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GX Café

Chapter 5: Fangirl Raid!!!

Edo, Fubuki, and Ryo were just helping out ladies inside GX Café. No explosions, dances, or anything else was happening at the chaotic café, which was unusual. It was a peaceful day, which the guys were definitely not going to waste. Where was the rest of the staff, you ask? Well, in 3…2…1…

The door blew open, with Judai, Johan, Sho, Asuka, and Manjyome coming in, and slammed the door shut. They were leaning their bodies onto the door, as if to make sure no one was to get in. And they were out of breath, too. The customers around them just stared at them, quietly.

The serving trio was speechless, too. One thought crossed all of their minds: What the hell is wrong with them? Then the next action freaked them out more. Manjyome locked the door, went up to Edo, and clenched Edo's collar. "They're coming. They're coming to get us!" Manjyome sounded really serious, and desperate.

Edo shook off Manjyome's grip on his collar. "Whose they?"

This time Sho responded. "The f-fangirls."

Now Edo's and Ryo's eyes widened. "Fangirls?" Fubuki was already used to fangirls chasing after him, since he's a star. "I think you guys are overreacting just a little."

"And fanboys too," Asuka added. And those three words made Fubuki crack. "WHAT?!?! No one dates Asuryn without my permission! But I'm proud that you have so many admirers, little sis." Fubuki gave Asuka a thumb's up.

"How many times do I have tell you to not to call me that name?!?!" Asuka slapped Fubuki's head, causing a huge bump to grow on his head.

"A-Asuka, you didn't have to hit so hard." Fubuki was on his knees, clutching his head. Note: Don't EVER get Asuka mad, or else you'll end up like her poor brother there.

Asuka muttered, "Baka."

Ryo spoke up, for once. "So, what the hell do we do? Wait for the fangirls and boys to harass us?"

Everyone's heads turned to Ryo. He had a point; if they don't do something, things will become horrid. Then…

The door began to be slammed. "Crap!" cried Manjyome, "They're here! Everyone, evasive maneuver lockdown!" The customers were now getting freaked out by Manjyome, so they just stood up, paid, and were about to leave through the front door. But Johan pushed them out of the back door, which no one except the staff knew about. "Please, exit through the back door. And don't tell ANYONE about this way." And with that Johan locked the back door too.

"Okay, that's over with. Now, we can-." Johan was interrupted by some banging and looked up at the ceiling. "What the hell was that?"

Everyone looked up and wondered. "Probably some rats," Sho said. "Well, those must be some HUGE rats. It sounds like they're about to break the vents!" Fubuki spoke too soon. The vents broke and two girls landed inside the café. "AH!!!" Everyone cowered against the wall.

One of the girls said, "Ow… I told you to crawl lightly!" The other, yet familiar, girl rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry, didn't know the vents were really-." The black-haired girl took notice of setting and squealed as she saw her target. "Ryo!!! I found you!" She glomped Ryo, which made him kind of nervous.

Finally, Ryo remembered. "You're that girl that danced with me last night. Your name's… Emma, right?"

Emma's eyes lit up with happiness. "You actually remember me! I'm so happy!" She hugged Ryo again, with everyone else sweatdropping.

The other girl saw Johan and immediately hugged him breathless. "Johan-kun!!! I found you too!" As she hugged him, Johan's face was turning blue and his eyes showed his poor soul, pleading, to be released. All he choked out was, "Y-You're c-crushing me!" The fangirl crushing Johan heard the message and immediately released him. "Sorry, I have a firm grip. Anyways, I'm Kyo, one of your most dedicated fangirls!"

Johan's right eye twitched. "That was not firm, that was killer! And how'd you get here?" Kyo pointed towards the air vent that was broken by the two fangirls. "I know that! I meant, how did you get into the air vents?"

Emma finally got out of her fangirl mode and stood next to Kyo. "Well, it's a long story. But we tried to run the door over, but it seemed like you guys barracked it, so we found a hole in the back of the restaurant. It turns out to be an air vent, and that's how we ended up here."

Edo made a mental note. Must pay someone to patch up the hole.

Then, Asuka realized something very shocking. "Hey, if those two girls know how to get in, then that means…" She trailed off, shocked/scared. The staff's eyes bugged out and went into panic mode.

Sho and Judai were screaming about in circles. "We're doomed! We're all going to die!"

Manjyome sighed, walked to the screaming duo, and slapped their faces, hard. "Get a hold of yourselves!!! It's not going to be the end of the world! We just need to find a way to make sure no one gets in here, or out." Sho and Judai exchanged glances with each other, raised their hands, then…


"Ow! What the hell was that for?!?" Manjyome rubbed his now really red cheek.

"For slapping us!" Sho and Judai snapped back simultaneously. Annnndddd, they started to argue, again.

"Enough!!!" Everyone's head turned to the sound of the voice. It turned out to be… Ryo. "Now, we have to find a plan on how to survive, or else I would go Hell Kaiser!" Ryo has this personality problem, if he gets too pissed off, he'll go all psycho and partially evil on everyone. And they fear this side of him; he'll beat up anyone that even talks back at him! It only happened once. Edo made him Hell Kaiser and he stayed like that for 6 months! You don't want to know what happened between them.

Kyo and Emma sweatdropped in the background. "Your boyfriend sure is bossy." "But he's still hot! And that's all what matters."

"Okay, let's just calm down. Well, we should first cover up the hole, before the girls come back in. Then, we can find out what to do with everyone outside." Asuka acted the mediator of the group, since she's the only reasonable one there.

"Yes! That would be a nice plan, little sis! And if those boys try to ask you out without my approval, they'll be in soooo much pain." Fubuki's eyes had a tiny glint of evil in them, either that or it was my imagination.

"And you guys are helping us, too." The blond pointed at the two girls in front of her.

Kyo shrugged. "Sure, why not. Anything to get rid of the girls who think Johan's theirs."

Emma nodded in agreement. "I don't want anyone to have my Ryo! So, we'll do the best we can!"

"Okay, Judai and Johan, you guys get some wood planks from the storage room. Edo, you get the toolbox from the kitchen. Ryo and Nii-san, you guys will fix the hole, since you two took woodshop. The rest of us, we go to the doors and make sure no one gets in. Got it?" Asuka was a natural born leader.

"Right." And with that, everyone went to do their roles.


30 minutes later.

"Ow! I got a splinter!" Fubuki complained.

"Get a bandage from the first-aid kit in the kitchen. I'm almost done anyways." Ryo hammered away, as Fubuki got down from the ladder and went into the kitchen.

Everyone else was taking a drink and chilling in the place.

"I'm done," Ryo said as he hammered down the last nail. He jumped down from the ladder and placed the hammer and extra nails into the toolbox.

"Well, there's nothing to do here now," Kyo stated dully.


Kyo spoke too soon. She stood up immediately as everyone else did. "The fangirls are back!"

Sho walked to the window and pulled the curtain aside, to see that a lot of girls were banging the door with a batting ram. And some girls screamed, "Zane! Please be my boyfriend!" "Chazz, will you marry me?" "Jaden, I love you!" "Jesse, be my husband!" and you get the idea. Luckily, there were no fanboys for Asuka to worry about. Anyways, Sho jumped back in fear.

Kyo and Emma were confused. "Why do they call you those names?" Emma asked, with a slight jealousy in her voice.

"Well, it's been like since we opened the café. Somehow they came up with those names, since a lot of girls are tourists, wanting to practice English, or something like that (yes, they live in a Japanese town). But it's very annoying when they speak those horrid names (no offense to people that only watch dub or think dub's better)," Edo explained.

Johan grabbed some chairs and tables and placed them against the door, making them a barrack. He wiped the back of his hand against his forehead and sighed in relief. "That should hold them off. Though, I think we have to close the café for a few days after this."

Edo nodded. "Yeah, I'll call someone to fix up the holes and that would take about 2 days to finish."

"Yes! No work for two days! I can finally hang out with my brother alone." Judai always worked, and didn't really spend much time with his brother, Haou, except for Sundays and weeknights because of school and stuff.

The banging resumed, but it seemed like no one inside was paying attention to it.

Everyone gathered around the T.V. and sat on the couches, drank a… whatever they chose to drink. And it stayed silent for what seems like 10 minutes.

Fubuki broke the silence though. "So, how school you guys? Any teachers being unfair to you?"

The high schoolers all had one answer. "Chronos-sensei." They all answered simultaneously.

"Oh yeah, I remember him! When I first saw him, I thought he was a she!" Fubuki laughed as he thought back at his past.

Everyone giggled at that, since it was true. If you ever see him, you'd think he WAS a she!

"Then, that same day you got detention for a week by him." Ryo countered as he placed his cup onto the table.

Everyone, except for Fubuki and Ryo, laughed at the statement. For the master of love, he just groaned at the sentence.

"Oh come on! I bet even Principal Samejima thought that too before he hired him!"

The gang had a few hours of fun, which made them forget about time. And soon, nightfall came (okay, I'm tired, bored, and lazy. So… just make up what they did over the time). The fangirls stopped pounding and it was quite peaceful inside the café. Though, they were too busy having fun to notice. Finally, Manjyome noticed. "Hey, sounds like those girls are gone."

"I hope so. Because, once we open that door, we're dead," Sho said.

For the whole time, Kyo, Johan, Ryo, and Emma were playing thirteen, the card game. And apparently, Ryo was winning. Ryo placed down his last card. "That's another point for me, you guys. Kyo's out, so Edo comes in. And I'll beat his ass!"

Edo sighed. "As if, Ryo." Edo gave his cocky smirk, as Kyo shuffled the cards and sat next to Johan. And they just kept on playing.

Sho pulled the curtain aside to see that there were many flowers and candies on the floor, and no fangirls. "Okay, those girls are gone. We can unlock the door now, you guys."

"Well, now that the girls are gone, you guys have to go," Manjyome said.

"What?!?" Kyo and Emma had a face of shock. "Why?"

"Because, we're going to close down. And plus, you've been annoying most of the time." The arrogant teen walked towards the door.

"You're just jealous that I beat your sorry butt in thirteen." Kyo had a triumphant smirk, as Manjyome stopped dead in his tracks.

"What did you say, girl?" Manjyome was glaring at Kyo and vice versa, with lightning shooting out of their eyes!

"Fine, I'll open the door then." Ryo sighed as he got up and opened the door…


Ryo ran in and closed the door, but it was too late. The fangirls got inside the café and were glomping the guys. "He's my Sho!" "Get your hands off of Johan!"

And with that, the guys spent their night trying to escape the fangirls of doom… And that included Kyo and Emma.

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