Authors Note: Okay so the reason I haven't updated was because I've been having a struggle. I love Modern Effulgent…in my mind it's a gorgeous one shot. Or is it??? I want to continue but I think that messing with a good thing is a bad idea. So here's chapter two…or possibly an epilogue. Really it's your choice so just tell me what you think!!!

Chapter 2: This Emotion

Spike wandered farther down the street and tried to name the emotion he was feeling. He lit a cigarette and leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes. He pictured the look on Buffy's face again. This emotion was not fear or anxiety; those were the feelings he'd had when first seeing her while he was onstage. The poet inside him struggled to find words beautiful enough for this feeling; a gleaming, shimmering, splendid feeling. Effulgent. The word came to him as though it'd been there all along. And maybe it had. An effulgent emotion. It was a feeling he hadn't had in a long time; not since the first time he'd said the word effulgent. When he sang to Buffy it was the modern day equivalent to his poem about Cecily. The modern effulgent. So now, the feeling he'd had so many years ago when Cecily had read his poem, had returned. Although that had ended badly he couldn't deny this emotion, this feeling burning deep inside him. This effulgent feeling of hope.