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GX Café

Chapter 1: It Starts (Badly)

Three girls were standing outside of what looks like a café reading a sign. "So this is the place Ayukawa-sensei was talking about," said a girl with a red sleeveless jacket. Welcome to the GX Café, the best place for relaxation, flirting, and other things in our comfortable, home-like atmosphere! Come in and take a seat because we're…


"Yeah, this is the place Rei," a girl with a white sleeveless jacket and a ponytail replied. "Let's go in then," stated the last girl who also has a white sleeveless jacket, but with red hair. Theyentered and immediately felt a peaceful sense in the air. The café was separated into 2 sections. One section had tables and chairs that are placed nearby the windows for people to observe the outside world. The other section had couches facing a plasma T.V. mounted on the wall. There were computers on tables with chairs for those who want to chat and stuff.

There were guys in white dress shirts, black slacks, and a red tie serving the people. Where are the waitresses you ask? Well, there is only one girl who has blond hair wearing a French maid outfit with a red bow around her neck.

As the girls become mesmerized by the view, they didn't notice one server coming up to them. "How may I help you today, ladies?" he asked. He had silver hair with the most beautiful blue eyes and wearing the waiter uniform. The girls were startled and turned to the handsome man. The two girls in white jackets were blushing and squealing on what a hot guy he is. But Rei wasn't really interested. One person had already caught her eye: a server who has brown hair and chocolate eyes. "My name's Edo and I shall be with you lovely ladies soon." Edo said as the young ladies took their seats.


Golden eyes narrowed as they glared at their target, her older brother.

"I'm sorry, Asuka! I promise I won't do it again!" the unfortunate brother begged. He was on his knees, literally. Well, if you want to know, his name's Tenjoin Fubuki. He's a sophomore in college.

Asuka sighed out of annoyance to her brother. "Fine, I'll let you off this time." Fubuki's brown eyes sparkled with hope. "Thank you, little sis!!!" Fubuki exclaimed as he glomped his little sister. Asuka pushed Fubuki off her and warned, "But, if you break another plate again, I won't help you get out of the situation especially if Edo finds out." "I promise!" and with that Fubuki skipped towards the kitchen door to exit. Edo Phoenix's the second-in-command of the café. Who's in charge of the café you ask? The owner's Daitokuji-sensei, whom everyone calls him by, for the reason that they still learn valuable things from him.

Asuka rubbed her temples as a boy with blue hair and emerald eyes walked towards her. "What happened this time?" he asked. Asuka turned to see her friend, Johan Andersen, a senior in high school and same age as Asuka. "Nii-san broke another plate," she mumbled. "Again? That's the fifth time this week!" Johan said as he slapped his forehead.

"I know. I'll tell Ryo to knock some sense into him," and with that, she left the kitchen.


"So you have two PhDs, that's really impressive," the girl with red hair, Junko. "Well, that's very flattering ladies. I appreciate it very much," Edo replied with a smile after listening to all of the compliments of the Junko and Momoe, the girl with the ponytail. Then Edo finally took notice that Rei wasn't squealing like the two other girls that he finds annoying.

Rei kept her eyes on the same server, who she finds out his name's Judai. She had a bad case of love at first sight. Edo followed her eyes and saw Judai. He smirked and turned to the girls with the cutest smile he could whip up.

"Excuse me ladies, but I have to handle something in the kitchen. So I'll have another server keep you company," and with that Edo turned and walked towards Judai. Judai's the same age as Asuka, Johan, his best friend, and Edo himself.

"Judai, how about you handle with those ladies over there and I'll take care of the things here," Edo whispered. Judai shrugged, "Sure." Edo smirked at his freedom of the annoying fangirls.

As Judai walked towards the girls, he starts getting a feeling that Rei was bad news. He saw how her eyes were onto him and her face blushing as he walked closer to the table. And the brunette didn't like it one bit. You see, Judai's has his heart on someone and he's straight as a circle. You heard me, right. He's gay. But as he soon as he was almost standing at the table…


Everyone turned their heads to the source of the explosion, which turns out to be in the kitchen, and ran for their lives. "What the hell?" Judai yelled as he ran into the kitchen. As he got in, his eyes widened at the sight. It turns out that Fubuki was trying to cook up a new dish without Edo's help, and in result, his dish went into flames. Fortunately, Edo went to a store to buy more dishes since they were "stolen" recently. Johan came into the scene with a fire extinguisher and took out the flames. The whole staff came in, save Edo, and glared viciously at Fubuki, whose face is scratched up.

"Hey, it wasn't me! A cat just flew out of nowhere and scratched my face!" yelled Fubuki trying to defend himself. Then a cat came out from below the stove and jumped into Johan's arms. Everyone sweatdropped, as if they were in anime, at the scene. Johan was laughing nervously. "Johan, why is Ruby here?" Asuka asked with a hint of anger in her voice. "Well, you see… I couldn't leave Ruby at home since she'll get lonely." Now everyone, except for Judai, glared at Johan. Judai sighed, "Well, we better clean this up before Edo comes back."

Ten minutes later: "See! Everything's clean now," Johan exclaimed smiling. Asuka just sighed. At that moment, someone suspiciously familiar entered…

Ryo, Sho, and Manjyome.

Ryo, who's the same age as Fubuki, has dark teal hair and the coldest eyes you'll ever face if you see him. He's mostly quiet and mysterious, but if you challenge him, he'll gladly beat you in it and humiliate you in public. But somehow, that's what made girls fall in love with him.

Sho's his little brother, with spiky light blue hair and stormy gray eyes. Now you think he's like his brother, but he's the complete opposite. He's a shy, sweet, short person that's brothers with the coolest brother in his college. He's a senior in high school, just like Manjyome and Judai. He's an innocent little boy that girls find so cute.

Now, there's Manjyome, one of the most popular seniors in his school. Though he prefers being called Manjyome-sanda, for a reason no one knows. He has black spiky hair, black eyes and he wears all black. He's arrogant, but has a charming personality when it comes to the ladies. The girls love him, making him a vital part in the cafe. He doesn't tell anyone this, but he's rich. Though the staff found out eventually, they wondered why he would be working at a cafe. His reason is considered "family reasons" as he described it to his friends.

The cleaning staff sighed in relief, they would never see another day if Edo caught them. "What happened here?" Sho asked with concern. "Nii-san's new dish exploded because Ruby jumped onto his face." Asuka mumbled. Manjyome laughed at this. "You've got to be kidding! Fubuki, you got owned by a cat? If Edo catches you guys, you're dead!" That crossed the line. Johan took Ruby and placed her in front of his face to scratch him. "OW!!! What the hell was that for?" Johan snickered, "You insulted Ruby, and no one makes fun of my family." Now Manjyome had scars everywhere on his face, just like Fubuki. "That's it! You're going down, Andersen!" In result, the two had a fight.

Everyone just left the kitchen, since it was getting pretty tight in there. Now, you would think Manjyome and Johan fighting would be a big deal, but you're dead wrong. This is just a typical day in the GX café.

It took 30 minutes for the whole fight to end, and when Johan and Manjyome came out, they were clutching their stomachs. It turns out that whenever they fight, they only target their stomachs and their "areas". Manjyome left to change into his uniform in the storage closet.

And during that fight, the customers who ran away came back. That included the "annoying girls" as Edo would call them. And where the heck Edo is, you wonder? Well, in 3…2…1…

He's back, carrying a huge bag full of new plates. Johan saw this and went to his aid. "You need help there, partner?" he asked as if he never got into the fight. Edo smiled, "Sure." Johan took half of the plates into the kitchen, with Edo following. They placed the plates away into the cabinet, when Edo spoke up. "Did you and Manjyome have another fight?"

"How'd you know? Are you psychic or something?"

Edo shrugged, "Every time you guys get in a fight, you walk in a specific way."

"Really? I never noticed." But as Johan was about to leave, Edo stood in his way. "Um Edo, I'd love to talk and stuff but I really have help out the customers." Johan said nervously.

"The customers can wait," Edo mumbled as he brought his face closer to Johan. Johan, on the other hand, was clueless and blushing like crazy. His face would've bring the hottest volcano to shame.

And their lips met…


Judai avoided the table with Rei at all costs. He was really uncomfortable under her love gaze. Seriously, you would go insane if someone was staring at you, all the time. Coughstalkercough. Anyways… He saw Johan and Edo going into the kitchen, and realized that Ruby was still inside there. He went into the kitchen and his eyes widened at the sight. His Johan was being kissed by Edo. Wait, since when Johan's mine… he thought. Looks like they didn't notice me, probably a good time to leave quietly. And just as he thought, he left. Though, he was wrong on one thing, Johan did notice him.

Judai was heartbroken at that experience. He never felt so sad before. He clutched his chest and closed his eyes shut wishing that what he had seen wasn't real.

"What's wrong Judai?" Judai turned his head to the voice.

"Johan…" The one person Judai never expected, as he looked into Johan's ocean eyes.

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