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He burst into the locker room. "Cameron?"

There was no answer. House walked all around the locker room, looking in all the locker areas, in all the bathroom stalls, and in all the showers. Nothing. No Cameron, no anyone else.

She wasn't there. He frowned. That wasn't possible. The receptionist, dense though she was, said Cameron hadn't left. And he hadn't passed Cameron leaving the locker room. That only left one way out. The pool.

He walked through the locker room to the door that led to the pool area. No one was swimming...but the pool wasn't empty.

House's heart leapt to his throat. As fast as his lame leg would carry him, he ran to the edge of the pool where a body was floating. He recognized the hair immediately. It was Cameron. Fear filled him. How long had she been under?

She was floating near the edge of the pool. He yanked off his coat so he was just in his t-shirt. He lay down next to the pool edge and reached his arm out to her. He grasped her elbow and pulled her slowly towards the side of the pool.

Shifting himself closer to the edge, House took both hands off of the wall and grasped her armpits. Carefully, trying to avoid hitting her head against the pool side, he managed to get her out of the water. He rolled her off the edge and onto her back.

Her lips were blue. Breathing heavily from a combination of strain and stress, he lowered his head to her mouth. There were no breath sounds. Trying to ignore the mounting panic, he pressed two fingers to her neck.

He exhaled loudly. It was faint, but it was there. He tilted her head back, pinched her nose, and blew two breaths into her mouth.

Ronnie approached the pool, ready to chew that man's ear off for not having come out by now. But the sight that greeted her made her jaw drop. She saw him leaning over the unconscious woman, and she demanded, "What the hell happened here?"

"Don't know," House said testily. "Call 911!"

She quickly pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911.

House checked for breath sounds again. Still nothing. "Come on, Cameron!" he growled softly. He blew into her mouth again. "How soon can the damn ambulance be here?" he snapped at Ronnie.

"Five minutes," she answered quickly.

"Do something useful!" he barked. "Search the building and see if anyone's still here!"

She hurried off to do as he ordered.

Five minutes later, two paramedics barged in. "What happened?" one demanded as he dropped to his knee beside Cameron's prone form.

"Don't know," House said breathlessly. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "She was floating in the water, facedown."

Jason looked at Kyle after he took over compressions. "We need to bag her, now!" Kyle gently pushed House aside and quickly did what Jason said.

"Take her to Princeton Plainsboro," House told them. "She was a patient there."

Jason nodded. A few moments later, they carefully placed Cameron on the stretcher they had brought in with them. "Are you riding?" Jason demanded quickly.

"Yes!" House climbed into the ambulance quickly.

Jason continued to help Cameron breathe as Kyle hit the roof of the ambulance, signaling that they were ready to go. The engine started, and they sped out of the parking lot, lights flashing and sirens blaring.

House followed them, limping as fast as he could with his cane. "Can somebody page Dr. Cuddy?" he yelled to no nurse in particular.

Cuddy appeared quickly when she heard House's voice. Moving to the stretcher, she nearly gasped in shock. "What the hell happened, House?" Cuddy demanded as she began checking Cameron's vitals.

"Don't know," he answered gruffly.

She frowned at him as Cameron's stretcher was whisked away, and she and House quickly followed.

"I found her facedown in the pool," he supplied. "I don't know how that happened though."

She quickly checked Cameron's pulse.

"She wasn't breathing on her own," Jason supplied, and she nodded as she quickly intubated her young friend.

As Cuddy checked her pulse again, she was disturbed to find a small puncture wound on the younger woman's neck. Waving House over, she pointed to it. "What is that?"

House stared at it, feeling anger flood through him. "She must have been drugged."

"Was she breathing at all on her own when you found her?" she demanded.

House shook his head. "No."

She checked Cameron's pupils, frowning deeply. The signs were all there. God, no...

Pulling her hand away, she swallowed thickly. "It's veck," she managed.

"Are you sure?" House asked sharply. His insides froze. Instant paralysis. It explained everything - her attacker must have paralyzed her, then thrown her into the pool. Her diaphragm would have been immobilized, and she would have been unable to breathe...and facedown in the water, there would have been nothing to breathe, even if she had tried...

Cuddy groaned softly. "There's nothing... we can do, except wait... and help her breathe."

House growled low in his throat. "We can start trying to find whoever the hell did this to her."

"Then call the police. Let them find the bastard!"

House nodded, and then moved quickly to his office to make the call.

Cuddy stayed by Cameron, watching her vitals intently and feeling more helpless than she ever had in her life.


Cuddy was checking Cameron's vitals early the next morning when the door opened, and she looked up in surprise. "Jimmy?"

He nodded seriously at Cameron. "How is she?"

"She's holding her own. It's starting to wear off." She sighed wearily. "I keep trying to figure out... why the hell anyone would want to do this to her."

Wilson shook his head. "I can't think of anyone here at the hospital...Do the police have anything yet?"

"No, not yet." She laughed, but it was a hollow and bitter sound. "House has been breathing down their necks for information."

Wilson managed a small chuckle. "I can just imagine." He moved towards Cameron's bed and sat down in the chair next to it. "It must be someone outside of the hospital," he said softly. "Does she have any enemies you know of?"

She sent him a strange look. "Do you? Jimmy, I can't think of anyone who would want to hurt her."

"Maybe a patient..." he mused thoughtfully.

She sat down by Cameron's bed. "House should be here," she commented quietly.

Wilson nodded. "That was...a lot for him...I mean, it is House, but I think he actually cares about her..."

"Of course he does. He just has a hard time showing it."

"Do you think that he's okay?"

She sighed, then looked at Cameron. "Until she is... I don't think so."

Wilson shook his head. "This is just so...unreal, you know?" He sighed heavily. "I wonder if we should ask Chase and Foreman to go through her patient files...They know the cases better than us. Maybe they know something we don't. Or maybe they'll at least remember something that might help us find whoever did this to her."

"Maybe..." She gently touched Cameron's hand, her heart heavy.

Wilson sighed. "All I know is...I want to rip this guy apart limb by limb."

"I know you do. I do, too."

Wilson chuckled. "I bet that's nothing compared to what House wants to do to him."

"Probably not." She couldn't even manage a small smile for him.

He looked at her seriously. "What about you, Lisa?" he asked softly.

She looked down at Cameron, then slowly stood up and began pacing. After several long minutes, she finally turned around and went straight to Wilson, burying herself in his arms.

He hugged her shaking body to his, trying to comfort both her and himself at the same time.

She wrapped her arms tightly around him and pressed her face into his chest. She couldn't possibly imagine being in House's place, seeing someone she loved being attacked and knowing there wasn't a damn thing she could do.

"It will be okay," he murmured. "We'll get through this...she'll get through this...House'll get through this..."

She nodded shakily, unable to let go of him. She knew he was right. As long as Cameron was okay, House would be fine. He would continue being his bitter, sarcastic self. And that was how it was supposed to be. She finally pulled back and looked up into his dark brown eyes, studying them intently.

Reaching out to cup the back of his neck with her hand, she stroked his skin gently. "I love you, Jimmy"
A small smile pulled at his lips. "Lisa..."

She pressed her finger to his mouth. "Don't. This whole thing... has made me think... What if something happened to you? Anything could happen..." She shook her head, then pulled his head down and brought her lips crashing against his.

After several long moments, he broke apart from her, panting. He gently rested his forehead against hers. "Lisa..." he murmured.

A soft smile quirked at her lips. "What?"

"I - I mean - can we -?"

She nodded firmly. "Yes."

"Are you - Are you sure?"

She nodded again, then pulled him down for another lingering kiss.


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