggest?

- We'll just get each other something and make it look like whats-his-name brought it.

Everybody went silent again. Nami dug out a piece of paper.

- Okay, let's make a list. I need map parchment. Robin?

- Books. And doctor-san will second me on that.

- Franky?

- Make it a box of cola.

- Sanji?

- A new sharpening stone for my knives would be nice.

- Ussop?

- Spices!

- Zoro?

- I don't need anything.

Nami looked up from the list and gave his an annoyed look.

- I'll make it booze. And you should be grateful.

She stood up.

- Okay, I'm going to town. Zoro, you are coming with me. I'm not carrying all this stuff myself. Meet me outside. I just need to get something from my room.

A few minutes later, Zoro was standing on the shore, swearing under his breath, cursing girls who took eternity to get ready to go anywhere. He heard a step behind him and turned his head to see her throwing a green and white scarf around his neck.

- Made it for you. You should take better care of yourself, - she said, looking tensely at her own hands as she tied the scarf.

Zoro grabbed Nami by her shoulders and yanked her to his chest, wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her close.

- I don't think I need anything for this stupid holiday if I have you, - he whispered in her ear.

She smiled and rose on her tiptoes to plant a kiss on his jaw. He moved his head and kissed her warmly.

- Let's get going, - she whispered back. But before she could move away, he locked his hands behind her and lifted her off the ground, grinning wickedly at her laughing protests.

Sanji and Robin stood on the deck, listening to the pair below. Looking at his slightly pained expression, Robin smiled and raised a quizzical eyebrow at Sanji. – Something wrong, Cook-san?

- oh, no, Robin-chan – He smiled back at her. She moved closer, her fingertips brushing his.

Below, the pair finally walked off. They went to the town holding hands.

Sanji and Robin watched from the deck as they retreated. Suddenly, they heard Zoro's surprised voice.

- Hey, this thing almost doesn't look as your first attempt at knitting!

The harsh sound of someone being hit upside the head made snow to fall from some nearby branches.

Robin smiled and glided her hand over Sanji's, pulling slightly as she turned away.

- And you were saying? Those two suit each other perfectly.