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DISCLAMER: I am not Stephanie Meyer and never will be. I have stolen -angry mob approaches- uh I mean borrowed her characters for a bit.

I was sitting with rose on one side of me and Alice on the other. Alice was talking about our last shopping trip, While rose was eating a salad staring at the ceiling bored. I felt some one tap my shoulder, turning around I discovered mike staring at me hopefully.

"no mike I will not go out with you. If you excuse me I have to get some books from my locker."

I stood up walking out of the lunch room. Ugh mike was always hitting on me, then again most people did. Alice, Rose, and I were as you might call us, popular. We always wore new clothes, mostly expensive. My father was rich, my mother had passed away a couple years ago. Alice, Rose and I had been friends since birth…seriously we had been. Rose was born two days before me, and Alice was born a day after me. Our mothers had shared a hospital room. They were practically my sisters, Rose almost literally was. Her father had passed away before she was born and her mother had died when she was four. My father had taken her in, so technically we really were sisters. Alice was my absolute best friend, even if she wasn't my actual family she still had her own room at my house.

I realized I was standing in front of my locker. Quickly opening it, I looked at the mirror. I had a single tears running across my cheek. I always cried when I though of my mother and Roses mom. I wiped it away, then grabbed my books. On my way back to the lunch room, I thought I heard a snicker. I looked around but I didn't see anyone. Shrugging, I started to walk again. Unfortunately I didn't see the small puddle of water directly in front of me. I stepped directly in it, and slipped, falling backwards. I felt two arms wrap around my waist, keeping me from the floor. A pair of beautiful green eyes looked into my own chocolate brown ones.

"are you ok?"

he said as he set me upright. I nodded, this boy was having a strange effect on me. I was tingling where he had touched me.


I screamed as mike sprinted down the hall laughing his head off. I sighed, I was going to kill him in gym.

"thanks…uh, what's your name? I don't recognize you."

The boy chuckled.

"my name is Edward. Edward Mason."

his voice made me tingle again. "well my name is Bella."

I was getting a little uncomfortable. I happened to be wearing very long black stockings topped with lace, a small white mini skirt, and a white t-shirt with a black vest coming down into v-points at the end. At least you couldn't see the lace on my stockings, although they looked like pantyhose.

"Bella what?" Edward had one eye brown raised.

"Bella Swan." I replied. "so are you new here? I usually would recognize some one who wasn't new."

Edward laughed again then nodded. "yes I am new here. My brother, my cousin and I moved here from LA."

wow he was from LA! I ray of sunshine went in from the window making his hair glow bronze. I hadn't realized before but his hair had a bronze tint to it.

"well it was nice to meet you Edward. You have about ten more minutes of lunch period by the way. If you have any questions just ask." I said with a smile as I walked away, my books in my bag.

The first thing I noticed in the lunch room was mike surrounded by other people, all laughing. I walked over and slapped him upside the head…hard.

"that was for making me fall you asshole!" I spat as I walked away again.

Rose was looking at me sympathetically when I sat back down. Alice was glaring the back of mikes head. All of a sudden their eyes turned to the doors which had just opened to reveal three boys.

"oh my god those guys are hott!" Alice squealed.

I laughed, Edward and two other boys who must have been his brother and cousin looked over when Alice had squealed.

"the one in the middle is Edward, and the ones around him must be his brother and cousin." I said while looking over my nails, trying not to look at Alice and Roses shocked faces.

"uh…how do you know that Bella?" Alice was looking at me questioningly.

"oh, mike put water on the floor so I would trip, and Edward caught me." my voice sounded indifferent. I looked up, Edward caught my eye and smiled, heading over to Alice, Rose, and I.