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Chapter 1 – Beautiful Day

There really was no reason for him to be having such a bad day. The sun was shining in a beautiful cloudless blue sky. He hasn't had the haunting princess dream in at least a week so he can't use lack of sleep as an excuse. Furthermore, the rest has allowed him to catch up on all of his studies and there hadn't been any reason for his alter ego to go on his nocturnal adventures, so why in Kama was he so very grumpy today?

His mood was not lost on Motoki as he studied his best friend nursing his third cup of black coffee at the counter. Mamoru had been sitting there with such a stormy expression on his face that most of the little kids at the café were giving him a wide berth when they came up to ask Toki for their afternoon treats. "This has got to stop!" thought Toki. Mamoru has been walking around with a storm cloud following him for the better part of the week already. He had never been very chatty to begin with but in the past week he couldn't think of a conversation where Mamoru had answered him with more than two words at a time and now he's descended to just grunting his replies.

"Hey Mamoru, what's eating you?" asked Motoki.


Motoki frowned. "Mamoru!" yelled Motoki, waving his hands frantically in front of the man's face.


Motoki grabbed a towel hanging off the side of the counter and took a swipe at his best friend's head.

"Ow, what the...?" exclaimed a stunned Mamoru. He looked up at the waiter who had the towel cocked and ready for another swipe at his head.

"Finally, I get some reaction out of you. You've been sitting here moping for the past hour. You've been doing this everyday staring at your many cups of coffee with the most forbidding look on your already sour face. What's going on with you?"

"Sorry Toki, I…" He croaked, trying to make his rusty vocal cords form the words. He had more to say but the rest of it got lost in the wind as the café doors opened and four girls walked in and gathered around the counter.

"Hey girls! Wow, it seems like I haven't seen you guys in forever." Motoki cheerily greeted the group. "So what'll it be? Shakes, burgers?"

Rei and Ami looked up and gave a cheery wave in greeting. "Hi Motoki! Does this mean you missed us?" asked Mina slyly. Makoto nudged Mina out of the way to add sweetly, "If we knew that you wanted to see us, we would've come in much sooner than this."

Mamoru rolled his eyes at the antics of the two girls. His eyes roamed over the happy group and finally seemed to have found words. With his brows furrowed together he asked, "Isn't there one of you missing?"

Rei stepped over to him and pointedly said, "Mamoru, why don't you just come out and ask where she is since you so clearly want to know. If you just ask us and we'll tell you."

Mamoru blanched at this, "I have no idea what you're talking about. It's just that…uh…you all…uh…are always joined at the hip and…uh…it's just strange that any of you would be around without the other." He mentally slapped himself upside the head. Did that really just come out of his mouth? Real slick Baka! The poorly spoken explanation sounded even lamer out loud.

Makoto winked at Rei, Mina and Motoki exchanged looks and even Ami couldn't stifle a little giggle. "Well since you've still not specified who it is that you seem to think is missing, we have no idea what you're talking about either." With this, Rei turned her back on Mamoru and joined the other girls in their orders as they each piled into a nearby booth.

The girls instantly immersed themselves into a very hushed conversation that was interrupted by fits of giggles.

Motoki went to fill their orders and after sending him a knowing look left Mamoru to ponder about the last exchange.

Mamoru wanted to wallow in the flush that crept up his face, but suddenly a thought hit him like a flying tiara between the eyes, he finally realized the cause of his bad mood. He hadn't seen the Odango Atama in a week! It's been that long since he has seen that glowing smile and sky blue eyes usually flashing at him in anger under bangs the color of spun gold. It's been a week since he has seen sunlight in his dreary days. God he needed to snap out of it.

He supposed he'll have to devise some sort of plan to find out what he wanted to know without actually having to ask them. Motoki walked over to serve the girls their drinks. He caught snippets of the girls' conversations but certainly not enough to piece anything useful together.

Motoki came back and raised a very thoughtful eyebrow at him, "So, since you seemed to have snapped out of your funk. Are you going to tell me what's wrong or should I just watch while you make an ass out of yourself trying to find out where Usagi-chan has been?"

Mamoru flinched at his best friend's perception but figured it was only a matter of time before somebody found him out and it might as well have been his best friend. He had been wondering how to confide his secret to him anyway and Motoki just saved him the trouble.

"How long have you known?"

"I always had a hunch that the teasing was hiding something more but thought that eventually something would happen and you two would just spontaneously combust!" finished Motoki with a wicked grin.

"So would you help a guy out? Get the girls to tell you what I want to know and spare me the humiliation of having to actually ask them?"

"Oh Mamoru-san, you have to start somewhere. Now that you've admitted these feelings to me, you should start your next step in doing something about letting Usagi-chan know. You've dragged your feet for long enough, anyway, asking the girls where she is doesn't necessarily make your secret known."

"Look Toki. You know how hard this whole conversation is for me as it is right? Why don't you play your role as the best friend and just help a guy a little. Isn't life punishing me enough as it is with its sadistic twist of fate by making me fall in love with the one girl I can't have?" pleaded Mamoru as he dropped his head into his hands.

"Wow, you just said the L-word. Even I didn't know it was THAT serious." At the murderous look in Mamoru's eyes. Motoki backed away slowly with his hands. "Okay. I'll be right back. Sit tight with your coffee." said Motoki with a grin.

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