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We all walked up to the one restaurant in the mall. The mall was huge, yet there was only one restaurant. Very strange. It was some burger place. Personally I preferred the sushi place a couple miles away from forks. The hostess showed us to a table, then walked away leaving us alone. I was sitting right next to Edward, With Emmett on my other side. Alice was across from me with Jasper next to her. Rose was on Emmett's other side. A pretty blond waitress walked up, she was chewing some gum and a fluffy pen was behind her ear. She took one look at Emmett and looked him up and down, obviously liking what she was seeing.

"Hey there, anything I can get for you?" you could totally tell she was implying something else. I noticed Rose's signature "Get your eyes off of my soon to be squeeze" glare on her face. I snorted, Alice noticed and looked over at Rose. She started giggling.

"Uh, a cheeseburger with fries for me. What do you want Rosalie?" Emmett asked, staring intently at her. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She…SHE DID NOT!

"Rosalie Lillian Hale! You did not just blush!" Alice and I yelled out. She blushed a deeper shade of red. I put my head on my arms, which were on the table.

"Guess I rubbed off on you Rose. Just great, Two blushers in the same house." I muttered. Alice started giggling.

"What do you mean by in the same house." Edward asked. I looked up at him intently. He was looking at me with unguarded curiosity. I blanked for a second, damn the man for making me go into a puddle with just a glance.

"Well, Rose's mom died when she was four…and her dad had died before she was born. My mom and dad adopted her, she was really shaken up when my mom died a couple years ago. It was like her losing another parent. Of course I felt the exact same way when Alice's dad passed away two years ago. So technically my dad is our dad, and Alice's mom is our mom." I explained. Alice was crying silently, Rose was shaking next to Emmett, her eyes closed, and I realized I was crying along with Alice.

"Not again!" I muttered. I quickly wiped my tears away, Alice did the same.

"I am so sick of crying." Alice just laughed at my comment.

"Ok, ok. Lets lighten this up a little. So girls we have to start planning where everything is going to go in my room." This time Jasper looked confused.

"She is turning her room into a mall?" he asked. I started laughing, Rose shook her head.

"She is turning her room at our house into a mall. It will be a purple mall but a mall none the less." she giggled. Alice stuck her tongue out at us. I rolled my eyes at her. A couple minutes later the food came, which was odd because the waitress had run away when Alice and I had yelled at Rose. Turns out every one got what Emmett ordered. We were all fine with that, not like we were on one of those crazy diets. We were naturally skinny. Emmett immediately dug into his cheeseburger, Rose used a knife and fork…yeah, that's weird. Jasper was feeding Alice fries…wow. I shook my head, Alice was really into him. She despised people feeding her. I took a fry and dipped the end in my ketchup. I plopped the fry in my mouth then licked my lips, the fries were a but salty. About ten seconds after I felt Edwards hand, trailing up my thigh. I must of jumped about a foot out of my chair. I wasn't blushing, that was good. Alice was looking at me like I was crazy, but she must of noticed my startled eyes because she smirked and ate the next fry Jasper gave. Edward leaned closer to me

"Are you ok Bella? I saw you jump." his hand was back on my thigh, slowly trailing higher. Damn him, he was really good. He was still staring at me intently, his other hand holding his head up. I glared at him for a second before grabbing another fry. He wanted a fight? Oh he was going to get one.


It was risking flirting like this with Bella, but heck, I was already staring at her luscious lips when she trailed her tongue along the bottom one and then the top. She really was trying to kill me. For a second I thought she was going to slap my hand away, oh god was I wrong. She just reached for another fry, acting like I did nothing wrong. Hmm, that wasn't going to do at all. All of a sudden she puts one tip of the fry in her mouth, and. Starts. Sucking. On. It. The bulge in my pants grew very large. Next thing I know she bites off the tip, then swirls her tongue along the edge of the fry.

"I just love the saltiness of the fries here, don't you Edward?" she asked, looking completely innocent. Jasper and Alice were watching us, amusement clearly written on their faces. She was going to pay for that one.


Edwards face was priceless after I practically gave my fry a freaking blow job. Then, his face turned into an Evil grin, clearly saying you are going to pay for that. His hand, which hand gone completely still once I started sucking on my fry, starting trailing higher up my stockings. I took a sip of my coke which the waitress had brought with our burgers, he wasn't going to get the satisfaction of making me squirm. Then, I felt his finger trailing the lace at the end of my stockings, and slowly dip under the lace. I dropped the fry I had been holding. Alice started laughing, Emmett who had been whispering in Rose's ear looked up, then started laughing with Alice at the shocked look on my face.

"I'm…I'm going to go to the bathroom really quick." I muttered faintly as I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Once inside I sat down and put my head on my knees. Edward was playing dirty.


"Dude! What the hell did you do to her!?" Emmett asked once Bella had rushed to the bathroom. I smiled evilly.

"Bella started it!" I whined. Jasper started laughing.

"Edward you should have seen your face when she did that to her fry!" he was still laughing really hard. Emmett looked like we had invited him to a strip show.

"What did she do to her fry?" he asked excited. I rolled my eyes.

"Well…Edward did something to her that made her jump really high. So as a comeback she grabbed a fry and started sucking on the end of it, then she bit it and swirled her tongue along the end of it! His face was hilarious!" Emmett started laughing right along with Jasper.

"You know Edward, she really is skilled with her tongue." Rosalie teased, then started giggling. I started to imagine what that tongue could do to me. Oh god, I couldn't wait. I would find out about that tongue sooner or later.


I was still angry at Edward for doing that do to me. every time I got a chance I glared at him. I had come back from the bathroom to find every one laughing and Edward smirking. I had hit the back of his head as I sat down, which just made everyone laugh harder. Throughout the whole rest of the meal he had run his fingers under the lace on my stockings and I had sucked on my finger after dipping it in ketchup, licked my lips a lot, and once even spilt some ketchup in my shirt, wiped it up with my finger and licked the ketchup off. His face was priceless after that.

"Guys, there is only enough room in the jeep for four people with all of Alice's stuff In there." Edward immediately smiled.

"Bella and I can go in Rosalie's car." I turned to him.

"Why would I want to ride with you." I hissed at him. He just smiled again.

"That sounds ok." Rose snickered. I glared at her, she was going to pay. Edward all of a sudden grabbed my arm and dragged me over to Rose's car. He practically pushed me into the passenger side. I heard Rose and Alice call have fun, before Edward shut the door and sprinted over to the drivers side.

"Any reason you are so excited to get in a car alone with me?" I muttered once Edward had started the car. He looked over at me and grinned, before tracing my thigh with a finger.

"Ok, now that no one is here to hear me yell at you. What the hell was that in the restaurant!?" I yelled at him. Edward just continued to grin, I looked down at his hand, it was completely under my skirt now.

"E-Edward." I whispered faintly. I sucked in a breath and stiffened. He was playing with the lace on the edge of my panties. His hand trailed down again, then up, but on top of my skirt this time. Edward still had his eyes glued to the road, but there was a cocky smirk on his face. I looked down again and noticed his hand was trailing up my side. My mouth was extremely dry, and I felt a little faint, otherwise I would have noticed he was driving eighty miles an hour at least, that and his hand wasn't trailing slowly. We were probably about five minutes to my house when his hand reached my breast. I couldn't keep my eyes off of his hand, it lightly traced under my breast, then circled it. Next thing I know his finger Is trailing inside my bra. His finger circled my nipple, some how making it peak instantly, and earning a sexy whimper from me. I vaguely realized the car had stopped. His head was now slowly turning towards me, the second our eyes made contact he was on top of me kissing me with passion. I had never been kissed like this before, like he had to kiss me, like it was physically impossible not to kiss me. I liked it. One of Edwards hands was on my hip, pulling me closer if that was possible, and the other one was in my hair, pulling my head closer. His tongue ran along my bottom lip asking for entrance. I happily granted it. My tongue and his tongue battled for a second, before I gave up. I didn't care who was in who's mouth as long as we were kissing. My hand trailed up his spine to his hair. It was really soft. I knock on the window interrupted us. Edward jumped off me, and I looked up at the window. everyone was outside the window watching us. I blushed cherry red again, this was way embarrassing. Alice was laughing so hard she was leaning against Rose while Rose was staring with wide eyes. Emmett was mouthing "Go Eddie!" while Jasper had his hands on Alice hip to hold him upright. He happened to be laughing with her. I strained my shirt so it covered my bra again, then sat up and opened the door.

"Helloooooo." I said cautiously. Rose grinned evilly at me then grabbed my arm and dragged my inside for some insanely evil torture.


"Jeez Ed. First day here and you already have your tongue in some girls mouth. You already got one girl pregnant, don't need another one on our hands!" I got really mad at that. Bella was not some girl!…shouldn't I be mad they said I got some girl pregnant and not for saying Bella was some girl. Wow, I really liked Bella. I never got mad when they called some one else some girl yet I did with Bella.

"Ed! Hey over here!" Emmett called, waving his hand in front of my face.

"What?" I blinked a couple times. He looked at me confused, while Jasper was staring at me knowingly.

"God! No Jasper! I don't love her!" I hissed at Jasper. He had been thinking something like that, although oddly, I liked the sound of that. Love. What was love really? I mean I loved my parents and Jasper and Emmett. But not that kind of love. I had only met Bella today, yes I liked her, probably more than anyone I had ever been with even if she wasn't with me…yet. She would be my girlfriend, I hated the idea of anyone kissing her or touching her other than me.

"EDWARD! Snap out of it man!" Jasper yelled at me. I looked at him blankly, my thoughts were still focused on Bella. Jasper and Emmett gave each other a look before turning around and heading inside. I shrugged mentally and followed them. Hopefully Bella isn't being tortured by Rosalie and Alice.


Once inside the house Rose pushed me up the stairs to her room followed by Alice.

"Ok! Why did we just find you making out with Edward in my car?" she asked excitedly. I blushed, I couldn't help it. For some reason I liked being caught by everyone, while making out with Edward. It was kind of Erotic…ok, I have known Edward for a couple hours and I am already thinking like this? Come on! I'm not that slutty…is it slutty if you really like that person? I don't know I'm confused.

"um…uh…" was the wonderful response I could come up with. Alice glared at me, clearly not liking my response.

"he was playing with my stockings ok!" I yelled at them, then clapped my hand over my mouth, my eyes wide. Oh god please don't tell me I said that. Alice fell off the bed laughing while Rose looked at me, she knew I was holding out.

"come on Bella! All the details!" Rose urged. I shook my head, no way I was telling them Edward had touched my breast. Rose all of a sudden fell of the bed while Alice stopped jumping up and down.

"I said that out loud huh?" I asked, my voice still muffled by my hand. Alice nodded her head up and down, Rose put her head on the edge of the bed.

"Why did you allow him to do that sister dear?" Rose asked in a sickly sweet voice. I gulped, this wasn't going to be good. It took me two seconds to vault over there heads to the door. I ran down the stairs, Rose was right behind me. Jasper opened the front door with Emmett right behind him. I dodged around them Edward was still by the car.

"Edward help!" I squealed. He looked over at me with a confused look on his face. I dove behind him, and looked over his shoulder. Emmett and Jasper each had Rose's arms in their grips.

"BELLA!" she roared. I cringed, she was mad I had let Edward take advantage of me. Technically it wasn't taking advantage if I let him…of course she was protective after the whole Tim thing. All of a sudden Alice was right behind Rose, jumping over her. Jasper let go of Rose and caught her mid-air. Emmett now had his arms wrapped around Rose's waist, keeping her from jumping at me.

"BELLA!" they screamed together. I cringed again, they were going to kill me.

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