Cho walked casually, trying to catch sight of that untidy charcoal black hair. She knew he would be coming down any moment – she could just feel it. She squinted her eyes, and walked idly until she found herself face to face with him – his hair as messy as ever, and his pickle-green eyes looking straight out at her with an awed expression.

She felt her face grow hot and she could tell she looked like a ripe strawberry.

"How'd you catch me this time?" he asked.

Cho shrugged.

"Got lucky, I s'pose."

Harry looked down at his feet

"Have you got anything this time?" Cho pressed, unable to disguise the excitement in her voice.

She looked into his face hopefully and saw his black expression that suffused his face every time she started the subject.

"Uh –"

Harry looked down at his feet.

"Well, no," he admitted bluntly.

Cho felt her eyes immerse in hot tears that started to drip out of the corner of her eyes.

"Well, I'm sorry, Ch – I forgot."

He looked at her imploringly as though he wished for nothing besides for her to stop crying.

"I'll bring something next Monday, I promise!"

"There's no NEED for THAT!" Cho roared, cutting him off.

Harry looked rather taken aback. She had never lost her temper this much.

"Wh–What d–do you mean?" he stuttered thickly.

"Cedric brought me piles of gifts! PILES! And you!" She said, now rushing away, Harry, hurrying to keep up with her.

Harry face had contorted, livid with fury.

"Do you have to drag Cedric into this?" he said, virtually hyperventilating.

Cho was so angry now she threw her book bag at his repulsive face, his scar flashing like lightning. Ha! As if she needed to be reminded of his identity. She watched with satisfaction as he agonized with pain, looking absolutely anguished.

"Geez," he muttered. "I've got hitten by four Bludgers this week, but that was nothing compared to this."

Cho let out an ear-splitting shriek.

"Look, Cho," Harry said, practically pleading now, "please, just because I didn't bring you a gift this time…"

His voice trailed off; Cho was now sitting on the ground with her fallen book-bag, fumbling through all her books. Finally, she took out a single stone. Upon it was carved a heart with a note in tiny handwriting:

Dear Cho,

This is a gift from me to you.

Yours always,


She thrust it into Harry's hands, tears now dripping out faster than Harry could blink as he read the note, his face growing more and more uncomfortable.

"I'll have that back," Cho said, snatching it away from Harry. "Have a good time being hit by those Bludgers."

And she left Harry to drown in her tears.

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