Yue frowned and sighed as he watched Rubi from the upper windows of Clow Reed's mansion. She was rather pretty but she confused him. He really wasn't sure whether Rubi was male or female, but it didn't really matter. She was insane.. But she was one of the Guardians of the Clow, and therefore, Yue had to at least tolerate her. To an extent, of course. He fluttered his long white wings gently and continued to look around the library. Clow was out of the house again, he said he had to get things in town. His long white hair blew softly in the breeze that was created from the open windows and his ice-blue eyes were emotionless for now. A low voice from behind him made him jump slightly.
"What's she torturing now?"
Yue smiled faintly, an emotion that was usually reserved for his master. "The gardener." He turned his back to Keroberos and continued watching as the young man below started to fall for Rubi's charms. A new man every day.. Sometimes Yue had to wonder just why Rubi was created in the first place. Keroberos was to be the Guardian of the Clow.. Yue was to be the Judgement.. but Rubi.. had no real place in the mansion.. The lion-like creature approached him quietly and watched, growling somewhat. Neither Kero or Yue liked her very much.. Kero had stated before that if Clow ever mentioned anything about getting rid of Rubi, he would be the first to 'get rid of her'. Yue and Keroberos often stayed in the library while Rubi seduced the other servants, and the two guardian creatures were almost friends, although closer in some aspect. Yue heard the door shutting quietly before Kero and groaned inwardly, soft footsteps carrying up to the room. Kero cursed silently under his breath and climbed out the window, landing with a soft 'thud' sound on the grass, slinking across the lawn to lie in the receeding sunlight.
The door opened and Yue winced, his wings clenching before he heard a familiar voice call out a greeting to him. His heart fluttered for an unknown reason and he turned around, smiling, bowing. "Good day, Clow-sama." He said quietly, wondering why his heart was beating so quickly. Clow Reed, a handsome man who looked to be in his early thirties, smiled back at Yue.
"Good day, Yue. I take it everything went fine while I was gone.. Did Rubi seduce anyone else?"
"Just the gardener, Master."
Clow chuckled and looked at the angelic creature in front of him, smiling warmly. "Well, that's good, I suppose." He sat down at his desk and fixed his glasses, his dark brown hair falling into his face for a moment as he opened a small book and wrote something down.
Yue felt like he was going insane. He was not programmed to feel love, desire.. or any emotion, really.. and yet.. there was no other word for it..He was in love with Clow Reed..It would remain a secret, however.. He was sure Rubi would torment him about it.. Keroberos would think of something intelligent.. some kind of reasoning.. and Clow Reed would hate him and turn him away.. That could never happen. He wouldn't be able to live away from his master.. Ever since he was created, he had been strangely attracted towards the magician, although he wasn't sure why. At first he thought it was just the normal feelings a guardian would feel for its master, but then he knew it was something more, something different, something much deeper. A being who was never meant to feel emotion.. in love... It wasn't supposed to happen.. and he had never heard of it happening ever before.. it must be wrong, he told himself over and over. Clow's voice snapped him out of his trance. "Pardon?" He cleared his throat and turned his beautiful blue eyes towards his Master.
Clow frowned. There was definately something that Yue was being secretive about. He didn't ask what it was, perhaps Rubi had said been tormenting him again, or perhaps Yue had found out about Clow's feelings for the angel. He sighed and scribbled something more in his book. He had fallen in love with Yue not too long ago, and was worried about the reaction he would get from a being that was created emotionless. He cleared his throat, making Yue look up once again. "Yue, is something wrong?"
He had to say something.. it was now or never. Clow stood up and walked over to his guardian, frowning. Yue looked down. "I..." His white wings twitched somewhat and he kicked at the floor nervously. "I love you." He murmured quietly. Clow took a step back, blinking repeatedly, staring at Yue in utter shock. It wasn't possible.. His brown eyes widened and his heart started beating irregularly.
"You can't.... I never created you to.."
"I know...I must leave."
"Because I can't stay having told you that." Yue looked up at him with his eyes shimmering with uncried tears. Clow took another step towards his guardian and gently wiped the tears away, smiling. Yue frowned, confused about what was going on.. His heart was pounding.. he felt like running away and disappearing, but there was really nowhere to run.. He closed his eyes and when he opened them, Clow's lips were pressed firmly against his own.

Rubi blinked and started laughing, viewing the scene from downstairs. This was too good to be true.. Yue, the faithful lap dog, and Clow, Yue's master. She ran off to find Keroberos, who was still sunning his large furry body contentedly like a large cat. He closed his eyes when he saw the approaching pink haired creature and hoped that she would think he was sleeping and leave him alone. Rubi leaned down and pulled up one of Kero's eyelids, grinning. "I saw you awake, Kero-bero, so you can't fool me!" She giggled. Kero groaned and sat up on his haunches.
"What do you want, Rubi.." He asked, annoyed. He stretched, arching his back somewhat and growled as Rubi attempted to scratch behind his ears. "I'm not a pet."
"Yes, you are.. You and Yue.. Clow Reed's little housepets."
"And what do you do, other than the hired help.." He snarled, irrated at having his mid-day nap interrupted, especially by Rubi..
"Aw.. the little kitty made a joke.." She purred, patting him on the head, avoiding Keroberos' sharp teeth with a smirk. "I suppose you don't want to know what I found out.."
"Nope." Kero started to walk away slowly. Rubi let out a sound of frustration.
"Why not!?"
"Because you like to gossip, Rubi. And I don't care who you've slept with.. Clow doesn't like it either."
"Oh, he can afford to change servants that frequently."
"That's besides the point." Keroberos' large paws sunk into the deep soft grass with every slow step and he was now hardly paying attention to Rubi's seemingly endless trail of babble. Why was she still following him.. He growled in anger and turned around, wondering if perhaps this would shut her up. "Fine, Rubi.. what is it."
She grinned and pointed to the upper window. "Look up."
Keroberos looked at her for a moment and then followed her hand, his eyes widening as he watched Yue and his master locked in a passionate embrace, Yue's soft white wings wrapped around Clow's body, Clow's glasses off, both of them kissing each other desperately. He blinked and looked to Rubi, who was smiling nastily. No doubt she would use this to her advantage. Kero sighed. "Rubi, just leave them be." He said, frowning, turning away. Rubi stared at him like Kero had just suggested shaving her hair off and becoming celibate. Her mouth dropped open and she shook her head wildly.
"Why should I!?"
"Clow Reed is our master, Rubi."
"What difference does that make? I'm going to have fun with this.."
Kero sighed deeply and walked away towards the large garden, hearing Rubi's quiet giggles in his ears before he stretched out in another patch of grass and went back to sleep, his long wings folding behind him, his deep eyes closing.

Midnight shone through the open windows, but in one room, the light was still on. Two bodies moved in perfect rythym with each other, and sounded like they were in utter estacy. Yue's back arched as he felt his master's climax fill him and the sensation brought him to his own peak. They collapsed onto the bed panting and moaning, Clow's arms tight against his angel's upper body, the warmth spreading through both of them. Yue whimpered somewhat, feeling exhausted, having never felt this tired since he battled with Keroberos, but this was different..this was a nice kind of tired. His eyes closed and a soft hand ran across the feathers of his wings, gently turning his body around so that he was facing Clow. Warm lips sought his out and parted against his and another hand ran through his long, silvery hair. Yue's eyes closed and his head rested against Clow's chest, the gentle beating of his master's heart bringing him to a peaceful sleep that lasted until sunlight filtered in through the thin curtains. The two bodies blissfully intertwined themselves during the night and showed no signs of breaking apart. Yue's wings were folded against his back, and when his eyes opened, some of his master's hair was in his face. He blinked, wondering if it wasn't a dream, hoping it wasn't a dream. He turned his face, seeing Clow Reed sleeping next to him. Yue smiled warmly and pulled himself from the entangled mass, giving his master a kiss on the forehead before pulling his robes on, tying his hair back and walking to the window.
The sun created waves of purple, pink, and orange against the awakening sky and Yue felt like singing. Since his creation, he had never felt love like this, or anything near to it.. The previous night with Clow had been unbelievable for both of them, and he was sure that there would be more nights like it to come. He yawned softly and looked over the grounds, seeing Keroberos asleep on the grass. He assumed Rubi was somewhere in the mansion, most likely in the gardener's bedroom. She was no longer important. The only important thing in Yue's being was Clow.. and this would never change.
He heard a sleepy groan from the bed and looked over, taking silent steps to where his master...now, his lover slept.. His ice-blue eyes seemed to warm at the sight of Clow Reed's body tangled in the sheets, his face buried in the pillow. Soon, Clow Reed groaned again and rolled over onto his back, his eyes opening on the sight of the angel standing near his bed. He closed them and re-opened them, as if to reassure himself that it was not a dream. His lips curved into a smile and he yawned.
"Good morning, Yue."
"Good morning, Clow-sama."
The same words were spoken every morning, but now there was something different about them, something kinder.. warmer. Yue handed Clow a robe and watched as the other man stood up out of bed, looking back at him lovingly. The two men embraced for a moment, but it was as if their passion could only be at night, when they were lovers and nothing else.. During the day, Yue was Clow's guardian, and Clow was a famed magician, said to be insanely powerful, and extremely rich. Yue sensed this and frowned to himself, looking away. Clow's arms trapped him in the embrace and a soft whisper filled his ear.
"Good morning, koibito.."
His cheeks flushed and he whispered back "Good morning, koishii...", kissing the other man gently on the lips once. Maybe... just maybe there would be some change in the daily routine after all.

Rubi growled and narrowed her eyes at Yue as she saw him walking across the lawn to speak to Keroberos. She put her hands on her hips and pouted, tossing her long pink hair over one shoulder. She strode across the grass and grabbed onto Yue's arm, glaring. Yue looked at her distastefully, as if she were something that he would've found on the ground. Calmly, he pulled Rubi's hand off his robes and brushed off the spot that she had held, again walking away from her. She let out a grunt of frustration before going inside. If she couldn't get the answer out of Yue.. then perhaps Clow would speak to her on the subject.

"Keroberos. Are you awake?" Yue said softly. Keroberos grumbled and shook his large furry head, his eyes covered with his massive paws. One paw moved and a golden eye stared sleepily up at him, another one staring as well after a moment, a long tail swaying gently as the creature woke up along with the rest of the house, which seemed to come alive within a matter of moments. Keroberos stretched back onto his haunches and sat there, stretching his wings, which were easily five times larger than Yue's. He yawned, showing off a rather impressive set of teeth, grumbling again before finally noticing the angel in front of him.
"What is it, Yue..." He sounded somewhat irritated at being woken up, but not as irritated if it had been Rubi who woke him up.
"Keroberos... I need to speak to you. I... Clow Reed ...and..."
"Yes.. I know." Kero interrupted. Yue's eyes widened and then he blinked, confused.
"You know?"
"Rubi showed me."
"When you two were in the library, kissing..."
Yue's heart fluttered at the mention of the kiss, and his cheeks seemed to flush. He sighed, feeling the heat running through his body again. He looked up at Kero, paling rapidly. "Sh.. Rubi saw?" He felt his heart sink and a feeling of dread in his mind. The other creature merely nodded with a glare in Rubi's direction.
"You should be careful, Yue.. " He said slowly. Yue nodded. One always had to be careful around Rubi...but now even more so.

"Clow-sama?" Rubi asked sweetly, batting her eyelashes. Clow looked up from his desk, writing a bit more before smiling faintly.
"Yes, Rubi.."
"Could you tell me what's happening between you and Yue? I'm rather worried." Her question caused him to choke on his morning tea and he coughed violently, looking at her wide-eyed although he knew that he couldn't really be surprised. Rubi always seemed to know everything that went around in the house, whether everyone liked it or not. He wiped his mouth and looked at her a moment.
"That's between Yue and I, I'm afraid."
She sighed impatiently. What was wrong with everyone!? Didn't they see how giving her the information would save her so much work in finding it herself.. She put her hands on her hips. "Well I saw you two kissing anyway."
Clow blinked and stared at her in shock. Of course..the window was open.. He sighed and set his book down, taking his glasses off to pinch the bridge of his nose lightly.. There was a headache coming on.. "Did you.." He said quietly. Rubi nodded.
"The lap--" She cleared her throat "Yue and his master...that can't go over real well among others.." A smirk played on her thin cool lips and she leaned against the desk, her breasts resting against the wooden surface as she tried to read what Clow had written in the book. He quickly shut it and glared a bit at her. No one had ever read what Clow wrote in that book of his, not even Yue. She sighed and climbed onto his desk, nearly knocking over the cup of tea. "Maybe you could give me something, Clow-sama.. to keep from telling.."
"And why would I do that... I don't respond well to blackmail, Rubi."
"Well... you're very popular, Clow-sama..What would everyone think if they found out what you were doing with angel-boy.."
"I couldn't care less. Close your door on the way out." He said evenly, picking up the book to flip through it nonchalantly, scribbling something down every now and then. Rubi's red eyes narrowed somewhat and she let out a grunt of frustration before storming out of the room and slamming the door behind her, the pictures on the wall shaking somewhat. Clow frowned as he looked over the frames of his glasses, shaking his head. He didn't really trust the way Rubi was acting.. and he was maybe even a little worried about Yue's safety.. but it would all be dealt with in good time.