Okay, sorry about the delay (and the further delay that will follow this pseudo-chapter). I am putting this on hiatus until further notice, because I feel that a rewriting of antiTHESIS is completely and utterly necessary if I am to continue. Explanations will be below in the pseudo-chapter, since it is illegal and such to post just an author's note, but if you don't feel like reading the fake, just scroll down to the bottom to read my reasoning, please?

And now, may I present...

The antiTHESIS dressing room!

x wherein awinchan attempts to explain her hiatus with an attempt at hilarity

'Seriously, what the hell is going on with this story?' Niou Masaharu, silver hair in a messy rattail has a slight smirk on his face even as he complains, since he knows that he's the author's favourite character. (Of course, being her favourite character, the author feels the need to force him and his smirk into every situation possible.)

'Why are you complaining?' grumbles a short individual. Far shorter. He has olive-green hair and is dressed in a maid outfit which suits him far too well. 'It's not like you're the one being kicked around all the time. You always get the cool roles. I'm just the secretary.'

'Well it suits you, Echizen,' Niou replies with a roll of his eyes. 'Everyone knows that the only reason you're still here is 'cause people want to see you in a dress. Even the author doesn't really like you since she thinks you're like, the whiniest brat ever.'

Echizen Ryoma decides that he's had enough - he's not getting paid very well and really, why should this minor role get to push him around? He's Echizen Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis (or he would have been if he had been in a proper non-AU fanfic)! And Niou Masaharu's just that weird guy from Rikkai who has that gentlemanly glasses-wearing lookalike.

'I quit!'

And for a moment everyone else in the dressing room continues with their own activities. Fuji is just talking to Marui about his latest role - 'really, Marui-kun, I didn't think you had it in you' - while Atobe is bemoaning his predicament to Kabaji - 'why should I have to be the antagonist?' All the others are doing something or another, though Tezuka does spare a glance for Ryoma, but it is disapproving since he knows that Ryoma is just being himself and not living up to his duties as a pillar.

And Ryoma repeats himself, a little louder this time. 'I quit!'

This time Niou chooses to react. 'So?' He raises an eyebrow. 'It's not like you really matter any more.'

'I quit - huh?'

'Look at it this way.' Niou pulls out a large chart out of nowhere, which is bright and colourful and particularly sparkly. (For all you who want to know, Akaya made it.) 'See. Look at the Seigaku appearances. They're the blue.'

And Ryoma looks at the blue line on the chart. For some reason, it seems to go steadily downward.

'Now look at the purple line - that's Hyoutei - and the yellow one - that's Rikkai.'

And sure enough, those two lines, purple and yellow, are going the opposite direction that Seigaku is.

'Therein lies the problem,' somebody else added, a bespectacled black-haired man popping up from behind them. Ryoma starts. Niou pretends not to. Inui Sadaharu just pushes up his glasses. 'At the rate this is going, the story will be entirely focussed on Rikkai and Hyoutei simply because the writer here is trying to avoid Seigaku.'

'Why would she do that?' Ryoma demands, crossing his arms in a sulky manner. 'I mean-'

'Because Rikkai and Hyoutei are cooler,' Niou remarks, stretching behind him. 'But that's a problem for me as well, since people aren't reading to read 'bout Rikkai and Hyoutei - people are deluded enough to want to read about you and megane-sensei over there.' Niou nods at Tezuka, whose frown deepens ever so slightly.

'Also, stats say that most people will have stopped reading by now because this just is not funny,' Inui says with a slight sigh as he glances down at his notebook. 'As well, the present tense and the strange characterisation must have deterred quite a few people.'

And because of that, time to stop this awful charade and just try to explain my reasoning.

--- people can start reading again here ­---

As shown above, tenipuri has been slipping away from me recently, with characterisation going AWOL and the desire to write it doing so as well. I've never really liked Seishun, which is where the problem lies - I just don't find as much fun writing TezuRyo as I do writing all the bits with Niou in it. *dies* I'm sorry. I plan on putting this on hiatus until I plan out what is going to happen with this story (because I seriously have no idea about what to do with Ryoma at the moment) - either there will be major rewriting with more Seishun happenings and less Rikkai/Hyoutei, or there will be no more because antiTHESIS is kinda dying.

I'd like any feedback that people can give. I've fallen into the trap of not planning out where I wanted to go with this, and what they think could be done for amelioration? Once again, I apologise.

But any feedback at all (anger, resentment, dispassion) would really be helpful, via review or PM.

-awinchan who is really all kinds of sorry, please beat her