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Chapter 7 – Mine

Usagi woke up in a panic to a gloriously sunny day. She didn't have time to bask in the warmth of the sunlight since she was late for school yet again.

She bolted out of bed and ran around like a chicken with her head cut off as she got washed and dressed for the day. She was about to run out of her room when she noticed the beautiful array of roses on her desk. In her rush to get ready she hadn't noticed the fragrance of roses that had filled her room in the night. She leapt over her various possessions strewn haphazardly on the floor to pick up her bouquet. A piece of paper slipped off and floated softly onto the table.

In beautiful flowing handwriting it read,

It wasn't a dream. All of it was real especially my love for you.

Desperately yours,

Chiba Mamoru (TK)

She thought she was going to keel over again as the memories of the night before washed over her. She sat down on her bed with a thud instead. He loves me? He really came last night? He kissed me and took off his mask…and then…and then…oh crap. She blushed as she remembered fainting at the over stimulation. Oh why was today a school day?

She ran like a woman possessed to school while thinking about the fevered kiss she shared with Mamoru-san last night. She wondered what comes now. She half hoped that she would ram into him on her way to school as she so often did but she was even later than usual and figured that she must've missed him.

School dragged all day. She shared a quiet lunch with Ami, Mina and Makoto, they didn't ask further about Takeshi or Mamoru and she kept her note and roses to herself. She was still unsure if it was all real and she didn't want to jinx herself by saying anything out loud. She had detention that day of course for being so late to school and suffered through the extra half hour with the manga she had on hand especially for these occasions. She couldn't concentrate on it though and found herself spacing out and carving a silly caricature of her love on the corner of her desk instead.

When she was finally set free she was late for the hospital. She changed quickly into her candy striper outfit before she started for the front doors of the school. She was bolting out of school so fast that she smacked full force into what felt like a brick wall. Oh this is familiar. She felt strong arms wrapped around her to keep her upright. When she steadied herself finally she just buried her red face into the broad chest and breathed in the scent of roses, all thought of being late fled her mind.

"Why won't you look up at me?" asked a familiar voice in amusement. She blushed harder wrapping her arms around his waist she shook her head. "I don't need to look at you to know who you are." she said in a whisper. "I take it Odango, you just got out of detention and are again late for something." he said dryly. Her head snapped up then to tell him smartly how it was all his fault that she had detention in the first place.

He saw the fire in her eyes and swiftly silenced her with a hard kiss. They were both breathless when he finally released her.

"I take it from your outfit you are on your way to the hospital again." she quickly came out of the daze that his kiss had put her in. "Ooh, you're making me late again. That's twice today." she tried to pull out of his arms but he couldn't seem to let her go.

"I'll drive you to the hospital love. Would you mind if I joined you today for your visits at the hospital? I don't think I want to let you out of my sight until after we talk." He led her to the red sports car waiting on the curb and opened the door for her.

They were quiet for the short ride to the hospital, each immersed in their own thoughts. Neither knew how best to speak the words but were encouraged by the other's actions. Usagi sneaked many looks at his handsome features while he concentrated on the road.

When they passed the front desk the lady beamed at Mamoru and Usagi. "Hey you found her this time. Do you want to give her the roses now?" she asked kindly. Usagi looked at him in confusion.

"Ah…" he stuttered. "No, you can keep them, I've since given her others."

He turned to Usagi and said guiltily, "The last time I came to see you here, I actually thought you were ill and the roses I had with me were really for you."

Usagi's eyes dawned with understanding and a beautiful smile bloomed on her face. So the girls did what they were doing after all. She rose up on tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on his cheek before she grabbed his hand and they headed towards the elevators.

They went to pediatrics' first since Usagi had to start story time. When they got there the children all burst out with greetings for Usagi and Mamoru had to laugh when they all piled on top of each other to get as close to their favorite storyteller as possible. He understood the attraction well. He sat back against the wall as he listened to his dumpling weave her spell on the room with her beautiful fairy tales. He didn't think that he could love her more than he already did.

They made their way to the third floor pre-op ward after that and Mamoru followed Usagi from room to room as she spent time to converse with each patient. It seemed that they all light up just at the sight of her. They were gathering a following as Usagi went to the last stop of the day. She opened the door to the room that Mamoru had found her in last time and he found himself face to face with Takeshi-san.

Mamoru felt an instant stab of jealousy at the sight of the young man. He shook hands stiffly and exchanged greetings. Usagi thought it odd that both of them were suddenly so cool. Completely oblivious to Mamoru's stormy eyes Usagi chatted amiably with Takeshi and his friend telling the latter all about the dinner Takeshi took her out to. By the end of the visit Mamoru felt thoroughly left out and completely green with envy, but he kept his silence, waiting for Usagi to show them in some way that her heart belonged to him so there would be no mistaking their relationship.

As she turned to go, Takeshi lightly touched Usagi's shoulder and Mamoru almost stabbed him with a steel tipped rose. "Usagi-chan, you seem to be much happier today. Did you by chance figure out your problems with your friend?" he asked cryptically but he kept his eyes on Mamoru knowing the answer. The color in her cheeks rose again and Mamoru wondered what she was going to say to Takeshi about their relationship, when she grasped his hand tightly pulling him to her side and said with a smile as bright as the sun, "Yes, Takeshi-san, you were right. I've finally made him mine." She was walking out the door and missed the smug smile that Mamoru threw to Takeshi as she pulled him in her wake.

She sneaked a peak up at him when they were in the hallway to see how he took her little statement in the room. He was looking at her with such love and desire that she almost squeaked. She did squeak when he pulled her into the empty stairwell for a deep and thorough kiss.

He dragged his lips from hers to nibble on her earlobe, "You have no idea what it does to me to see you in that getup." he whispered. "The first time that I saw you in that, I almost lost all discipline and drooled. Part of the reason I got so ornery that day was because I wanted so badly to just throw you over my shoulder and drag you off into the sunset. Usako, have you no idea how beautiful you are and what you do to me? I'm sorry that I was such an ass. "

Usagi let out a giggle as she cupped his face and looked deeply into his eyes, "I'm very glad that we got that out of way. I can't say I disagree now that you've had the good sense to admit all of that." she added seriously, "Mamo-chan, I'm sorry that I fainted on you last night."

"That's ok Odango, I'm actually quite flattered I got you so flustered that you would keel over when no youma has ever had that effect over you." he said with a sneaky smile.

Her mouth fell open in surprise, "So you do know. I actually forgot about our other selves until just now, I'm probably going to have to sit through a long lecture from Luna about this."

"Did you know that Tuxedo Kamen had a crush on Sailormoon?" he asked with a smile in an attempt to divert her attention away from that dreary thought.

"Did you know that Sailor Moon had gotten over Cape Boy for a Baka?" she replied cheekily.

"Speaking of Baka, you will never go on any dinners alone with strange men again." he said resolutely.

She was going to snap back a proper retort at his high handedness when she realized that he was jealous of Takeshi-san after all. "Mamo-chan, I promise you that I will never go to dinners alone with strange men." Technically, Takeshi-san was a friend and therefore does not fall under the category of strange in her mind.

She reached up to give him another stirring kiss before he had time to analyze her easy capitulation. "I love you Mamo-chan." she said in between kisses. "I think Usako, I love you more." he replied breathlessly.

Sometime later, when they finally made their way to the café to let the busybodies know of their good news they were surprised to see that Takeshi was among the group. Mina stood up to introduce him properly to the couple.

"He's your what?" cried Mamoru as Takeshi threw him a smug smile.

"Mamoru-san, we just thought that you might need a little bit of extra incentive to get you going. I hope that the end justified our means. No hard feelings?" Mamoru looked at the man and clasped his hand in genuine handshake.

"You still won't be taking my Usako out to anymore dinners though." He said quietly so only Takeshi could hear him.

He threw back his head and laughed. "It's just as well. She didn't really have a good time anyway."


"I can't believe you can still fit into that outfit after all these years!" said Rei.

"I thought you guys had some fancy plans for your anniversary. You really are wearing that?" said Ami.

"You look nothing like the stately queen now." giggled Makoto.

"Don't you guys get it? Small Lady is with Hotaru tonight. They aren't going anywhere!" said Mina knowingly.

"Minna, he said he was coming back at 7pm to get me and he's usually early so you must all clear out now." said Neo Queen Serenity with a blush. She hoped that she had made the right choice in her attire.

As the Senshi were rushed out of the Queen's chambers giggling like a bunch of school girls they were met with cool blue eyes beneath a pair of arched brows.

"Good evening, Ladies. Is my wife ready for our big night out? I hope that I've given her sufficient time."

"She's ready alright, I just hope you are." replied Rei cryptically.

"Yes, Endymion, I hope you didn't go to too much trouble planning this evening." said Ami with a giggle.

"Go get her, Tiger!" encouraged Makoto with a slap on his back.

Neo King Endymion looked at the passing group in confusion as the girls all started with a new fit of giggles.

He opened the door to their bed chamber and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his lovely queen in her candy striper outfit. He wiped the drool off his face and shut the door with a loud click.

She struck a pose and smiled at him, "Happy Anniversary Mamo-chan! Do you like your present?"

He tackled her onto their huge four poster and said dryly, "I guess we're staying in to celebrate while I unwrap my present."


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