Summery: Meredith leaves. Tragedy sends her running back home to Seattle. MerAlex.

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She stared in awe at what destruction it caused. Her once beautiful house lied in a pile of black, burned wood, furniture, and her old possessions. Her eyes scanned the mass of rubble watching as analyst sifted through the debris to rule out any foul play in the incident and to make sure the claim could be filed for insurance. Her eyes continued to look across the mess. Just ten hours ago, she was safely tucking her kids into bed. Just ten hours ago, she had somewhere to live.

"Mama, can we go to the park tomorrow?" Her daughter asked as she yawned.

"We'll see." She bent down and kissed her cheek. "Sleep tight."

"I love you, Mama." She mumbled rolling onto her side.

"I love you too, Baby."

Coco started to bark down stairs and she could hear her running across the living room.

"Stop that, Coco." She hissed from up the stairs as she pulled the door shut to her daughter's room. Coco barked once more, let out a light whimper, and her chain made a clicking sound as she walked across the floor towards the kitchen.

"Mama?" Her son's voice came from his room.

"Coming." She called back looking down the stairs once more before walking down the hall to the other room. "Ready for bed?" He nodded throwing his covers back and jumped into bed. "Brushed your teeth?"

"I'm a big boy now, Mama. I brush my teeth all by myself." He said with self-pride.

"Well, I am very proud of you." She said pulling the covers up to his chest the way he liked it.

"Are we going to the park tomorrow?" He asked just as his twin sister had.

"We'll see." She giggled kissing his head. "Why don't we just get through tonight before we worry about tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, Mama." He smiled sleepily as he rolled over. "Love you. Goodnight."

"I love you too. Goodnight." She said from the doorway as she pulled his door shut.


She had only been asleep for two hours who the shrill of an unfamiliar sound awoke her. Quickly, she recognized it and jumped from the bed. She could hear her daughter's cries and her son's screams from down the hall. Throwing the door open, she saw them standing in their doorways screaming for her.

"What's going on, Mama?" They asked at the same time.

"We need to get out of the house. Come on. Hurry."

As she treaded down the stairs with her children by her side, she could fell the temperature rising. Gathering her kids in her arms, she hurried to the door. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the bright orange flame bursting from the kitchen. Smoke floated out in all directions polluting the area they were in. She threw the door open and told the kids to run as fast as she they could to the neighbors yard who lived across the street. They did as they were told as she went further into the house. Sweat beads began to form on her forehead as she got closer to the fire.

"Coco!" She screamed as loud as she could. "Coco!"

She heard nothing. A light fell as the fire spread further towards the living room. Part of the wall fell causing her to jump back. She hurried to the desk that was pushed against the wall furthest from the fire. She riffled through the papers until she found the two pictures she was looking for. Another chunk of wall came crashing down. Grabbing her bag, she ran out of the house just as the sound of sirens echoed from off in the distance. She looked back at the fire to see it spreading into the top floor and on.


The fire flickered bright colors of orange and yellow.

"What about Coco?"

"Mama, what about Coco?" They screamed at her.

Sirens blared and red, flashing lights lit the dark night sky. Neighbors crowded around to watch as her house burned. There was a loud cracking noise and the porch caved in on itself. Firefighters fled backwards a little as dust exploded from the rubble of the porch and dark smoke cloud. Her children squealed as she shielded them from the dust and flying debris. She could hear a few firefighters yell to one another as they connected the hose up. There was a loud boom and a part of the roof collapsed. The brick chimney fell and broke apart on contact. Her eyes glisten with tears as one finally crack filled the air and the whole house tumbled into a flaming pile of rubble. A cloud of smoke, debris, and dust flew up in the air and pushed out towards the street.

"Get down." A firefighter yelled. She pulled her kids to the ground as a hot burst of air passed over their backs. Then everything went quiet. She didn't hear the screams of the people around her or the cries of her children. She didn't hear the echoing sirens or the flicker of the blazing fire. Everything just went quiet as she looked into the fearful eyes of her children.

She could hear the hose spraying water on the broken house with great force. She could hear slamming doors of fire trucks. She held her eyes closed for what seemed like forever. When she opened them again, the air had settled and people were slowly standing up around her.

"Stay down." She said to her children as she used her arms to push herself up. Slowly she arouse to her feel awestruck at what had become of her house. Sobs began to work their way up her throat and she struggled to hold herself steady. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her children gathered themselves off the ground into the sitting position.

"Mama, is Coco dead?" Her daughter asked in a shaky voice that she didn't have the heart to answer. She just fell to her knees between them and pulled them close to her.